missing someone you love

my hubby denz left for hk tonight. and even before he boarded the plane, i was already missing him.

this is the first time that we will be apart, ever since we got married. and it just doesn’t feel the same. i won’t be sleeping alone, but just the same, it’s not the same if he is not the one i’m beside with.

3 weeks – that’s how long we will be separated. how i wish it’s time for him to come back already.

i miss you babydenz. come back soon! 🙁

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wedding album

there’s this kind of rush inside me when i finally received our wedding album! 🙂

it’s been a tough ride, but hey, it’s well worth it! 🙂

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the name sassybiatchemom

i just wanted to let you guys know why this is the name of my blog.

i have a sorority life account in facebook which bears the name sassy biatche, because i believe that i need to be strong and independent so that nobody mess with me, whether in real or reel life! and since i am going to be a mom soon, i decided to add mom on the name of this new blog.

i could be a biatche if i wanted to, but i know i’m still sassy. and though i’m gonna be a mom soon, i still could be that biatche! i don’t want nobody messing with me and my family!

ciao for now! 🙂

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a portion of an old entry – food i love…


  • Chocolates
  • Ice Cream
  • Chicken Dishes
  • Pasta – I love the Carbonara Denz cooks for me
  • Potato Chips
  • Biscuits with chocolate
  • Mango Shake

While I was browsing through my old posts in my old blogs, I found a portion really interesting. I listed the Seven Kinds of Food I Love.

Now, you want to know why this is important? Because, out of these 7, I can only eat 2 during this stage in my life.

You see, I am pregnant with our first baby and I was told not to eat these kinds of foods because it will be harmful for me and my baby. We are ruling out gestational diabetes so I need to really watch what I’m eating.

For now, no sweets means no chocolates and biscuits with chocolates; no junk food means no potato chips; no itchy fruit means no mango shake; no cold treats means no ice cream.

Actually, I also can’t eat all the Carbonara and Pasta I want because too much carbohydrates can increase my sugar intake! And one more thing, hefty servings of Chicken dishes are not allowed too! Especially, the skin of the chicken.

All these sacrifices I am doing for the love of our baby girl! So, no sweat! 😛

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a little reminiscing… our proposal story!

things happen when you least expect it

I didn’t expect that Dennis will be proposing anymore. We’ve been preparing for the wedding for a few months now and almost everything is finalized already.  So why propose pa? But, to my delight, he still did! And I really am so happy he did! He really planned for the whole thing and it was an event to remember. Not only was I with him, but we were with the whole family as well!  They are our witnesses.

Maybe, you are now wondering what happened. Well, here goes…

It was a slightly rainy Sunday, we went to Ayala Greenfield Estates to shoot some pics for the wedding. Little did I know that it was going to be a day of surprises!

When we got to the Village Clubhouse, I was suddenly left by Dennis with KatKat, Shobe Liit, Shobe Trissie and Ahya Tristan at the clubhouse. Tumakas sya together with AnAn, Manny and Syoti Jr.  Ako naman, unknowingly waited for him, yun pala, he had an advanced birthday surprise in store for me.  After a short while, he came back. And he covered my whole face with my sarong!

He lead me to the picnic area, kapit to the max ako sa kanya kasi wala akong makita totally.  When he removed the sarong from my face, there’s a cake and lots of food in the table.  Kaya pala he was texting me at 5am, nag prepare pa sya.  They were singing happy birthday. Teary eyed na ako syempre.   So, we ate and ate, until we’re so full na!

I thought that was it, I didn’t think na he will propose pa.  I think one surprise in a day is enough right? Wrong!

We did what we have to do after resting our bulging tummies.  We played at the game room.  We shot lots of pictures.  We even played at the playground. Us all – really a picture of fun!

Suddenly, the two of us were left naman by the whole group. Dennis told me Ahya will just get something from the admin at the other clubhouse.  Ako naman, ok lang, since I’m with him.  We talked and talked, we played with the continuous shot feature of the camera, we watched the sunset.  We just stayed at the poolside, lounging at one of the sunbathing chair until my stomach started grumbling na naman. Madilim na that time, so I was wondering what happened to them na.  But, on the other hand, they are keeping in touch with Denz, they keep on calling him. For sure, updating him.

