my cough won’t let me sleep

I am writing this because I am experiencing it right now.  I can’t sleep.

I’ve been struck by a cough and cold virus. And I was told by my OB not to take any meds.  Even those that I take before I got pregnant.

I wrote about what she told me to do a few posts back.

But my then condition has worsen.

It’s already 5:13 am on my computer clock and I’m still wide awake.

Why, because of my pestering cough, I keep on waking up every hour since I went to bed at 1230 last night.

I called up my hubby who is in HK and told him about my situation. He told me to make myself a warm calamansi juice to soothe my throat.  It’s because when I cough, it’s like my whole chest will explode. That’s how worse it is!

I followed his advice.  I stopped coughing. Relieved now. But then, my throat’s still aching from all the coughing since midnight.  Oh well, at least I felt a little better.

And one more thing, I can’t sleep lying down totally.  I need to stay on an upright position so that my nasal passages will clear through.  I am still not sure whether I could sleep in a position like that.

I will tell you that after a night’s sleep in a while.

By the way, I will see my doctor later. I can’t stand the coughing.  I am hoping that she might have a remedy for this.

It’s 5:20 guys and girls. Need to catch up on sleep. Wish me luck! :sleeping:

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house arrest!

The weather’s quite hot these days and we are prone to sickness like cold and flu. Oh well, I did catch some of the viruses lingering out there.  So when I felt the symptoms coming in, I immediately texted my OB and asked her what I could do to prevent becoming ultimately sick.

She had this to say: “Gargle warm water with salt. Drink plenty of water. Ascorbic acid 500 mg 1 tab once a day. Bed rest for 2 days.”

Simple right? All natural.  She didn’t prescribe any meds for me to take. I can’t drink any meds because I’m pregnant.

This is why I love my OB.

Oh well, and now what she texted me is the reason why I’m home on a Wednesday and blogging away.

House arrest, anyone? 🙂

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our baby’s first pasalubongs

My cousins and sister went to Taiwan to visit my grandmother.  And here are their pasalubongs for our dear baby girl… 🙂

A hello kitty blanket, a cute little bib, 2 sets of booties…

and a little scary pacifier, don’t you think!??

And here’s what they got me… the 2 little penguin keychains on top of the booties!

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it just struck me! it’s summer and i haven’t gone to the beach!

and i don’t think that i will ever step foot on a sandy beach this summer.

as we all know, i am very much pregnant.

this was supposed to be our first summer together as hubby and wifey, but then again, we’re thankful for the bundle of joy that is the reason why i can’t go to the beach.

well, i guess i have to wait for next summer then…

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breastmilk is still best for babies

Breastfeeding Pros:
  • Breast is best – provides essential antibodies he won’t get elsewhere, enhances brain development, and lowers risk of asthma and diabetes
  • Good for you – burns calories (500 per day) and may lessen risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis
  • Convenience and cost – you can go anywhere without packing a lot of bottles, plus no expensive formula to buy
  • Bonding with baby- the emotional closeness can’t be matched
Breastfeeding Cons:
  • You are on call all the time – newborn feedings are every 2-3 hours
  • Sore nipples, engorgement
Bottle Pros:
  • Comforting – you can see how much she’s eating
  • You can share responsibility with someone else
  • Similar bonding experience as you are holding child close
Bottle Cons:
  • Formulas cannot provide the same nutritional benefits
  • Cost
  • Time-consuming – you need to sterilize, clean and prepare each bottle
  • Constipation – rarely seen in breastfed babies

– The parents and editors at

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manas na ang paa ko!

Just this afternoon, I was really anxious because when I look down, I realized that my 2 feet are really blowing up! As in, parang pumuputok talaga sa suot ko na shoes!  I can’t even feel the bone sa may ankle ko.

I noticed too that when I pressed a particular part of my foot, it turns red then white.

Hay, then it struck me, minamanas na yata ako! I texted my hubby immediately.

I told him, kadiri yung feet ko.  My feet looked like an elephant’s feet. Jumbo talaga! Hay… 🙁

My colleagues confirmed that minamanas na ako.

Nakukuha daw ang manas sa maalat na food.  I don’t even eat junk foods anymore. How come?

Then, another realization came.  This week, thrice ako nag eat out.  Maybe, the restaurants mixed a lot of salt and MSG in the food that they served.

They say normal lang sa buntis ang pamamanas, it will go away after I give birth. Sabi rin ng isang aunt ko, normal din na on my 7th month, mag start na ang pamamanas.

What I have to do now is elevate my feet when I sleep.  Avoid salty foods even more.  And drink plenty of water.

I guess, this is really part of my pregnancy, so be it!

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addicted to facebook

A day wouldn’t pass without me logging in to my facebook account. Whether for a few minutes or a few hours.

Why facebook is important to a lot of people? I guess I have one answer to that question.  It’s because it’s where you can actually update yourself with what’s going on with your friends’ lives.  Even if you don’t see that particular person, you feel as if you are with them.  Because of the pictures they post, the words they write, even the games they play.

I think it’s human nature that we want to know what’s happening to others.  Be it our real friends, our online friends, our family or some strangers.

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getting ready for the big day!

I’m on my 6th month of pregnancy and I can’t help but wonder about a few things. You see, this is my first child and I’m so scared about what will happen comes the big day!

Big Day means the DAY! The Day I will give birth to this beautiful child inside me. But how will I get ready for that day?

Some say I need to walk around days before I give birth so that the baby will go down my uterus. Some say I need to eat the white of an egg RAW just as I enter the delivery room. These are some of the things I hear from those who already experienced giving birth.

But hey, I need to know everything about childbirth so I read and read about it. I just can’t go in there and have an idea what it’s like.  I need to know what happens exactly during this excruciating period.

Basically, childbirth is the last phase of pregnancy.  After 9 months of carrying the baby around in your tummy, the baby needs to get out.  According to Wikipedia, there are 3 stages of labor during the process of natural childbirth.

Let’s go to the 1st stage.  It’s called the dilation. Dilation of the cervix, that is! It’s when your cervix opens up gradually to allow the baby to come out. Actual labor starts when the cervix is already 3cm dilated.  During this stage, contractions may or may not start. Also, you may or may not bleed due to rupture of the membranes during this stage.  Contractions varies from one woman to another.  If this is your first child, it may take as long as 8 hours for your cervix to be fully dilated.  If not, it may take half of the time.  Fully dilated means when your cervix is already dilated at around 10 cm.  At 10 cm, the head of the baby can easily come out.

Now, let’s go to the 2nd stage.  The 2nd stage is called the Expulsion.  This is the descent and birth of the baby.  This stage begins when the cervix is fully dilated and ends after the baby is born.  At this stage, the baby’s head is at a woman’s pelvis.  Pushing helps bring out the baby.

The final and last stage is expelling the placenta.  According again to Wikipedia, and I quote, “The placenta is an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, waste elimination and gas exchange via the mother’s blood supply.”  The placenta is usually expelled 15 – 30 minutes after the baby is born.  After the placenta is expelled, blood loss may be limited due to the contractions of the uterus.  Normal blood loss is around 600ml.

So there, the 3 stages of labor.  Not exactly the nitty gritty details of childbirth, but at least, I can say now that I understand what happens during this period.

Till next time! 🙂

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