What is Kawasaki Disease?

When Dr Alex, Daphne’s pediatrician, told me that Kawasaki is the opposite of Dengue and that to treat it would need confinement, that alone scared the hell out of me!

In Dengue, the blood platelets decrease.  In Kawasaki, the blood platelets shoot up!

So upon getting home, I immediately looked up Kawasaki on the net.  Turns out it’s a disease which was named after a Japanese doctor who discovered it, Dr Tomisaku Kawasaki!

Kawasaki disease usually affects children below 5 years of age. Experts still don’t know what causes the disease. But it’s a disease which involves the mouth, the tongue, the hands, the feet and the skin. If left untreated, it may cause severe heart problems to a child.

Fortunately, when recognized and treated early, children diagnosed with this disease can fully recover in a matter of days.

I read from KidsHealth that the symptoms of the Kawasaki Disease come in several phases.  The first phase which lasts for 3 – 5 days usually involves the following:

  • fever that comes and go, as high as 39 degrees celsius or 104 degrees fahrenheit
  • redness in the eyes
  • swollen palms of the hands and soles of the feet
  • very red rashes on hands and feet
  • strawberry tongue / tongue with goosebumps like dots
  • red, dry and cracked lips
  • sore throat
All these symptoms Daphne had, that’s why I was so scared! I can’t wait to see the results of her CBC that night!
Of course, with all these symptoms the child has, the child would be extremely uncomfortable.  He wouldn’t even want to eat.
The second phase would begin within 2 weeks of when the fever first started.  And the symptoms would be more severe:
  • fever is still persistent
  • peeling of the hands and feet
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  •  abdominal or joint pain
Experts advise to call the doctor when experiencing these symptoms.  But I suggest that even on first phase, you go see the doctor to prevent any damage.
Because once the heart is affected, it would be a long journey of treatments and medications.

Please read my next post – Treating Kawasaki Disease – to learn how to treat KD!

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Treating Kawasaki Disease

Before we go on with the treatment, let us identify first what are the serious illnesses that can affect the heart when Kawasaki is diagnosed!

According to medicinenet, children with Kawasaki Disease can develop vasculitis, which is inflammation of the arteries of various parts of the body. Vasculitis can cause weakening of the blood vessels and can lead to aneurysms.

What is aneurysm?  According to MedlinePlus, an aneurysm is ballooning in the wall of the artery.  Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the other parts of the body.  If an aneurysm grows large, it can burst and cause dangerous bleeding or even death.

Special tests are needed to examine the heart because of the possible heart problems caused by KD, and these are:

Kawasaki Disease is treated by any of the following:

  • high doses of aspirin – to reduce inflammation and to mildly thin the blood to prevent blood clot
  • IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) – to decrease the chance of developing aneurysms in the coronary arteries
For joint pains, anti inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen or Naproxen can be given.
For patients that are not responding to Aspirin and IVIG, Plasma Exchange or plasmapheresis can be done.  This is a procedure whereby the patient’s plasma is removed from the blood and replaced with protein-containing fluids.  By taking out portions of the patient’s plasma, the procedure also removes antibodies and proteins that are felt to be part of the immune reaction that is causing the inflammation of the disease.  
However, Kawasaki disease that are not responding to the traditional aspirin and IVIG treatments can be deadly. To see a more detailed article, click here.
I hope everyone can learn a thing or 2 from my 3 part post on Kawasaki Disease. I thank God that Daphne don’t have this disease, and that I am informed and educated on this. I heard from some friends that they do know some children with KD, and it’s really hard for the children because they can’t play and grow up like normal children anymore because of the complications of the heart which was caused by KD.
As mommies, we need to be really cautious when our children get sick. It’s better to be extra careful than make our children suffer from the wrong decision of not seeing the doctor at an early stage. Prevention is the key. I believe so!
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Daphne’s Kawasaki Scare!

Daphne had all the symptoms of a Kawasaki virus, that’s why her pediatrician, Dr Alexander Koa Lee, immediately requested for a CBC Platelet count! It was really a scare!

She has been suffering from viral infections before this. She had cough and cold and was having slight fevers! A week ago, when she was recovering, we let her out the house to have some sunshine. Unfortunately, the doctor thinks that the heat from the ground (since it just rained) and the sudden change of weather caused her the additional virus she’s experiencing now. Her immune system was not that strong then.

So ever since that day out, she began having fevers at night, highest was at 39.3 degrees! It made her super uncomfortable she couldn’t sleep at all. Though it’s only at night she’s irritable, it’s just different when her temperature is hitting the 39’s!

We just went to the doctor the friday before that and she was already given antibiotics, so we just thought that it hasn’t taken effect yet! Daphne’s very active during the day. She’s happy and played normally. She even had a healthier appetite than before.

This last Saturday though, Daphne felt very uncomfortable and sick. She kept crying the whole day, didn’t want to play and didn’t want to eat! Her fever slightly went down during the day or no fever at all. But comes nighttime, it suddenly goes up again! Then came the rashes on her hands and feet. Her mouth very red and her tongue seemed like it was having goosebumps! My husband and I decided to have her checked again.

