manas na ang paa ko!

Just this afternoon, I was really anxious because when I look down, I realized that my 2 feet are really blowing up! As in, parang pumuputok talaga sa suot ko na shoes!  I can’t even feel the bone sa may ankle ko.

I noticed too that when I pressed a particular part of my foot, it turns red then white.

Hay, then it struck me, minamanas na yata ako! I texted my hubby immediately.

I told him, kadiri yung feet ko.  My feet looked like an elephant’s feet. Jumbo talaga! Hay… 🙁

My colleagues confirmed that minamanas na ako.

Nakukuha daw ang manas sa maalat na food.  I don’t even eat junk foods anymore. How come?

Then, another realization came.  This week, thrice ako nag eat out.  Maybe, the restaurants mixed a lot of salt and MSG in the food that they served.

They say normal lang sa buntis ang pamamanas, it will go away after I give birth. Sabi rin ng isang aunt ko, normal din na on my 7th month, mag start na ang pamamanas.

What I have to do now is elevate my feet when I sleep.  Avoid salty foods even more.  And drink plenty of water.

I guess, this is really part of my pregnancy, so be it!

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the new $100 bill!

the new $100 bill’s design is way better than the old one!

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grey’s anatomy

I am addicted to Grey’s Anatomy! I finished Season 1 in a day! 🙂

Actually, I’ve already watched it before, but I wanted to refresh my mind of everything that happened.  And now, I’m on Season 2.

I’m not sure if I could finish it in a day like what I did with Season 1, but one thing’s for sure. This is going to be an everyday habit for me.

I so love McDreamy!

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gelato ice cream

They say eating ice cream is a no-no for pregnant women like me. I have also been staying away from this yummy food for awhile now.  Even if it’s scorching outside.

But recently, when we had dinner with some friends at Amici in Greenhills. I was able to eat a cup of gelato ice cream! Pumayag si Dennis! Yey!

Here’s a picture of me smiling and holding my ice cream! After 6 whole months, finally. I savored every bite and every scoop. Yummy!

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addicted to facebook

A day wouldn’t pass without me logging in to my facebook account. Whether for a few minutes or a few hours.

Why facebook is important to a lot of people? I guess I have one answer to that question.  It’s because it’s where you can actually update yourself with what’s going on with your friends’ lives.  Even if you don’t see that particular person, you feel as if you are with them.  Because of the pictures they post, the words they write, even the games they play.

I think it’s human nature that we want to know what’s happening to others.  Be it our real friends, our online friends, our family or some strangers.

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ue pep squad

I was surfing channels when I stopped by Studio 23.  They were showing performances by Pep Squads from different Universities here in Manila.

What caught my attention was the UE Pep Squad. Instead of the usual R&B / HipHop Songs, they were dancing to the tune of Filipino Songs. What’s best about their routine is that it’s solely Pinoy Style!

I was trying to search it through You Tube so I can post it here, but to no avail.

I was really amazed. Proudly Filipino! 🙂

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getting ready for the big day!

I’m on my 6th month of pregnancy and I can’t help but wonder about a few things. You see, this is my first child and I’m so scared about what will happen comes the big day!

Big Day means the DAY! The Day I will give birth to this beautiful child inside me. But how will I get ready for that day?

Some say I need to walk around days before I give birth so that the baby will go down my uterus. Some say I need to eat the white of an egg RAW just as I enter the delivery room. These are some of the things I hear from those who already experienced giving birth.

But hey, I need to know everything about childbirth so I read and read about it. I just can’t go in there and have an idea what it’s like.  I need to know what happens exactly during this excruciating period.

Basically, childbirth is the last phase of pregnancy.  After 9 months of carrying the baby around in your tummy, the baby needs to get out.  According to Wikipedia, there are 3 stages of labor during the process of natural childbirth.

Let’s go to the 1st stage.  It’s called the dilation. Dilation of the cervix, that is! It’s when your cervix opens up gradually to allow the baby to come out. Actual labor starts when the cervix is already 3cm dilated.  During this stage, contractions may or may not start. Also, you may or may not bleed due to rupture of the membranes during this stage.  Contractions varies from one woman to another.  If this is your first child, it may take as long as 8 hours for your cervix to be fully dilated.  If not, it may take half of the time.  Fully dilated means when your cervix is already dilated at around 10 cm.  At 10 cm, the head of the baby can easily come out.

Now, let’s go to the 2nd stage.  The 2nd stage is called the Expulsion.  This is the descent and birth of the baby.  This stage begins when the cervix is fully dilated and ends after the baby is born.  At this stage, the baby’s head is at a woman’s pelvis.  Pushing helps bring out the baby.

