Mala Tang

Hole in the wall discovery in San Juan. We have been trying to dine here for the longest time but parking was always a problem. So when we passed by and there’s a space available, we parked right away!

It’s just really a small place so timing is everything both for parking and getting a table.

Mala Tang serves Authentic Hong Kong Roasts. They are also quite famous for their noodles too!

We ordered their Pork Asado Roast with Noodles, it is so good. Tender pork meat and yummy sauce. One of the best Char Sius ever.

Their Lechon Macau is a close second. Usually the fat part is really thick, but theirs wasn’t. The skin is crunchy.

Tried their Crispy Fried Wonton. It’s very oily but the wonton wrapper is very crunchy and the filling tastes good.

You can also make your own Shabu Shabu. For as low as Php155.00, you can choose 4 toppings. There’s a variety of balls, noodles and veggies to choose from.

Check out their Menu below. I just hope they update it to look neater.

Mala Tang is one of those underrated restos that nobody talks about but it surely is one of the good ones.

That being said, if you’re around San Juan and craving for authentic Hong Kong food, this is the place to go.

Happy eating!

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Hawker Chan

Hawker Chan was started as an ordinary hawker stall in Singapore by Chef Chan Hong Meng. It became famous when its Soya Sauce Chicken was awarded the Michelin Star. It is now known as the World’s Cheapest Meal to be Awarded One Michelin Star.

Hawker Chan’s Famous Roasts

Hawker Chan has opened multiple branches in the Philippines and one of the branches is located in Ayala Malls Manila Bay. Foodee Global Concepts brought the Hawker Chan to the Philippines.

We had the chance to dine there recently and here’s what we ordered.

Soya Sauce Chicken Rice – Php128.00

For its price, you get to experience what a meal awarded with a Michelin star tastes like. It’s tasty and flavorful. Definitely worth it.

Three Meat Platter – Soya Sauce Chicken, Char Siew and Roast Pork – Php298.00

Getting the Three Meat Platter will let you taste all the signature dishes in one sitting. Add an extra order of rice or vegetable noodles and you’re good to go. This meal is for sharing.

Of course, the Soya Sauce Chicken is so good. I love it. I will choose the Roast Pork over the Char Siew. Tasted better Char Siew. ✌️

Hawker Chan Vegetable Noodles – Php90.00

The vegetable noodles is a better choice than the rice. Its flavorful and it’s healthier. 😉

Beef Brisket Rice – Php158.00

This one’s a little different from their usual roasts, but it’s so tender it almost melts in your mouth.

Bah Kut Teh – Pork Ribs Tea Soup

A Singapore staple, the Bah Kut Teh is a pork rib broth with herbs and spices. Hawker Chan’s version is good especially if you’re feeling a little low and needs an extra boost in your system.

Seasonal Vegetables – Php99.00

Always order a vegetable dish every meal.

Wonton Noodle Soup – Php129.00

This Wonton Soup is not your typical Chinese Resto Wonton Soup. It tastes different so this doesn’t get a thumbs up.

If you’re a fan of Soy Chicken like me, their Soya Sauce Chicken is a must try, pair it with the vegetable noodles though. Plus, they have peanuts as side dish.

Do visit the nearest Hawker Chan near you. They now have 7 branches. Check out their Facebook page Hawker Chan Philippines for promos and updates.


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Moon Rabbit 🐰

Whenever there’s a chance, we go out and hunt for new restos in and around the metro! Just found one again in San Juan.

Moon Rabbit is an old house converted into a full blown restaurant complete with a huge parking space. That’s really a plus!

It’s not your usual Chinese restaurant. Modern and cozy, that’s how I see it. But the home cooked traditional meals our Grandmas used to feed us will definitely be remembered once you get a taste of Moon Rabbit’s own Asian fusion cuisine.

I love the interior of the place. Lots of windows so the light from outside is coming through.  Very spacious and really feels like home. 🏡

They also have a display of some of the food they offer in this counter just outside the kitchen.

Love also that their menu is simple. It’s easier for us to choose. Good tasting food with such affordable prices, what else can you ask for?


The kids love the dumplings. We even ordered another one but it wasn’t served anymore. It’s juicy and tasty.