I called her pulmonary pedia for an appointment, and told the secretary to please wait for us since we didn’t know what to do with Daphne anymore. It was already 5pm.

When we got there, it was then that we learned about this Kawasaki disease. These are the symptoms:
a) fever
b) rashes on hands and feet
c) strawberry tongue
d) swollen hands and feet
e) very red lips / chapped lips

All these Daphne had, so we immediately followed doctor’s order and had her blood examined. And that’s another thing, how will they be able to get blood for CBC Platelet counting? Daphne’s sure to get hurt. It saddens me that my little baby had to go through this.

We went to the Metropolitan Medical Hospital immediately after leaving the clinic of Dr Alex at Chinese General Hospital. That was about 8pm already!

When it was Daphne’s turn, we asked for the best medical technologist the laboratory had! Turned out, there’s no need for actual extrAction of blood, they will only prick her!
Thank God! I couldn’t bear to see Daphne that way, so I asked Dennis (my husband) to carry her into the extraction room. She cried so loud I almost cried.

We went to MMC the next day to get the results, then we proceeded to CGH again to see Dr Alex! Good thing he offered to see us on a Sunday! When he saw the results, he immediately ruled out Kawasaki! We were so happy to hear that!

My baby’s platelet was normal, and the result also showed that there were some bacteria or virus inside Daphne’s little body! We happily went to Jollibee to celebrate since Jolly Spaghetti is Daphne’s favorite!

But what is it about Kawasaki that’s scary? Find out on my next post!

What is Kawasaki Disease?

For now, I am just super happy and thankful that Daphne doesn’t have it!

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Weaning. Stops. Now.

Weaning. Stops. Now.

Daphne is sick. Feverish with cough and cold. How can I deny her the comfort of nursing?

Nothing else to say.

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Recall on MeadJohnson’s formula milk

FDA ordered a Recall on 2 of MeadJohnson’s formula products. Alactagrow and Sustagen Junior.

According to FDA, this was not a safety issue. The said formulas are safe to consume. However, it did not pass on the supposed standard. Formula Milk should have a fat content of 3 to 6 grams, the products only had less than 2 grams.

MeadJohnson promised to follow the said standards and to reformulate their products. This company is known as a world leader in pediatric nutrition – as published on their website www.meadjohnson.com.ph

This just proves that – BREASTMILK IS STILL THE BEST we could give our children. No formulas needed! 🙂

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my labor story

For all that I went through and experienced during the birth of my baby, it was all worth it…

Daphne Ayesha is almost 2 months now and she’s really a joy, except when she’s angry and irritatable and especially hungry. Haha…

Let me recount now what happened before I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.

The week before – I was already having contractions so I went on leave from work. Almost everyday, I was at a different mall to walk for a few hours.  Thinking it would help with my labor, I walked and walked.

A few days before – I encountered a sharp pain, I thought that was it. So we went to the hospital to have me checked. It turned out it was false alarm. I was told by my doctor to go home.

1 day before – Around 8 in the morning, I went to do number 1, there was blood but there was no water. So I panicked and woke up my hubby. We went to the hospital but drove by a fastfood chain to buy breakfast, for I won’t be able to eat anymore if I went inside the delivery room. And my mother in law told me that I need to eat so that I will have energy to go through the labor process.  I ate then went inside the delivery room, I was examined again and was told that my cervix hasn’t even opened yet. They called my doctor and she told me I could still go home if I wanted to.  I said I wanted to stay already, since there was blood already and I was supposed to have another ultrasound the next day to check the level of amniotic fluid inside my tummy. So I was admitted and I just watched tv the whole day. I wasn’t allowed to go out anymore.  I walked some more inside the room, but I don’t think that helped. I was still feeling discomfort but it was still tolerable. During night time, I decided to drink the Chinese Herbal Medicine they said would facilitate a faster contraction and would help dilate my cervix.

The day – 12 mn – I drank the Chinese Herbal Medicine.

                 3 am – I started feeling intolerable pain. I can’t sleep anymore. I kept on tossing and turning on my bed. I was crying because I can’t take the pain anymore. It was just unbearable. My hubby didn’t know what to do anymore. He even offered me to just have a caesarean operation to get it over and done with.

                  730am – Ever since I was admitted, I was being internally examined every few hours.  My cervix being monitored for dilation. So finally, around 730 the morning of July 12, I was admitted inside the delivery room, after I had my breakfast.

                  730 am to 12nn – I was inside the delivery room, I hoped I just stayed in my room.  Same thing, every hour I was being checked for dilation. The pain was really intolerable anymore. I was having contractions already, but my cervix is not opening as it should be. I can’t do anything but wait and feel pain. I was told I had low pain tolerance. Since I can’t bear the pain anymore, I was asked by my doctor if I wanted to have anaesthesia shot already. Epidural was shot around 12nn.