The final and last stage is expelling the placenta.  According again to Wikipedia, and I quote, “The placenta is an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, waste elimination and gas exchange via the mother’s blood supply.”  The placenta is usually expelled 15 – 30 minutes after the baby is born.  After the placenta is expelled, blood loss may be limited due to the contractions of the uterus.  Normal blood loss is around 600ml.

So there, the 3 stages of labor.  Not exactly the nitty gritty details of childbirth, but at least, I can say now that I understand what happens during this period.

Till next time! 🙂

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of weddings and commitment

my blog is about these couples who want to commit themselves to their loved ones and get married and eventually start their own family…

there are actually 2 things you need to consider and surpass if you want to get married… commitment and wedding preparation

commitment (as defined in wikipedia) means to duty or to pledge to some thing or someone. it can also be referred to as personal commitment which is a pledge or promise to ones’ self for personal growth.

being in a relationship isn’t only about love… it definitely needs this commitment factor! kasi baka naman you love the person, but di lang sya isa… maraming ka palang love! mahirap naman ata yun! hehe…

commitment in a relationship means exclusivity… exclusivity meaning no more dates with other people… no more going on blind dates…no more going on meeting other people… committing to one person means understanding, accepting, loving that person for who he / she is or is not. this commitment is not only for the now but also for the years to come…commitment is knowing you can live with that person for the rest of your lives… accepting all the quirks, all the imperfectness…

but of course, being in an exclusive relationship, or being committed doesn’t mean panay disadvantages lang… it has a lot of advantages!!! it’s like having a tag team partner all the time… you do stuff together, you go to parties together, you plan everything together, you solve problems together… maybe for some, this is nkakasawa… but then, when you are in love and you’re happy being with each other…even the simplest thing is so great… even staying at home and watching movies and just eating and just talking will make you happy… i should know, we do that all the time… for me, i just love being with babydenz…

if the time comes and you realize that you are ready to be with that one person… you are ready to share everything with that person. then you are ready to take the plunge… after being in a committed relationship for a while, where does it lead you? of course, to weddings… to being committed permanently… in the eyes of men and most importantly, in the eyes of god…

wedding (from proposal to engagement to church to reception to honeymoon)

yes! all women want their dream weddings to come true…

let’s say your guy proposed to you… in a romantic setting, a venue filled with flowers, a string quartet playing sweet music… good food… only the two of you… with a really huge engagement / proposal ring, he went down on his knees and asked you to marry him, to be his wife, or be with him for he wants to spend the rest of his life with you… you’ll definitely say I DO to that… don’t be hypocrites girls… uh uh…

enjoy the moment girls coz after that reality will sink in… and you’ll just not have the time to feel the moment anymore… preparing for a wedding isn’t as easy as it sounds… don’t you even wonder why so many wedding coordinators / organizers have popped out in less than 5 years???

we all want the best for our respective weddings… whether we are getting married now or we plan to in the near future… but there are a lot of factors to consider… let me start off with some – – deciding for the theme or the motif, looking for suppliers, deciding on what food to serve, where to hold the event, what church, how many guests you are to invite, who will be included in your entourage, who the ninongs / ninangs will be, barong or tuxedo.. white or ecru gown… so on and so forth… that’s why you and your guy should have an open line… open line to talk and discuss what needs to be decided… what should be prioritized… what should be given special attention to… what should be given a bigger budget…  or even, what is really the budget! yeah, like it or not… preparing for a wedding is very crucial… and sometimes, the planning takes out the fun you should have been enjoying with your fiance / fiancee in preparing for the one of the most important events of your couple-ness!

what i suggest to soon-to-wed couples is to search for cheap but good suppliers… you just need to be patient… there are a lot of them out there… and with internet, websites and multiply sites available to us in just one click, it wouldn’t be that frustrating anymore… be open to suggestions of friends… even ask them to help you for the preparations… be on the look out for alternatives… ask your friends for referrals… and have fun… yes, i didn’t say it’s going to be easy… but at least you’re having fun, right? these are the things that will make the wedding memorable to the couple…

remember that, even if you don’t get all that you dreamt of, even if you don’t achieve your dream wedding because of problems here and there.. even if you don’t get to honeymoon on that secluded island – amanpulo for example – and you ended up in hongkong or some hotel here, even if you ruined your make up because you cried so much because of happiness, even if not everybody enjoyed their food, even if you didn’t get all the gifts you chose for your bridal registry, even if…

the most important thing, is still, being with each other… the ultimate reason why you got married… is not because you wanted to get this supplier, or because you wanted to be shot by this particular wedding photographer, or because you want to wear a designer gown.. BUT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE TOGETHER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES…

*hope you learned something from reading this blog… coz i sure did… 

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