What is Cellulitis?

About 2 weeks ago, my little D had an ordinary mosquito bite on her right lower leg that she kept on scratching, so the bite mark just kept on getting bigger and deeper.  We didn’t mind the bite that much as we thought it was just a regular bite.  We put cream on it and that’s it. 

No swelling, no redness, no fever, until noon of June 30.  Beside her previous bite was a tinier bite which immediately caused her fever and some swelling, or so we thought.

Within that 24 hours of the new bite being found, she continued experiencing redness, swelling in the same area, and her fever doesn’t go down.

Our pedia suggested we see a Surgeon who specializes in these cases. Immediately after seeing her leg, the Surgeon said that D must be confined at once. His diagnosis: CELLULITIS.

What is Cellulitis?

According to kidshealth.org, they define Cellulitis as:

“Cellulitis is an infection of the skin and underlying tissues that can affect any area of the body. It often begins in an area of broken skin, like a cut or scratch. Then bacteria invade and spread, causing inflammation, pain, swelling, warmth, and redness.”

The bite that D kept on scratching was already infected and we didn’t know. If she didn’t have high fever, we would have not seen a doctor and it might have been too late.

Her laboratory results showed that her white blood cells are high. It meant that her body has bacterial infection and her body is producing white blood cells to fight said bacterial infection.

Cellulitis, if left untreated, can result to more damaging scenarios.

D was administered 2 kinds of antibiotics to kill the bacteria that have entered her skin. The fastest way to cure Cellulitis is through admission of intravenous antibiotics especially if the case is severe. She took Clindamycin and Unasyn through IV. If doctor’s diagnosis is just Mild Cellulitis, then taking oral antibiotics would be enough.

Antibiotics must be taken in a 5 or 7 day cycle to ensure its effectivity.

Now that D is okay and we are likely to go home tomorrow, I would like to discuss what we could do to prevent a simple mosquito bite from becoming threatening cellulitis.

1) Be aware of the insect bites your children may have. Even little bites may be harmful. As long as there is an opening where bacteria can enter, it should be properly observed and monitored until fully healed. As our doctor advised, when there is even the littlest sign of opening, it is best to put some antibacterial cream like Bactroban. This is my new bestfriend from now on.

2) Of course, children especially active ones will always get scrapes or cuts every now and then. That is normal. Just make sure that these are immediately washed with clean water and soap. After which you could apply some antibacterial cream. Cover the wound with some bandage or gauze.

Any wound can be infected if not properly treated, and we may not see it on the outer skin as the bacteria thrives inside the skin.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. And let’s not forget that this is applicable to both children and adults.

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Lock-It Lockets

I am one girl who really loves accessories and other girly stuff!  So this new product really suits me and definitely all the other girls like me!

My newest baby is called Lock-It Lockets.  Our tagline is “Pick a locket.  Tell your story with charms.  Lock it and wear it!”


Remember the old fashioned lockets we used to have when we were kids, where we put our pictures or pictures of our loved ones and wear it close to our heart?  Lock-It Lockets is a modern version of that. 

You choose your own locket, it could be simple with a plain surface or it could be full of bling!  Lockets come in a variety of colors – gold, rose gold, silver, coffee and gun black.  They also have a lot of shapes, some are round and some are heart-shaped.

Our lockets are made of alloy and glass.  Don’t fret, this material is hypoallergenic and would not be a threat whatsoever to your health.  You are free to wear it anytime and anywhere! 

How to personalize your locket?  It’s so easy!  Just pick out charms that best represent who you are.  Or maybe mix and match charms that could tell a story.  It’s all about you and who you are or who you hope to be. 

Here’s an example of our round bracelet lockets.


And our heart-shaped necklace lockets.


We also have round necklace lockets.


Another good thing about these lockets, it’s not permanent.  You can change the charms depending on your mood.  You can also interchange the chains for the necklaces.  There’s a lot to do with the lockets and the charms!

Always a new accessory to wear!  So what are you waiting for?

Pick a locket.  Tell your story with charms.  Lock it and wear it!