A little while after, Ahya called and said na pabalik na sila.  While waiting for them, Denz told me he has another surprise for me and that I have to wait until my birthday (4 days pa!) till he tells me what that is. Kinukulit ko lang sya to tell me when Ahya arrived.  Akala ko uuwi na kami, when the car opened, nobody was there, only Ahya. That’s the time Denz asked me to cover my eyes again.

In a few minutes, the car stopped somewhere.  I got down the car, todo kapit na naman ako kay Denz, takot kasi ako madapa or something.  Tahimik sobra, I’m getting giddy and nervous na.  But, I still didn’t think a proposal is going to happen.

He lead me to the swing area, when I opened my eyes, there were heart balloons, there were 2 wine glasses, an Asti Martini and candles were lit all over.  Everyone was there, holding cameras, videocams.  We sat down the swing, and that’s where it actually happened!

Denz told me how we’ve been through a lot and that he wanted to make it official, he suddenly pulled a rose out, it turned out to be the ring holder, he went down on his knee, and asked me “OFFICIALLY” to marry him! And he was wearing this shirt which said “will TIU marry me? (a smiley face with brace)” I didn’t let him finish anymore, I said YES of course, hindi ko na rin nakita ano design nung ring. I was crying and hugging him na eh. Everyone’s in front of us taking pictures.  I am suddenly laughing and crying at the same time.

We drank the Asti, toasted everyone, super happy kasi everybody close to me were there with us.  I thanked Denz and I told him that having everyone there made it more special.

So there, that’s our Proposal Story.  Now, I have something to share with our future kids! 🙂

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green zone

We just finished watching a good movie entitled “GREEN ZONE.”

Damon teams up once again with Paul Greengrass, the director who gave us The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.  Both these films received numerous awards.

The movie was set in Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq.  It narrates how the US Government led the people in believing that Saddam Hussein has still Weapons of Mass Destruction buried all over the place.  Here comes Chief Army Officer Miller (Damon) who doesn’t believe that.  The story revolves around how Miller was able to separate the lies from the truth.

Watching this film makes you realize that although a soldier is set to follow instructions and commands from his superiors,  a soldier still has a duty to fulfill.  A true soldier doesn’t only serve his superiors, he serves his country and its people.

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our dog named sparkey!

our dog is a mini – pinscher, we named him sparkey because my husband loves cars. you might be wondering now what’s the connection with his name and cars.

sparkey was derived from the word sparco, which is a world renowned brand that carries racing suits, racing gears, and a lot more. it has become the world leader in the production of fireproof clothing as a result of the quality and style of its designs; and the comfort and stability of its products.

now back to our dog, sparkey. he was a gift from a client. he was given to us right before we got married last september 2009. so he will be turning 1 this september!

sparkey is not your usual dog. he understands 3 languages – tagalog, english and chinese fookien. that’s what we love most about him.

sparkey also knows how to call our attention when he needs to do his thing! what’s crazy about him is that, when he gets out of his cage, he will run around first before going in the rest room! he does number 1 and number 2 inside the rest room! now how many dogs can do that? 😛

sparkey also lives with our other pet – momo – who by the way is a cat! and also named after a car related brand. they gave meaning to the word fighting like cat and dog, because they really do! but they don’t go and scratch and bite each other like crazy. they just hiss at each other – imagine this scene – momo meowing and sparkey barking! what a scene right?! sparkey doesn’t like it when momo is out and about and he’s inside his cage. he also needs to be freed from his cage.

sparkey is spoiled from everyone in the house. just a little sad face, he will be given a slice of bread, be freed from his cage, and played with.

he also loves spending time in our bedroom, he even got his own beanbag. he doesn’t like it when we snatch it away from him.

i can write so much about sparkey but i guess words can’t express how much i or our whole family feel about him. life wouldn’t be the same without him anymore. he makes us all laugh, he takes our tireness away, and most importantly, he bonds the whole family together.

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i used to write blogs way back 2006. when it still wasn’t an “IN” thing to do. i just love writing about my experiences, feelings and what not. even if nobody reads what i post, that’s fine with me. as long as i get to express what i feel.

unfortunately, i stopped because i was too busy with a lot of things going around in my roller coaster-like  life.

after a long time, i am finally back. there’s a lot of new things happening to me. and again, like before, i want to express how i feel through writing.

i will talk about these new things one post at a time. and hopefully, you will be there with me.

happy reading everyone! 🙂

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