Moon Rabbit 🐰

Whenever there’s a chance, we go out and hunt for new restos in and around the metro! Just found one again in San Juan.

Moon Rabbit is an old house converted into a full blown restaurant complete with a huge parking space. That’s really a plus!

It’s not your usual Chinese restaurant. Modern and cozy, that’s how I see it. But the home cooked traditional meals our Grandmas used to feed us will definitely be remembered once you get a taste of Moon Rabbit’s own Asian fusion cuisine.

I love the interior of the place. Lots of windows so the light from outside is coming through.  Very spacious and really feels like home. 🏡

They also have a display of some of the food they offer in this counter just outside the kitchen.

Love also that their menu is simple. It’s easier for us to choose. Good tasting food with such affordable prices, what else can you ask for?


The kids love the dumplings. We even ordered another one but it wasn’t served anymore. It’s juicy and tasty.

Scallop Fried Rice

I thought there would be real scallops mixed with the rice, but it turned out the scallops were just on top. 😁

Yang Chow Fried Rice

The Yang Chow doesn’t have the chorizo it promised.  Maybe bits. 😁

Nevertheless, both the rice we ordered tasted okay. Enough veggies and egg mixed altogether.

I’d like to order and try the Claypot Rice next time. And also their Taochang and the noodles. Ooh. I’m getting hungry again.

Pork Soft Bone Alamang

This Pork Soft Bone Alamang is a little different and it didn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for white rice. 🍚 Really soft and tasty, a little twinge of spiciness.

Definitely wanted to try the Stuffed Chicken but we aren’t sure we could finish everything, so stuffed chicken as raincheck.

Salted Egg Shrimp

This is super!  It’s not that salty.  For the price, they didn’t scrimp on the shrimps!  Even if fried, the shrimps are still oozing with juiciness.

Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu

Another great dish.  The sweet and sour is more like Thai Style Mango Sauce.  The strips of mango and cucumber complement the freshness of the Lapu Lapu.

Even if eating out, veggies should always be included.

They also have a cafe on the other side. That one we will be trying soon too. I am very curious about the Lavender Hot Chocolate. 🤔

So there, that’s about it.  Our experience today at Moon Rabbit.  Definitely a good one so I’m recommending it and going back is a must.

Check out their Facebook Page, Moon Rabbit Cafe + Restaurant for more information and promos.

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Crunch Time at 7-ELEVEN

Have you heard the news? 7-ELEVEN’s famous fried chicken can now be enjoyed in your favorite flavors!

For as low as Php10.00 and you can choose from a variety of Flavorites! You can enjoy the great flavor of Soy Garlic, Creamy Cheese, Hot and Spicy, or Fiery Glaze!

How to enjoy your Flavorite!

Purchase a 1pc Fried Chicken Meal at 7-11.

Open the packet which has your chosen Flavorite! If powder, you gotta shake it. If glazed, just rub it.

Soy Garlic is the one I will try first.

As instructed, the chicken has to be placed inside the packet.

Then the soy garlic glaze follows. Personally, I should have poured the glaze outside of the packet over the chicken so I could maximize the glaze. Since I poured the glaze into the packet, I had to scrape the glaze off. Hahaha..

Here’s my Soy Garlic Glazed Chicken!

It does taste great! So during lunch and you can’t think of anything else to eat, just go to your nearest 7-ELEVEN and do the CRUNCH TIME!

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