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Denise is 6 months today!

My 2nd daughter Is 6 months old today!

Time really flies so fast! Just a few months ago, I was still very pregnant with her! Now, she’s crawling and already has 1 tooth!

Here she is! Totally charming and cute, effortlessly!


I hope she grows up to be a good kid! 🙂

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Expo Kid 2013

Nothing to do this weekend? Go to the Expo Kid!


The Expo Kid 2013 is the ultimate summer activity fair!  It’s happening on March 2, 2013, Saturday, at the 500 Shaw Events Pavillion.  It’s the home of Kids Klub which specializes in different extra curricular activities for kids of all ages!

Parents, together with their children, can choose from a variety of summer activities presented in the fair for a fun-filled and productive summer!  Kids of all ages will enjoy the interactive activity areas.  And of course, the mommies will love the shopping bazaar!

So what are you waiting for?  Pre-register now to get free entrance (Though entrance is only php20.00 and will benefit MomShare Outreach Projects!) and Expo Kid giveaway!  Email [email protected] to register, or call 5707827!

See you there!

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Overpumping, is there such a thing?

Lately, I have been pumping as often as I could. I will be going back to work in a few days and I want to stash as much breastmilk as I could so that my baby will have enough supply while I’m gone. Also, this is my way of establishing my supply, aside from direct feeding, I express milk when baby doesn’t want to nurse.

These last few days, I noticed that my supply really increased. There’s your proof, the principles of demand and supply really works! So for breastfeeding moms out there who needs to increase milk production, keep on pumping!

If this is the case, then I guess there is no such thing as over pumping! I once read from a forum that one mommy does “power pumping.” What she does is pump every 2 hours, so in a day where there are 24 hours, she pumps 12 times! She swears by this method.

I also think that overpumping is a myth because even if we do not pump, we usually nurse our babies on demand. So if a baby is an active nurser, then she will nurse all the time too!

Well there you have it, overpumping is non existent! So go ahead, pump and nurse all you want!

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78 days Maternity Leave – its Importance!

In this post, I want to talk about the importance of the maternity leave SSS provides for its female members after giving birth.  60 days for normal delivery and 78 days for C-Section.

For both baby number 1 and number 2, I had a C-Section, so that automatically gave me 78 calendar days of maternity leave each.  Being a member entitles me that.  Another benefit is also being paid for the whole duration of the maternity leave, which is advanced by the company or the bank that I work for.  All I need to do is submit the required documents on time.

For a mom like me, this 78 days is very important.  In this period, I recover from giving birth or from the operation.  I regain my strength so I can take care of my newborn, which is no easy feat especially when you just underwent a major operation.  Aside from taking care of the baby, I need to take care of myself and my husband also.  And if you are a second time mother, you also need to take care of your firstborn. Supermom, is that you?

Being a breastfeeding mom, this is also the time I establish the bond between me and the baby.  Nursing as often as we could, all day and night we’re together.  Not only do I have to feed the baby and make him gain weight.  I also need to increase my milk supply so that I can store some milk before I go back to work, which is what I did.

And now, my 78 days is almost up.  On Monday, I will be going back to work.  Everything will change.  Adjustments need to be made again.

I’ll let you know soon!

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My Breastfeeding Essentials!

breastfeeding rocksWhen I became pregnant with my second daughter Denise, I told myself that I will try my best to exclusively breastfeed her this time.  You see, my 1st born Daphne was mixed fed with breastmilk and formula until she was 18 months old.  That’s no easy feat, I know, I am proud of my achievement too!

Now, I am more educated and regardless of the method, whether through nursing directly or through bottle feeding, all she will get is my precious milk!

Well, she did take some formula for the first few days of her life, but when my milk came in, she definitely didn’t need the formula anymore.  She’s 2 months old and I am proud to say that it’s all my milk now that she’s taking!

In this post, I will share my breastfeeding essentials so that mothers and soon to be mothers can learn a thing or two!



