Trick or Treat 2011

My daughter Daphne turned a year old this year and so I was excited for her to experience this event!  We already bought her costume last April when we went to Hong Kong for a family vacation! She’s going to be a spider, she just loves eency weency spider! And when she celebrated her first birthday, we bought her another costume, a Snow White costume, since her theme was Disney Princess!

So as early as September, I was already on the look out for events this coming October! 

Eastwood City Mall / October 23, 2011, Sunday

This is where we will be bringing Daphne! 🙂

Registration starts at 9am.  Registration Fee is Php 250.00, inclusive of loot bags, face painting, photo souvenirs & maps for the Trick or Treat around the mall.  The pets costume competition will be held around 10 am, while the kids costume competition will be at 3 pm.  So if you want your kids to join the contest, you have to be there before 3 pm!  Because the event organizers will start judging at the registration area.  Actual trick or treat around Eastwood will start around 5 pm.

This Halloween event will benefit PAWS, hence the event title SCAREDY CATS & DOGS!  

Rockwell Powerplant Mall / October 30, 2011, Sunday

Registration starts at 12 nn.  Registration fee is Php 550.00 – for 1 kid and 1 adult, inclusive of loot bags filled with snack and goodies, face painting, arts & crafts session, and a Halloween themed photo souvenir.  Ticket holders can also participate in the games.  The Cirque du Rockwell will be held at the Rockwell Tent. It will feature performances by the Atienza Brothers, Golden Show Circus Performers and poi dancers Planet Zips.  A live dog & monkey show will also be shown!  Actual Trick or Treat around the mall will happen after the program around 4 pm.

For more details, check this article, 100% Halloween Spectacle, on powerplant’s website. 

 Shangri-La Plaza Mall / October 23, 2011, Sunday

Too bad registration is already closed. I would have joined my daughter here.  But at least, we’ll be ready and on the look out for Shang’s Halloween event next year! 🙂

Fun Ranch Ortigas / October 22, 2011, Saturday

The event happens on Saturday, October 22, 2011 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at The Great Big Room of Big Red Barn in Fun Ranch, Ortigas. Trick or Treat around Fun Ranch immediately follows.

Sparkle with Glitter Tattoo! Take a snap of your costume and bring home a photo souvenir. Get amazed with the magic of our Junior Kadabra Cup winner or; listen and be fascinated with our story telling activity. Find all these and more in this year’s grand party.

Tickets are pre-sold and limited to one hundred kids only, first come first served. There is no limit to the number of paid adults who will accompany a child. For more details, call 706-3029 or 706-3031.

Ticket Prices:

Child – Php 500.00 inclusive of snacks, food cart treats, entrance, one Ride All You Can wristband, lootbag, access to all activities and trick or treat stub

Adult – Php 250.00 inclusive of snacks, selected food cart treats, entrance and access to all activities

Details taken from Fun Ranch website.

Manila Ocean Park / October 29, 2011, Saturday

Manila Ocean Park presents the Mystical Halloween Experience.  It will be held at the Concourse Plaza around 1 pm.  Registration is free however there is an age minimum, only 3 years old and above children can participate. 

To read the full mechanics of the contest, click here.

SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds / October 31, 2011,  Monday

To score tickets, check out nickelodeon asia

These are just some of the Halloween events this year. I hope you’ll find an event that will be suitable for your child.

Trick or Treat!




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Daphne’s Kawasaki Scare!

Daphne had all the symptoms of a Kawasaki virus, that’s why her pediatrician, Dr Alexander Koa Lee, immediately requested for a CBC Platelet count! It was really a scare!

She has been suffering from viral infections before this. She had cough and cold and was having slight fevers! A week ago, when she was recovering, we let her out the house to have some sunshine. Unfortunately, the doctor thinks that the heat from the ground (since it just rained) and the sudden change of weather caused her the additional virus she’s experiencing now. Her immune system was not that strong then.

So ever since that day out, she began having fevers at night, highest was at 39.3 degrees! It made her super uncomfortable she couldn’t sleep at all. Though it’s only at night she’s irritable, it’s just different when her temperature is hitting the 39’s!

We just went to the doctor the friday before that and she was already given antibiotics, so we just thought that it hasn’t taken effect yet! Daphne’s very active during the day. She’s happy and played normally. She even had a healthier appetite than before.

This last Saturday though, Daphne felt very uncomfortable and sick. She kept crying the whole day, didn’t want to play and didn’t want to eat! Her fever slightly went down during the day or no fever at all. But comes nighttime, it suddenly goes up again! Then came the rashes on her hands and feet. Her mouth very red and her tongue seemed like it was having goosebumps! My husband and I decided to have her checked again.

I called her pulmonary pedia for an appointment, and told the secretary to please wait for us since we didn’t know what to do with Daphne anymore. It was already 5pm.

When we got there, it was then that we learned about this Kawasaki disease. These are the symptoms:
a) fever
b) rashes on hands and feet
c) strawberry tongue
d) swollen hands and feet
e) very red lips / chapped lips

All these Daphne had, so we immediately followed doctor’s order and had her blood examined. And that’s another thing, how will they be able to get blood for CBC Platelet counting? Daphne’s sure to get hurt. It saddens me that my little baby had to go through this.

