Labor Contractions!

This is the moment, I am due to give birth to our baby girl anytime soon.

I am feeling the pain of labor contractions. I know it’s all going to be worth it when I see our baby girl. But, I still am scared of what to expect when the TIME comes already! Now pa lang, I am having difficulty already, what more if it’s time na!

Hay.. the joys of motherhood… :tongue: contradicting isn’t it?

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I just watched Eclipse the other night with my husband. I think it was a good movie. I liked the special effects. Though it was 2 hours, I didn’t get bored, because the pacing is just right.

I love how the good vampires and wolves unite to fight the bad vampires! And of course, the good won versus the evil!

I just hate it that 2 good looking men are fighting over Bella… And she just can’t seem to get enough of it. Well, I can’t do anything about it, since the story was really written for her to be that way.

For those who haven’t watched yet, watch it. Nice movie.

I can’t wait for the last part.

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Paranormal Activity 2!

Have you watched the Paranormal Activity last year? It is really scary after all.

The trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 has gone online. Though little is known as to the specific plot at this point, the sequel to 2009’s box office surprise looks to employ the same camcorder technique as the original, but on an already noticeably larger scale. Directed by Kip Williams from a Michael R. Perry script, the sequel will open in theaters on October 22.

Now, Can you watch this movie all by yourself?

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almost there!

it’s been a while since i last wrote here… it’s due to many things…

– our desktop broke down due to some virus…

– i’m almost due to give birth!

– i’m always tired and sleepy…

the second and third thing are mostly and usually the culprit.. coz there’s this laptop to use naman… i’m just really tamad… so bear with me guys!

baby’s on the way! :heart:

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Y Y Y?


Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up. If the person before you had the same initial, you MUST have different answers, strictly NO carbon copy in that case. You cannot use any words twice. You cannot use your name for the boy and girl’s name questions.

Questions and Answers:

1.) What is your name: YVETTE

2.) A four letter word: YELL

3.) A boy’s name :   YAEL

4.) A girl’s name:  YVONNE

5.) An occupation: YOUR OWN BUSINESS

6.) A color: YELLOW

7.) Something you wear:  YELLOW SHIRT

8.) A food: YUMMY PIZZA

9.) Something found in the bathroom: YUCKY COCKROACH

10.) A country: YUGOSLAVIA

11.) A reason for being late: YAPPING AWAY

12.) Something you shout:  YO!

13.) A movie title:  YOU CHANGE MY LIFE IN A MOMENT

14.) Something you drink:   YAKULT

15.) A musical group:  YELLOWCARD

16.) An animal:  YAK

17.) A street name: YLAYA STREET

18.) A type of car:  YARIS

19.) An internet site/blogsite:  YAHOO.COM

20.) A song: YOU

21.) A President’s name: Y. MUSEVINI

22.) A cartoon character:  YOGI BEAR

23.) Name of School: YSABELA INSTITUTE

24.) A sport: YACHTING

25.) A Latin word: YATAGHAN – long curved knife

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ayala and sm – united?

For the good of people and the community, these 2 corporate bigwigs decided to join and unite.

Ayala Land Inc first donated a few hectares of land to Xavier School.  The land is located in Nuvali, an eco-community project of ALI, which is located in Sta Rosa Laguna.

And now, I just found out that SM Foundation led by its patriarch, Henry Sy, also formalized its deed of donation in putting up the primary school building in the said Xavier School.

Isn’t that great? Now we know that these 2 companies not only have eye for money and earnings, they also have social responsibility and both are committed in making the Philippines a better place to live in.

Love for everyone! :heart:

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winema at sm cinema

SM Cinema just launched the first interactive cinema game in the Philippines!

Check these videos out…

Part 1 SM Cinema Winema Launch


Part 2 SM Cinema Winema Launch


Part 3 SM Cinema Winema Launch


Part 4 SM Cinema Winema Launch Boink Out

You can also check the official website of SM Cinema…

I think it’s a very interesting and innovative way of doing something while waiting for the movies to show. Right?

I can’t wait to try this game out! :tongue:

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More optical illusions :)

There is a woman’s face on this tiger. Can you spot it? It is not hard to spot.

haha! Just count the little black balls…

A dolphin or sports car?

The picture shows a tiger. Your challenge is to spot the hidden tiger.

Did you spot the hidden tiger?

If not, look more closely at the stripes on the side of the tiger… which spell out ‘the hidden tiger.’

Have a look at the picture above. Can you see the deliberate mistake?

Some people see it immediately. Others stare at the image, and don’t notice it at first. Some people don’t see it at all.

You did spot it, didn’t you?

If not, just ask yourself …. what is the name of this animal?


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