Sick and hating it!

Yesterday, my head ached so much! I thought it was just one of those mini headaches caused by lack of sleep! I just popped a paracetamol ibuprofen to make it go away! Little did I know that when I get home, I will be down with fever and a super headache once again!

I thought sleeping will make me feel better, it did not! Worst thing was, I wasn’t able to sleep with my daughter for the first time! Might get fever too according to my hubby! 🙁

Today, I woke up a little better. No more fever, but there’s still headache, and my body aches like crazy! I do hope that resting and paracetamol can do the job! I can’t afford to get any sicker!

I can’t play with my daughter, I can’t go to work! I can’t do a lot of things!

So there, I am still sick and hating it!

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