Pump & Dump

This is a sad story for breastfeeding moms! I stayed in Taiwan for 8 days and I lost a lot of milk! I tried to save and store my milk but I don’t have the means to do so. I don’t have access to a sterile environment. The freezer of the house I stayed in is full. I also don’t have access to ice. I don’t have any choice but to just dump the milk after I pumped.

It was a waste to see my precious milk go down the drain but there was nothing I could do. This trip wasn’t prepared for. It was an emergency trip.We came to Taiwan to visit my dad. And that’s another sad story there!

I salute the moms who were able to save Their milk when they are away from their babies.

It’s time for me to go home and it’s time to make up for the lost gold!

P.S to calculate, minimum of 24 oz and maximum of 36 oz lost in a day multiply by 8 days. I lost an average of 240oz for that 8 days! 🙁

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