Milkee’s Best Polvoron

Hey guys!  There is this new Polvoron coming out in the markets soon!


It’s not your regular polvoron.  It’s chocolate-coated!  For this variant though, the coating is white chocolate.  Then the flavor inside is Cookies & Cream. 

The polvoron is packed individually so it’s easy to carry around or give away.


This is how it looks like when you open a pack.  White chocolate coating greets you!   This chocolate is imported, it tastes really good.


And when you take a bite, the inside is packed with cookies & cream polvoron.  It’s equally good.  I can’t seem to stop once I start eating.


I have an advice though if you get your hands on this one, drink lots and lots of H2O!!!

Will update this post so you could know where to get your yummy chocolatey polvorons!

Happy eating!!!

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  1. Hi. The white chocolate isn’t available yet pala, baka November or December. It was given by a client lang kasi. What’s already available in the market is the dark chocolate version. Please check out all leading groceries and supermarkets. Thank you.

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