Medela Swing Electric Pump

This Medela Swing Electric Pump is so durable.  I used this for 18 months for my 1st daughter.   I brought it everyday to the office so I could pump there.  And now it’s my 2nd daughter’s turn to make use of it.  Definitely worth the price hubby paid for! It’s a single pump and very handy. It also boasts of the 2-phase expression technology.  For more details of the Medela Swing, go to http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com/products/145/swing-breastpump.

When baby is asleep for a longer period of time, I pump so that I can let down my milk and just store it.  It’s true what they say that to increase your milk supply, you have to follow the principles of supply and demand.  Just a few days ago, I noticed that there was a decrease in my milk supply, so I made a career of nursing directly when baby is awake and pumping when baby is asleep or is full.  Even in the wee hours of the morning, I wake up and pump.  And true enough, my supply increased.  It also helped that I got a mini back massage from hubby.  I also requested for soups to be included in our daily meals.  I am also taking oatmeal quaker with chocolate and eggs.  I heard oatmeal’s effective as a galactagogue.

Since I will be going back to work a few weeks from now, it’s important for my supply to stabilize.  I have been pumping and saving my milk using my Breastfeeding Essential Number 2, see below.



Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

This is the first time that I used a storage bag for my milk.  I used to just pump and store in a feeding bottle.  For my 1st born, the milk I expressed at work was just enough for her to consume the next day.  Sometimes, it’s not even enough that’s why she was mixed fed.  For baby number 2, I read and educated myself through the various breastfeeding forums.  While I haven’t gone back to work, I started storing my milk through storage bags.  I still store in the bottles though, for the times that I will be doing something and not available to nurse directly.  What I do now is, if I am able to get 4 oz or more milk, I put it in the storage bag and place it in the freezer; if not, I just put it in a feeding bottle and place it in the fridge.

I am proud to show my breast milk inventory as of today:

bm inventory



Nursing Bras

Being a very practical mommy, I searched and searched for the right nursing bra to use, comfortable yet affordable.  I found the Gigi Amore Brand inside SM Department Store.  These nursing bras open in front, very accessible for me.  While one arm is holding baby, the other hand easily get to unbutton the bra.  The bra’s very comfortable to use because it’s all cotton, they are also thick enough to avoid leakage.



Bench Tank Top

I haven’t been able to shop yet for my nursing apparel, as I am still searching for affordable brands.  I also find those belly bands in the net quite expensive, so I improvised.  I bought tube tops to use as belly band.  I wear it inside my shirt or blouse just below the chest area, so that when I pull up my shirt to nurse, I wouldn’t be exposing my skin.  Of course, I still use a cover up, and that’s my Breastfeeding Essential Number 5.




My ever reliable shawl. This is an ordinary shawl.  I just tied it in one end and wear it over whatever I’m wearing.  It works just as good as a nursing cover.  I use this when I go out with baby, I also use this in the office when I pump.

There you go, here are my Top 5 Breastfeeding Essentials.

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My Hospital Bag Essentials!

This is a late post.  Being a new mom again (for the 2nd time!) and adjusting for all the things that happened last 2012.

I gave birth December 09, 2012 via an Elective C-Section.  Here are my essentials for my Hospital Bag!

I actually brought with me in the hospital 1 set of clothes for the baby, but I had to bring it home with me because baby was left for a few days in the hospital due to jaundice. Pedia made sure that she’s 100% okay before permitted to go home.  I brought the same set of clothes again with me when it was time to take her home with us.   This set actually included the following:

1)  Long-sleeved onesie

2)  Leggings with footies instead of separate booties

3)  Mittens

4)  Receiving blanket

5)  Burp Cloth

I also had with me her baby book for the hand and foot prints, I brought it with me inside the delivery room and was handed back to my husband after.  Too bad I wasn’t able to bring my 1st daughter’s baby book when I gave birth to her.

The hospital provided everything she wore while at the nursery.  Her outfit at the hospital was a tie-side shirt and a diaper, then wrapped in hospital blanket.


