Smart’s NO Freedom Plan


A few months back, SMART launched a postpaid plan called Freedom Plan. only paid P250.00 for the SIM Pack. I submitted an application form and a valid ID to apply for the line.

I applied for this line because it has no monthly fee and I will only get charged when I use it. As it’s tagline in their ad above, pay only for what you use. I have another postpaid line with SUN, but I got this for emegency use. For those times SUN cuts my line rather abruptly!

I could even personalize my own plan with the help of the Flexibundles. These are plan combinations that you could avail which will be charged to your account. Some are call and text combos, some only texts, some calls only, some have internet access; and all these you could avail for as low as P99.00. No hassle at all. You just text the corresponding access code to the listed number and you can now enjoy using the service. As easy as that!

See below picture for the list of available services.

I have been using this line for a few months already. I usually avail of Internet Access for those times we are in dire need of internet and we couldn’t find free WIFI.

All was well until I needed to avail of International Roaming as I was going to travel to Thailand and the hotel we will be staying at didn’t have WIFI. I was travelling with colleagues so I need to let my husband know where I am and how I am doing.

Since mine was a Freedom Plan, I thought I won’t have a hard time in activating my roaming services. But when I called the SMART Hotline, I was told that I needed to make a cash deposit of P2500.00 in any business center before they could activate my account’s roaming services. I said, why? Mine is a postpaid plan, if I deposit P2500.00, I would have to consume it all. If not during my trip, I still would have to in the next few days or weeks. It’s very contradictory of their tagline, pay for what you use. Because they are already asking me to pay for a service I haven’t even used yet. And they call it freedom?

Where is the freedom there? I didn’t have the freedom to do anything to my plan! It’s supposed to be a postpaid plan. If I incur charges while abroad, then by all means, charge me and send me a statement!

When it finally dawned on me that our conversation won’t go anywhere, I just told the one I was talking to that never mind, I won’t activate my roaming services anymore. I just don’t get the idea of depositing money first!

I said good bye, what irked me the most was when the rep asked me if I would like to take a survey! For goodness’ sake, there I was, sounding very very disappointed and angry, who in their right mind would ask me to take a survey? I told him that no, I don’t like to take a survey. And ibabagsak ko lang sila! (I will just give them a bad grade!) I told him, I will put the phone down now! That ended our conversation!

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Voucher Review – Ensogo – Secret Recipe

When: November 11, 2011
Where: Secret Recipe / Robinson’s Place Manila Branch
What: Any Ala Carte Menu Item (Food, Beverages & Cakes)
Price: Php 330.00 valued at Php 700.00 / savings: Php 370.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here

We used 5 vouchers so we got a free cake, a Choco Mud Cake which is so yummy! If not for this cake, this birthday dinner would have gone down the drain!

The following are the food we ordered, the first picture taken by us and the second picture is the photo on their menu. Be the judge if a) they were served the same portion, b) they looked as yummy and c) the food are worth their prices or not! My answer is 3 BIG NOs!

Hokkien Mee – Php 280.00

Grilled Black Pepper Chicken – Php 245.00

Chicken Cordon Bleu – Php 265.00

Irish Lamb Shank – Php 485.00

Mozzarella Baked Fish – Php 315.00

Pan Grilled Dory in Lobster Sauce – Php 345.00

The food tasted bland, where it was supposed to be really tasteful.  The portions were small. Only the plates were big.

On top of everything, the service was really bad!

Secret Recipe Robinson’s Place Manila had a team of unwell-trained staff! Because of this, the service of the whole restaurant suffered!

We used to eat at Secret Recipe before and had no problems whatsoever. Maybe the management needs to reshuffle their staff, so as to not lose clients.

I even heard the other table complaining because nobody is attending to their needs.

Unhappy vibes crawled in because we’re unhappy with their service, we didn’t even bother to sing “happy birthday” and blow the candle of the cake anymore.  It was just at home that we did, and thankfully, the cake tasted so yummy.

So for the cake and the cake slicer, it’s 5 out of 5 stars!

For the food, it’s 2.5 out of 5 stars!

For the service, it’s 1 out of 5 stars! for the effort



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Voucher Review – Cash Cash Pinoy – Sakae Sushi

When: July 24, 2011
Where: Sakae Sushi / Robinson’s Place Manila Branch
What: Delectable SUSHI-All-You-Can + Miso Soups + Bottomless Hot or Cold Green Tea

Price: Php 1549.00 valued at Php 2634.00 / savings: Php 1085.00

Groupon Site: Cash Cash Pinoy / Deal Here


We went to Robinson’s Place Manila because we had bought a voucher from Cash Cash Pinoy for Sushi-All-You-Can at Sakae Sushi! It was for a group of 6 people, but we were only 5 then. We had a reservation at 2:30pm and we were there early. We were waiting outside so I know when there’s a vacancy or not.  I saw a group left so I walked inside the restaurant even if it was a few minutes too early (no one was outside to assist us!), I directly went to the Cashier to say that we were the ones who made a reservation to avail of the voucher.  I was told that we could sit down and take the vacant place, we’ll just have to wait for them to buss it out.  While they were cleaning the table, 2 people walked in and they seated them at our table! I immediately complained to the Cashier, only to be told that that section was supposedly for walk ins and that section was closed for promo availments! What the Heck?!? All I can see seated there at that section was groups of 5 or 6!

 Anyway, I don’t want to ruin our mood, so I patiently waited for us to be seated. When we were finally seated, I can sense that there was some kind of animosity from the service crew.  They weren’t that accommodating. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for not paying in full!

We weren’t able to take pictures because my daughter was with us and she was having mild tantrums then.  The only picture I was able to take was my daughter enjoying her chopsticks and plate from Sakae Sushi!








Ain’t she a cute little one? 🙂

Back to my story, one thing that my taste buds won’t forget was their Cold Green Tea. It was yummy and it didn’t taste like tea at all! Good thing it was bottomless! My mother in law said that the Hot Green Tea was also good! As for their Sushis, we noticed that it goes out of the conveyor belt or the Sushi Train by batch. So you have to really be alert if you want to taste new kinds of sushi before it runs out. Also, for those not eating sushi-all-you-can, the sushi are differentiated by the color of the plates, like purple plates at Php39.00, yellow plates at Php59.00, green plates at Php 79.00 and red plates at a whopping Php99.00 per plate!

Since we knew that the red plates are the most expensive ones, we looked out for sushis on red plates! And these were also the sushis that are new to our sight, those that can’t be seen in ordinary Japanese Restos, especially, Japanese Fast Foods! I can’t remember all the sushis that we tasted, but definitely, some were good, some were so-so, some were really not yummy at all!

So here are the good ones, I remember eating a salad and it tasted good. Then, there were the simple sushis with crab roes on top of them, I loved those also! Their octopus’ sushi was also yummy. They have this fried salmon, yumminess! Of course, I wouldn’t forget to eat my fave of all, California Maki. But I must say, I’ve tasted better Makis before.

Oh by the way, I am not a fan of Japanese Food.  That is basically the reason why my review isn’t that detailed when it comes to the food that we ate!

To wrap this up, if not for the Cold Green Tea, I would have rated Sakae Sushi lesser. But since I love the drink, I am giving Sakae Sushi a passing grade, 3 out of 5 stars! But the service is still 1 out of 5 stars!

PS. You wouldn’t hear me discussing about raw foods because I am still breastfeeding and raw foods are no-nos!

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