We went to the Metropolitan Medical Hospital immediately after leaving the clinic of Dr Alex at Chinese General Hospital. That was about 8pm already!

When it was Daphne’s turn, we asked for the best medical technologist the laboratory had! Turned out, there’s no need for actual extrAction of blood, they will only prick her!
Thank God! I couldn’t bear to see Daphne that way, so I asked Dennis (my husband) to carry her into the extraction room. She cried so loud I almost cried.

We went to MMC the next day to get the results, then we proceeded to CGH again to see Dr Alex! Good thing he offered to see us on a Sunday! When he saw the results, he immediately ruled out Kawasaki! We were so happy to hear that!

My baby’s platelet was normal, and the result also showed that there were some bacteria or virus inside Daphne’s little body! We happily went to Jollibee to celebrate since Jolly Spaghetti is Daphne’s favorite!

But what is it about Kawasaki that’s scary? Find out on my next post!

What is Kawasaki Disease?

For now, I am just super happy and thankful that Daphne doesn’t have it!

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Weaning. Stops. Now.

Weaning. Stops. Now.

Daphne is sick. Feverish with cough and cold. How can I deny her the comfort of nursing?

Nothing else to say.

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Weaning Starts Now!

A few months ago, I was very sure that I wouldn’t start weaning Daphne anytime soon. But now, there are a few reasons why I should start weaning my baby!

First is she’s beginning to feel so attached to my breasts! When she wants ma-mam, she points and pulls up my shirt. At night, she wouldn’t sleep without nursing first, even if she’s just downed a bottle of formula milk! The problem here is, I don’t think she gets full when she nurses exclusively at night as she keeps on tossing and turning the whole night!

Second, my mother in law told me that breastfeeding is not good anymore now that I have gotten back my period. She said that even the bad things from my body will be transferred to the baby. Wait a minute, before some breastfeeding advocates react, I know this has no basis since I have researched about her concern, and I have seen none. I mean, I haven’t read anything that says a mother can’t nurse her child anymore once her period is back. But as Filipino saying goes, “Wala naman mawawala kung susunod o maniniwala!”

Third, my supply is not enough for her anymore. After all, she’s a growing baby. My pumping sessions at the office went from thrice to twice to once to none a day! It goes without saying that my milk decreased as the months went by!

Lastly, we’re trying to make a baby dragon boy! I don’t think that needs explaining!

So there, you read my reasons! Next blog will be the first night of weaning! That was a crying night! 🙁

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My Baby Daphne turned MODEL!

My Baby Daphne turned into a Model at SM Department Store MOA last June 22, 2011. They made her wear this floral blouse which was from the Country Couture Line of SM Kids Fashion. This picture was posted at SM Kids Fashion Facebook Page.

I think my princess has the potential to become a kid model, here’s another photo of her. Nobody made her pose like that. It was a candid shot by my husband. I guess it’s inborn! Hehe…

If you’ll see my baby, you’ll surely love her! Please LIKE her Facebook Fan Page – I LOVE DAPHNE AYESHA! 🙂

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Wean or Not?

My baby Daphne is now 1 year and 1 months. Should I start weaning her or not?

A lot has changed. My milk supply is starting to decrease. My breasts don’t get full if i don’t let it out for a whole day! Compared to feeling so full by lunchtime before! I only pump once a day in the office as opposed to thrice a day!

What didn’t change was Daphne’s love for my breasts! I feel she’s attached to them! She still nurses all night long. Her doctor even instructed me not to nurse her at night anymore! But I still do, because she’ll wake up if I don’t! Staying up in the middle of the night is harder than nursing her. I have already mastered the art of nursing while lying and sleeping!

Daphne’s even learned how to point at my breasts, pull up my shirt and babble the word “mam-mam” which means she loves to nurse now!

Breastfeeding Daphne is the only Thing that no one can take away from me! This is our time to bond! And the decision to wean her or not would definitely be a hard one to make.

I also want to give her the nutrients that she could get from me until it lasts. It’s better to have some than none at all!

It’s definitely a big sacrifice to breastfeed. Ever since I gave birth, I haven’t had the chance to sleep a straight 8-hour sleep! My body is aching from doing different positions while lying in bed so she could nurse in the middle of the night. Everyday, I have to carry this big black bag to office which consists of my Medela pump and bottles. I can’t stay out so late when I go out with my friends because Daphne couldn’t sleep when she’s not breastfed at night. I have to hurry home.

Even though there are times that I think about stopping, the best of me still choose to continue, so I guess it’s NOT for now!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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My girl is NOT a HE!

My little girl always gets praises like, “ang gwapo ng anak mo!” or “he’s so cute! Gwapo pertaining to a handsome boy. And he, literally a boy!

Take note, my little girl wears earrings, but she still gets the “he” treatment. Is it because of her hair? So short, but don’t most of 3 months olds hAve super short hair?

I really hate it when I hear people say she’s a he! Even if they tell her she’s cute! They still thought she’s a he! :angry:

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