family day in my daughter’s school

Today, August 3, is the scheduled family day for the nursery department in our daughter’s school. Being 1st time school parents, we don’t know what happens on a family day.  I asked around, they say it will be a day of eating and playing.  Maybe the school’s way to bond with both the students and their respective parents.  A day of getting to know each other, perhaps!

We were asked to bring some food for sharing.  Again, we asked around. We don’t have any idea what kind of food to bring.  Someone told me not to bring a lot for there will be a ton of food brought by the other parents.  So just not to be empty handed, we bought some cupcakes, mamons and cookies.  It’s individually packed, it’s convenient and mess-free!

For sure today will be a lot of fun.  Can’t wait!

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