For hubby (he was the one who took care of me all 4 days and 5 nights I was in the hospital), I brought the following:

1) change of clothes

2) towels

3) slippers – he actually wore these all the time we were there, his shoes were parked

4) jacket – it was really cold inside our room

5) pillows and blankets – too bad it didn’t make up for the hard bed (?) he slept in

6) toiletries – soap, shampoo, rolls of tissue, alcohol, hand wash, toothbrushes (my hubby and I have a toiletry bag for overnighters and swimming trips, so I got that and put it inside his bag)

7) chargers for our phones

He was able to use everything I prepared for him.


For myself, I kind of overpacked.  Here’s a list of what I brought, what I actually used, what I didn’t use, and why:

1) 4 super comfortable dusters ( dressing gowns ) – I brought 4, I used 1.  Not bad.  2 days I wore hospital gowns.  After I wore my maternity clothes.  Also, I only changed into my own clothes when my swero was removed.

2) a set of pajamas – not used – I wore my dusters.

3) sweater – very essential for me. It was cold in our room.  I wore it over my hospital gown.

4) 2 breast feeding covers – not used – bf room was private, and only me and another mom were usually there.

***During the 2nd day, I was told by our pedia that the hospital has a breastfeeding room inside the nursery and I could go every feeding time to nurse my baby.  This information should have been told 15 minutes after I gave birth (or at least when I woke up after my operation)  according to the posters inside the bf room.  If not for our pedia, I wouldn’t have had the chance to nurse my baby while at the hospital.  Metropolitan Medical Hospital should promote breastfeeding more.

5) lots of maternity undies and napkins – used these after my catheter was removed.

6) breast feeding or nursing bras – used these when I nursed my baby at the bf room inside the nursery.  Good thing I brought some.  My reason for bringing them was that they were more comfortable compared to regular bras.  Softer also.  I was really hurting from my engorged breasts first few days after I gave birth.

7) 2 pairs of socks – started wearing the socks the day after my operation.

8) my ever reliable binder (for cs this is really important) – that same day I was transferred from the recovery room to our private room, I immediately wore my binder.  It was very hard to move or even breathe without it.  Even if my body was still drugged, I’d rather not feel the pain so much so I wore it.  Nothing to lose.

9) change of clothes so I’d look presentable for visiting family and friends – there were a few friends and colleagues who came over and only on 1 night. Instead of visiting me, they were visiting my mom who passed away 2 days before I gave birth (sad story on another post)  i brought my maternity clothes with me as I know I wont be able to fit into my regular clothes YET!

10) going home outfit – These were from the same set of maternity clothes I brought with me.

11) slippers – used all through out my stay in the hospital

12) hand and face towels – used

13) headbands and ponies – used the ponies.  for someone who can’t take a bath and wash her hair, ponies are very important.

14) contact lens, case and solution – needed for I haven’t had my glasses fixed yet. (2 year old daughter broke my eyeglasses)

Not bad for me though, even if I overpacked, I was able to maximize the use of everything I brought with me.


Here is another list that is very important, the documents needed in the hospital:

1) my Maxicare card – HMO provided by my company, the admitting department gave a call to Maxicare and a coordinator will see us the next working day.

2) my Philhealth ID – not actually needed.  During checkout, what the hospital needed was the claim form from my company with corresponding signatures from authorized personnel to facilitate Philhealth deductions in the final bill.

3) Admission slip from my OB – I checked in Saturday night since my elective C-Section was scheduled 7 am the following morning.

4) birth certificates – my husband and mine – just in case but was not needed.

5) our marriage contract – just in case but was not needed.

6) photocopy of valid IDs – just in case, but was not needed.

7) philhealth form CF1 from my company – what I was talking about on number 2

8) philhealth contribution – you have to have at least 9 months contribution prior to your admission.  came from company also.

9) SSS Maternity benefit forms to be signed by my OB – to be submitted to our HR within 30 days aft giving birth – I forgot to have this signed so I asked my OB to sign it during my 1st checkup with her around 2 weeks after I was discharged.


There!  I hope whoever will be reading this learned at least a thing or 2.  Good luck on packing!





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