Joan Po Lang

Something funny happened at the office today! 

After his transaction, client asked for my colleague’s name. 

She answered, “Joan po.” 
(She was being respectful and answered with “po”)

He said, “Ha? Chinese ka?”
(He thought “Po” was her Surname.)

She said, “Joan lang.”
(She meant her name was only “Joan”.)

He said, “Joan Lang? Chinese ka?”
(He now thought her Surname was “Lang”.)

She said, again and again, “Joan lang” “Joan lang” until he finally got it!

While this was happening, I was already secretly laughing inside.  And Ems, another colleague, was bowing down to hide because she can’t contain her laugh anymore.  Of course, we couldn’t let client see us laughing about him.

When the client wasn’t around anymore, Ems joked that Joan should have answered and told him that her name was “Joan Po Lang!”

Funny story isn’t it?

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