Scallop Fried Rice

I thought there would be real scallops mixed with the rice, but it turned out the scallops were just on top. 😁

Yang Chow Fried Rice

The Yang Chow doesn’t have the chorizo it promised.  Maybe bits. 😁

Nevertheless, both the rice we ordered tasted okay. Enough veggies and egg mixed altogether.

I’d like to order and try the Claypot Rice next time. And also their Taochang and the noodles. Ooh. I’m getting hungry again.

Pork Soft Bone Alamang

This Pork Soft Bone Alamang is a little different and it didn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for white rice. 🍚 Really soft and tasty, a little twinge of spiciness.

Definitely wanted to try the Stuffed Chicken but we aren’t sure we could finish everything, so stuffed chicken as raincheck.

Salted Egg Shrimp

This is super!  It’s not that salty.  For the price, they didn’t scrimp on the shrimps!  Even if fried, the shrimps are still oozing with juiciness.

Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu

Another great dish.  The sweet and sour is more like Thai Style Mango Sauce.  The strips of mango and cucumber complement the freshness of the Lapu Lapu.

Even if eating out, veggies should always be included.

They also have a cafe on the other side. That one we will be trying soon too. I am very curious about the Lavender Hot Chocolate. 🤔

So there, that’s about it.  Our experience today at Moon Rabbit.  Definitely a good one so I’m recommending it and going back is a must.

Check out their Facebook Page, Moon Rabbit Cafe + Restaurant for more information and promos.

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Kermit Manila ❤️

We are always on the look out for a resto with great food and good ambience. We found one and we spent our Post Valentine Date there last February 15. Kermit Manila is a pizza place right in the heart of Makati.

It’s a bi level resto. The first floor is where the bar is, also an al fresco area to hang out after dinner. Kermit Manila traces its roots from Siargao, a surf place, so it’s very evident in the design of the walls at the bar – complete with a sliced surfboard.

The main dining area is located at the second floor. Warmly lit during early dinner time and appropriately adjusted to dimmer lights as the night gets deeper. 🌃

Mi amor

On one corner of the room is where the pizza station is. All pizzas are freshly made and cooked right in front of everyone.

You can even create your own pizza!

It’s a Pizza, Pasta, Steak kind of night so we ordered all three!

For pizza, we ordered a Cloud 9 as we were told that it’s one of their bestsellers. Very simple – Parma Ham, Mushroom and Gorgonzola plus your usual tomato sauce.

Cloud 9 Pizza

For pasta, we ordered another best seller, the Fresh Tagliattele al ‘Crab Fat’ Sauce and Prawns. It’s creamy, just the way I like my pasta. The crab fat sauce is infused in the sauce. The prawns are not overcooked and can be peeled easily even with a knife and fork. 😂 Sosy problems.

Fresh Tagliattele al ‘Crab Fat’ Sauce and Prawns

As for the Steak, we chose Tagliata di Manzo, an Argentinian prime steak cooked medium rare over a bed of arugula.

The Steak’s so tender, not chewy. Just the right burnt to give crunchy bits to the edges.

Tagliata di Manzo

Everything’s good. We only have one observation, the food were not served as hot as we expected them to be. We have also read in other reviews about this issue and we got to experience it as well. I just don’t know if it’s really their thing or what.

One thing I gotta point out though is the service. It’s way up there. Even if the resto was jampacked that night, everyone was still friendly and accommodating. Great job guys! 👍

Visit Kermit Manila and experience Italy for yourself. 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

To know more about what they offer, check out their menu here ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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TanTea PH

It was almost a year ago when I heard of Tan Tea. The brand originated from Hong Kong and they have more than 80 stores in Hong Kong and China. They will be expanding here in the Philippines and to other countries as well.

With 5 branches already opened during their first year, they keep on getting bigger and bigger.

TanTea Binondo

Photo From TanTea Binondo FB Page

Photo from TanTea Philippines

Photo from TanTea Philippines

TanTea SM North EDSA

Photo from TanTea Philippines

TanTea Tomas Morato

Photo from TanTea Philippines

Photo from TanTea Philippines

Photo from TanTea Philippines

TanTea Banawe

Photo from Tan Tea Banawe FB Page

Photo from Mr Brian Lee

TanTea Alabang

All the stand alone banches have instagrammable interior, cozy atmosphere and laid back vibe to get you that chill mood going. So pretty and unique. Perfect for dates, hangout with friends or even Sundays with your family.