                  12nn to 2pm – Another inexplainable feeling I felt when I was being given the epidural. There were so many people. I felt dizzy, I felt naked, I felt violated even. One good thing about it though, after the 1st dose of epidural, I didn’t feel the contractions anymore. I was just lying there inside the actual delivery room, not the waiting room inside the delivery room. There were nurses, resident doctors, my real doctor.  Since I wasn’t feeling pain anymore, I was able to talk with the resident doctor who was monitoring me. For the first time in 24 hours, I was actually feeling happy and pain-free! That was until the 1st dose of epidural faded.

                  2pm to 5pm – I suddenly felt the contractions again, so I asked for another shot. The bad thing about it, the anaesthesiologist was nowhere to be found, so it was the resident doctor who gave me the shot. And it failed to do its purpose. It wasn’t as effective as the 1st dose. I felt super unbearable pain. The same thing with the 3rd dose. I was slightly screaming because of the pain I was encountering. I never imagined childbirth being this painful. I was even asking the doctors why the shots weren’t effective and why I was still feeling pain. They told me it was because my cervix was fully dilated already and that the head of my baby is down there already. I didn’t know a thing, so I just stayed put and bear the pain and believed what they told me. It was as if I was drug free, I wasn’t pain free.

                   5pm to 630pm – At last, the anaesthesiologist came by and he was the one who gave me the 4th dose of my epidural. And I was actually pain free again. This meant that the resident doctor just didn’t know how to give the shot efficiently. And that what she told me about me being fully dilated, and shot not effective because of that wasn’t true at all. Because if it were true, how come I can smile and talk to my doctor again. I even kidded that I don’t want to endure this kind of pain again ever!

                    630pm to 730pm – The baby hasn’t come out yet, I was fully dilated already at 10cm. The head was stuck already. My water was already broke, it was punctured by my doctor, it didn’t broke by itself. All this time, I kept on pushing and pushing. My arms were tired and sore. My hubby was worrying so much, he asked the doctor what’s my status and if I can still go through the labor. By this time, I was already 12 hours into labor. I don’t have enough energy in my body anymore. Good thing I was pitied by my doctor, she allowed me to have a sip of water. Around 730pm – my hubby went inside the delivery room and we decided to just forgo normal delivery and undergo caesarean operation.  It was also the best thing to do that time because we wanted to avoid putting the baby into stress.

                   730pm to 757pm – After we decided, I was immediately transferred to the operation room.  I was put and tied into the cross bed, was given the allergy shot and soon given the general anaesthesia. I was naked and for the whole world to see. I remembered asking my anaesthesiologist to reposition my arm because I wasn’t comfortable. Only to sleep away and feel numbness all throughout my body.  I felt my doctor doing the incision but there was no pain. That was the last thing I remembered, until I heard my baby cry. After awhile I opened my eyes and she was beside me. We were taken a picture then I dozed off again.

                  757pm to 2am the next day – I woke up in the recovery room feeling itchy, hot and thirsty.  I kept asking the nurse to wet my lips, to remove the lamp, to turn up the aircon. 

                  3am – I was wheeled away, I saw my hubby waiting for me.  He kissed me and we went straight in my room. Then my sister was also there waiting. I was not allowed still to drink water, and talk.

Here’s my labor story. I know, the word pain was mentioned a lot. But forgive me, because it’s all I can remember feeling that day.

I hope the one reading this, whether a man or a woman, pregnant or not, will learn something.

Until next post!

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Labor Contractions!

This is the moment, I am due to give birth to our baby girl anytime soon.

I am feeling the pain of labor contractions. I know it’s all going to be worth it when I see our baby girl. But, I still am scared of what to expect when the TIME comes already! Now pa lang, I am having difficulty already, what more if it’s time na!

Hay.. the joys of motherhood… :tongue: contradicting isn’t it?

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my cough won’t let me sleep

I am writing this because I am experiencing it right now.  I can’t sleep.

I’ve been struck by a cough and cold virus. And I was told by my OB not to take any meds.  Even those that I take before I got pregnant.

I wrote about what she told me to do a few posts back.

But my then condition has worsen.

It’s already 5:13 am on my computer clock and I’m still wide awake.

Why, because of my pestering cough, I keep on waking up every hour since I went to bed at 1230 last night.

I called up my hubby who is in HK and told him about my situation. He told me to make myself a warm calamansi juice to soothe my throat.  It’s because when I cough, it’s like my whole chest will explode. That’s how worse it is!

I followed his advice.  I stopped coughing. Relieved now. But then, my throat’s still aching from all the coughing since midnight.  Oh well, at least I felt a little better.

And one more thing, I can’t sleep lying down totally.  I need to stay on an upright position so that my nasal passages will clear through.  I am still not sure whether I could sleep in a position like that.

I will tell you that after a night’s sleep in a while.

By the way, I will see my doctor later. I can’t stand the coughing.  I am hoping that she might have a remedy for this.

It’s 5:20 guys and girls. Need to catch up on sleep. Wish me luck! :sleeping:

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