max’s giveaways!

hubby and i attended our godson’s max’s 1st birthday party! and here are the giveaways!

i wonder what our baby’s gonna have for giveaways on her 1st birthday party!  that’s about a year from now… hihi… excited mommy! :biggrin:

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why i love my credit card!

this is why i love my credit card! because of promos like this…

free starbucks – yummy! 🙂

tall espresso java chip frappe for hubby!

tall strawberries and cream frappe for me!


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blocked out!

for the past few days, i can’t seem to find time to write in this blog.

there are a few reasons:

i’m totally blocked out of ideas…

i’m too tired…

i’m too lazy…

i’m always sleepy…

so, right now, it’s time for me to sleep, because as i am writing this, my eyes are drooping and shutting out already…

good night people! :sleeping:

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my name is not on the list… therefore i cannot vote!

buti na lang hindi ako nagpakahirap mag decide kung sino ang mga iboboto ko… kasi hindi ko rin naman ma cast officially ang vote ko!

it’s because… my name is not on the list… buti na lang din, hindi na ako nag effort pumunta sa precinct. i just asked my cousin to check if my name was on the list. since it wasn’t, hindi na ako nag abala.

i wasn’t able to vote during the last 2 elections so they decided to put my name on the inactive list of voters. i should have registered last year. but then again, it didn’t occur to me that my name wouldn’t be on the list.

anyway, ok na rin yun. since i changed addresss na. i also changed my surname since i already got married. next time there is an opportunity to register, will register here in my hubby’s place na lang. so that, sabay na kami mag vote.

well, for now, i will just have to wait and see who wins the election. without my precious vote!


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1 week…

1 week has passed already since hubby came back!

and i just want to say, it’s bliss! :heart:

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a few more hours…

a few more hours to go and my hubby will be back!

oooh.. i can’t wait to see him…

i so miss him this much!

:heart: :wub:

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i’m missing 2 posts! damn!

i already posted 2 topics for may! and here’s me opening my blog without it…

hay… do this really happen?


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our dog sparkey is also sick

Everytime somebody in our family gets sick, our dog gets sick also.
Kawawang sparkey…

Since yesterday, wala syang gana kumain. Then, when he does, he keeps on throwing up.

Hay… should have him check also.

I think he’s also feeling the heat. Before, he doesn’t want to bathe in cold water. Nanginginig talaga sya. But now, he loves the cold water. And he even lies down in front of the electric fan to cool down.

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