Photo from TanTea Philippines

They vow to offer innovative and healthier options in the market with their (real) fruit infused teas, drinks with organic peach gums, the freshest and finest ingredients only for their drinks.

You may ask, what is peach gum? These are the solids of a sap secreted from the bark of a peach tree. Its main ingredient is Collagen. It’s been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine as an anti-aging ingredient. And it’s so amazing that we could have it in our drinks. Peach gum intake will help us stay beautiful and young.

Photo from TanTea Philippines

Photo from TanTea Philippines

This was my very first sip of TanTea Milk Tea back in April 2019. Tasted really like how milk tea’s supposed to taste like.

Iced Milk Tea

Here are some of Tan Tea’s Best Sellers. There is a drink for various taste buds.

For me, the dirty bottle series is my favorite! Super simple ingredients – pearl milk and strawberry or mango bits then you’re good to go. Such a refreshing drink!

Mango Milk in Dirty Bottle

Strawberry Milk in Dirty Bottle

Brown Sugar Peach Gum Milk Tea Dirty Bottle

For health buffs who don’t want the cream in their drinks, the fruit infused sodas and teas will surely catch your attention! Real fruit slices in your favorite tea based drink.

Fresh Lemon Green Tea

Fresh Grapefruit Green Tea

Four Seasons Soda

Of course, they also have the drinks with cream cheese, your basic milk tea and the newest in their line, the Brown Sugar Series.

Osmanthus Oolong Cream Cheese

Tan Tea Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Check out their extensive menu. There is something for everyone.

Photo from TanTea Philippines

Check out TanTea Philippines or the nearest branch to you and have your own TanTea Experience.

If you’re at home or in the office and can’t go to their branches, they are available through Food Panda and Grab so there’s always a way to have your TanTea!

Keep Calm because it’s definitely TanTea Time! 😊

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Monga Fried Chicken

I love Taiwanese Fried Chicken and I miss it terribly. But since we can’t go out of the country just yet because of COVID-19, let me share you where I get my fix of Taiwanese Fried Chicken for the meantime.

We know of Hot Star but it didn’t really run well in the Philippines as it was nothing compared to its original counterpart in Taiwan.

For sure, you’ve seen my post before about Eat Together Food Hall in Capitol Commons. This is where the secret is!

Monga, a popular chain in Taiwan, is brought to the Philippines by the Vikings Group. As of today, they already have 3 branches – SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and 2/L Eat Together Food Hall in Capitol Commons.

Menu Board

Huge Monga Fried Chicken to satisfy our cravings! It’s super affordable too! An order is good for sharing, but I doubt you’ll share yours! 😂

Chee – Z Signature

The Chee-Z Signature has overflowing cheese on top of the chicken. The chicken is very tender.


The Tanker tastes a little different from the Chee-Z Signature because of the Japanese Sauce inside the chicken and of course, the seaweed on top.

Popcorn Chicken

The Popcorn Chicken tastes somewhat alike to Hot Star’s Chicken. It’s crunchy and meaty.

Fried King Oyster Mushroom

Aside from the chicken, the Fried King Oyster Mushroom is also something to look forward to.

Definitely worth the travel if you’re somewhere from Manila, going to Pasig or Ortigas. 😁

Check out Monga Philippines Facebook Page to know more about them and if they have promos.

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Vizco’s Strawberry Shortcake

If you’ll ask me the ONE thing I miss about Baguio, aside from the cool weather of course, this would be my answer – Vizco’s Strawberry Shortcake!

You couldn’t get your hands on these super duper yummy cake here in Manila. So when I heard my colleagues planning a trip to Baguio over the weekend, I couldn’t be happier!

My one and only request, to buy me a strawberry shortcake at Vizco’s in Session Road.

And today, my cravings was satisfied. Much thanks to them who brought this fragile cake all the way down from Baguio.

Like how a tech blogger unboxes a new Iphone or when a travel blogger sets foot on a luxurious resort, my feelings were kind of the same when I was pulling off the green and gold ribbons of this box. 😊

Giddy and excited to eat.  But first, photos. 😁

6 inch Strawberry Shortcake

It didn’t let me down, the taste was still very much the same since I last tasted it.  Creamy and not too sweet icing, soft sponge cake, crunchy and sweet strawberries on top and as filling. Really one of the bests, if not the BEST Strawberry Shortcake ever! 🍓🍓🍓

Strawberries and Cream Filling

Prices and Sizes

At Php 580.00, the cake is so worth it. Make sure to drop by Vizco’s when in Baguio. I also love their Salad. Check out my other posts about the City of Pines down below. 🍓

For food experiences and itinerary, check out Another Baguio Adventure.

