Airbnb booking!

Instead of the usual expensive hotel, we booked an Airbnb home. It’s still not cheaper compared to a guest house in Korea but I think the house we chose will suit us!

When you search airbnb, there’s a wide selection of houses and units available for rent for travelers and tourists alike.  It’s so hard to choose.  You have to take into consideration a lot of things. 
1) length of stay – knowing how long you will stay there actually helps.   The hosts usually give discounts depending on your length of stay. You could also check the availability of the unit on their calendar.
2) number of persons traveling – be careful when you’re booking because some hosts charge extra in excess of stated number of persons.
3) accommodating host – while you are searching for the perfect place, you could always ask additional info from the hosts.  Some are very nonchalant, but some could be very nice and accommodating. You should choose a host like that, so if any problem arises when you are already there, you can be sure that he/she will help you.
4) location – knowing where you are going is important. That way, you will be choosing a home that’s within the area or at least, near a subway station so it will be very convenient to go to and fro.
5) amenities – the home we chose has a washing machine, a huge fridge, an oven toaster, a big tv and an electric cooking stove. It’s your home away from home.
6) Egg – portable wifi – the host will lend you an egg, which is a portable wifi, so you could use it for your travel needs.

Our total accommodation expense is Eur 544 converted by my credit card company at Php 28542.02. That’s good enough for 6 days stay with 4 adults and 2 kids.

Here are some pictures from our host.


Just a preview.  So nice right?  Can’t wait to live here!

To check for an Airbnb home, go to

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