Public Service: Modus on Parking for US Visa Applicants

Our scheduled appointment was 8:45am.  US Embassy wants you to be there at least 15 minutes before your schedule. 
Together with the kids, we left the house at 630am.  We got into the tail of traffic at Quirino Highway so we decided to take another route.  Fortunately, the longer route wasn’t as jammed as the previous.  We arrived at the US Embassy area around 730am.  Well, at least we have enough time to spare. 

We looked for a parking space on a side street because all the service road parking near the footbridge was full already.  (The footbridge is the only way to cross Roxas Boulevard to go to the Embassy.)  

When we found a parking space, an ate from the parking bureau immediately assisted us.  When finally parked, hubby rolled the window down, the ate said, “Embassy Sir? 100 po.” (She said parking is 100 pesos if you are going to the Embassy.)  Shocked of her announcement, we said “why 100? Holdap ah?” (We asked why 100 pesos for embassy goers, we asked her is this a hold up?)  She answered, “matagal kasi interview dun.” (The interview takes time.)  We tried to argue with her and she discounted the rate to 70 pesos.  

What a shocker really!  The ticket’s print says that it’s just 30 pesos for the first 3 hours, then 10 pesos for every succeeding hour.  Even if we stayed until noon there, our parking should have been just 50 pesos.

And since we finished about 930am.  The 70 pesos we paid was just for 2 hours of parking.  A clear kickback of about 40 pesos. Grrr…

Funny thing is, when we were leaving the parking space, Ate was just standing there and not assisting.  Maybe she’s afraid that we will call her out with our parking fee if she gets near us.

Lucky her we were too happy with the result of our interview, we just let her be.

So guys, beware of these parking attendants.  If you don’t have a driver, make sure you don’t get hold upped by these attendants.  If you have drivers, better let them drop you off in front of the embassy and just let them know where to wait for you.  

Good luck with the parking!

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Family Mode: Papal Commemorative Coin 2

Another wonderful surprise! I got another email from the Cash Department of Bangko Sentral. My orders of the Php500.00 Papal Commemorative Coin have been granted.


Unlike the Php50.00 denomination, this one comes with a box. The coin is encased in a protective plastic.

See more pictures below:




Love these coins. Definitely a keeper!

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Public Service: Money Money Money

It’s almost the end of the year and I want to remind you guys that the old bank notes will not be accepted for daily transactions come January 1, 2016.

How it looks ↓


Photo grabbed from

If you have kept some notes like these in your baul (treasure chest), better take them out now and exchange for the newer bank notes which was launched last 2010.

Time to retire these old notes, they have been around since 1985.

To get a good look of the two bank notes, see next picture.


Photo grabbed from

The old bank notes can only be used until December 31, 2015.  Don’t fret though if you still have some by January 1, 2016, banks and BSP can still accept and change your old notes into new notes.  You have 1 whole year to look for old notes that may be kept in your house or in the bank.

Make sure you are done by 2016.  The old bank notes will be demonetized on January 1, 2017.  It will have no value by then.

Why stress yourself next year?  You can do it as early as now!


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New Generation Philippine Peso Bills!

Presenting the new Philippine Peso Bills!

1000 front

Like the old bill, it still features the faces of Jose Abad Santos, Vicente Lim and Josefa LLanes Escoda. On its lower left, a watermark of the Centennial of Philippine Independence can be seen. Under the signature of our President, a watermark of a Medal of Honor can be seen.


1000 back

The words Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is written at the center of the back of the bill which bears the illustration of the reef , the said park is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  An outline of the Philippine Map is beside the illustration of the South Sea Pearl.

500 front

 The new 500 bill bears the photo of the late spouses Benigno Aquino Jr & Corazon Aquino.  On its lower left is the watermark of the first EDSA People Power. You can also see the Benigno Aquino Monument on its face.

500 back

On the back, you can see the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park and an illustration of the Blue-Naped Parrot, which is also known as the Luzon Parrot or the Philippine Green Parrot.

200 front

On the new 200 peso bill comes a younger looking Diosdado Macapagal. An illustration of the Independence House and Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo being sworn into presidency during the EDSA People Power 2. Barasoain Church is also featured in this bill.

200 back

On the back of the 200 peso bill is the illustration of the famous Bohol Chocolate Hills. It also bears the picture of one of the smallest creatures on earth, the Philippine Tarsier, which is an endangered species.

100 front

A younger looking Manuel Roxas is featured on the new 100 peso bill. The picture of the building of the Central Bank of the Philippines Circa 1949 is on his right and the Inauguration of the Third Republic on his left. Third Republic was during the American Era, July 4, 1946.

100 back

The perfect Mayon Volcano stands magnificently on the back of the new 100 peso bill. There is also a picture of the Whale Shark, the largest shark and the largest fish!

50 front

The Fourth President of the Philippine Republic, Sergio Osmena, is a friend of our Grandfather! They both hail from Cebu! Illustrated in this 50 peso bill is the First National Assembly dated 1907.  The soldiers during the Leyte Landing can also be seen.

50 back

At the back is the illustration of the Taal Lake, located in Tagaytay, a favorite place of mine! There is also the picture of the fish called Maliputo, which is can only be found in Taal lake.

20 front

A handsome Manuel Quezon is featured on this 20 peso bill. As we all know, he is considered as the Father of our National Language, Filipino. The Malacanan Palace is also seen here, the Palace is the official residence of  our President.

20 back

 Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is featured in the 20 peso bill.  The Banaue Rice Terraces is called the Eighth Wonder of the World and was made by our ancestors’ hand. The Rice Terraces is accompanied by the picture of the Musang or the Palm Civet.

So there you go! Amidst the controversies and the issues, we still need to accept the fact that these bills are going into circulation. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas stands by the design of the bills and will still push through with the demonetizing of the old bills and replace them with these new generation bills! In fact, bythe year 2013, 75% of our money will be the new ones, and by 2014, only banks can receive the old ones. So, don’t start disposing these bills and replacing them with the old ones, if I were you, I will do the opposite!

Something to ponder by! Happy reading!

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ayala and sm – united?

For the good of people and the community, these 2 corporate bigwigs decided to join and unite.

Ayala Land Inc first donated a few hectares of land to Xavier School.  The land is located in Nuvali, an eco-community project of ALI, which is located in Sta Rosa Laguna.

And now, I just found out that SM Foundation led by its patriarch, Henry Sy, also formalized its deed of donation in putting up the primary school building in the said Xavier School.

Isn’t that great? Now we know that these 2 companies not only have eye for money and earnings, they also have social responsibility and both are committed in making the Philippines a better place to live in.

Love for everyone! :heart:

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the new $100 bill!

the new $100 bill’s design is way better than the old one!

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