For hotel stays, check out Citylight Hotel Baguio and Newtown Plaza Hotel.

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Passport Renewal – Existing Passport Holders

I renewed our passports recently and it was so easy and convenient, not to mention super fast. I got our renewal passports already as of this writing!

I decided to book a family / group appointment through

Let me take you through the process.

After reading the terms and conditions, I clicked the Start Group Appointment.

It will take you to another window in which you have to input the number of applicants making an appointment.

Next window will ask you which DFA office or satellite branch you want to go for the renewal.

Choose DFA NCR WEST in SM City Manila if you are around the area since there were only a few applicants when we went there.

Next window takes you to the appointment calendar, choose your date and your time depending on availability on the page.

We chose a Saturday so our passports’ renewal applications are automatically rushed. I think it’s okay since you just have to add Php250.00 as expedite fee on top of the regular Passport Fee of Php950.00. Rush passport applications have a TAT of around 10 working days.

After choosing your appointment date and time, you will now fill up the necessary information.

You input another applicant’s information by clicking the Add Applicant Button.

After encoding 2nd Applicant’s information, you will be asked to encode the group contact information.

Once this is done, you will have to review all the information of all the applicants and the appointment date and time. After checking, you will have to click a confirmation button to emphasize your consent to the application.

An email instruction for payment will be sent.

Once payment has been made, another email will be sent to confirm your appointment. This will contain a checklist, electronic receipt, appointment confirmation and appointment form.

Print all pages needed and sign the appointment form that has your information / details on it.

Bring these on your chosen appointment date together with your passport and photocopy of the info page. For minor applicants, best to bring a copy of the marriage contract of the parents and a copy of the birth certificate of the minor, plus a photocopy of the parent’s valid ID.

After preparing all the above mentioned documents, all you have to do is wait for your appointment date.

Go to the selected site office at least 30 minutes before your actual appointment. As for us, we got in 30 minutes prior to our appointment time since there were no more applicants on that time slot.

Cellphones were asked to be turned off just as you enter the site office. No pictures are allowed.

Your appointment schedule is verified before being allowed to enter the main office.

Applicants are seated while you wait for your turn to have your documents checked and collated. If you will have your passport delivered via their courier, your passport will be perforated right there and then. But if you opt to pick it up, your passport will be perforated when you claim your new passport. I opted to pick up our passports instead of shelling out Php150.00 each passport. (Yes! Even if you are together and your passport will be delivered at the same address, fee is separate.)

After, you will now go into another room and wait for your turn to have your picture taken. Better to remove your earrings and your necklace while you’re in line. This will be a lot longer than the first step since the information on the actual passport needs to be checked one by one by the applicant. They will also get your fingerprints and have you sign once everything is in order.

The officer will then give you back your electronic receipt stamped with the availability date of passport and attach a piece of paper which states the guidelines on how to pick your passport up.

In just an hour, we are out of the DFA!

A day after the supposed pick up date of our passports, I tried calling the landline on the piece of paper. No one was answering so I decided to send a text message to the mobile number indicated, someone replied and asked for the details of the passport application. I replied and waited for their confirmation that the passports are in fact ready and available for pick up.

When I went to the DFA site office again, the ladyguard asked for my electronic receipt, stapled it and instructed me to leave it at Window # 1. There was a little rectangular tray to leave the receipts with and another officer gets it every few minutes to look for your passport. The officer at the window calls you by your name and asks you to review the details of your new passport. After reviewing, you are good to go with your brand new Philippine Passport with 10 year validity. For minor applicants though, it still is 5 year validity period.

I must say this process is impressive as it only took me a few minutes to be finished. Parking in SM City Manila was way more inconvenient as I went there during the 2nd to the last day of Business Permit Application and Real Property Tax Payments.

Overall though, I give the Department of Foreign Affairs two thumbs up for the fast and easy processing of Passport Renewal.

Time to plan our 2020 travels, as in NOW. ✈️✈️✈️

Thank you for taking your time to read. Be informed. Be smart. That’s the way to go!

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