Food Trip: Lola Ote’s

One who hasn’t tried a good old barbecue grilled on a barbecue stand along a busy corner in a neighborhood is probably missing a lot!

Back when we were living in our house in Cavite, we were fortunate enough to be in front of a house who sells the most delicious barbecue I have ever tasted.  Too bad we are too far away now!

Barbecue is a staple to many Filipinos’ food table during special occasions.  Just the aroma of the barbecue grilling will make you hungry.

The food we call barbecue is actually grilled pork meat on a stick.  It can be grilled chicken on a stick as well. 

Lola Ote’s is a resto that serves these barbecues with a twist.  Instead of serving it on a wooden stick and on a plate, they serve it with style on these customized stainless skewers that are hanging.

Can’t get what I am talking about.  See for yourself.

Can have these bbqs by 12 or 18 inches.  

Aside from these, they also serve other Pinoy BBQ Favorites.

What’s nice about Lola Ote is that the owners are hands on.  You could see her going around the resto.  She is very accommodating and helpful.

Here are some of our own pics when we were there.

So there, if you are looking for a place to eat some yummy bbqs, drop by Lola Ote’s.  Make sure to do so early as the place gets packed.

Follow Lola Ote at their Instagram Page, lolaote.

And yes, there is a Lola Ote in real life.

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Ye Dang – Korea Trip Hangover

For Mother’s Day Celebration, we decided to try Ye Dang here in Meralco Avenue.  Heard that it’s good here.

We can’t get enough of our Korea Vacation. So here we are still eating Korean Food!

What greeted me when I entered the door!




The place is bustling!  Full house and it’s only 6:30pm!


As of writing, I am waiting for our table.  Let me give you an update later.

Finally, we are seated after 15minutes of waiting.  Kids doing some heart signs for Mother’s Day!



What’s the downfall in eating in a full-packed Korean BBQ Resto? It’s hot!  Airconditioning is not enough!  So we called for ice cold water!

In all Korean Restos I’ve been too, they always serve lots of appetizers. And for this one, I loved their Crispy Sweet Dilis!


Getting ready to start cooking!

Our 1st batch of BBQ Meat!

Ready to be eaten!

Not that tender and maybe more marinate for the pork.

Noodles for the kids. Favorite Korean Japchae!

The same kind of noodles we tasted in Korea, chewy but soft. The Japchae’s actually yummy.

Some Spicy Tofu Stew.

Hubby loved this. The Tofu is super soft. It almost melts in your mouth.

Korean Fish to add to our meal.

The fish is a little bit spicy. Tastes good also.

After an hour of eating, I am so very full!
But still so many left of our food!

Overall, nothing compares to eating Galbi in Seoul! The meat’s more tender and tastier. But hey, we ‘re already back and this is how good it can get until we go back to Korea!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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Bulaluhan sa Ramirez

When my husband and I were still dating, we frequently ate here at Bulaluhan sa Ramirez.  Sometimes just the 2 of us, sometimes with his basketball friends, sometimes with his siblings.  Their food is good and cheap!

It is located in the corner of Ramirez Street hence the name.  It’s a non airconditioned resto.  It was actually a carinderia which expanded into a real dine in resto.  It’s now renovated and I guess they are still on their way to improving the place.  Even if it has no aircon, people still flock to this place,  a great place to hang out and eat good food with friends without burning your wallet!


Anyway, just the other night, my hubby was craving for some really hot soup as he was not feeling so well.  He requested for Bulaluhan and so we met there.  True enough, their soup is boiling hot!  They have this one big caldero where they boil the soup continuously. 

Hubby ordered a Bulalo Espesyal.  Priced at Php 157.00.  It was so well worth it.


It’s pure bulalo meat.  The bone is huge.  One of the best bulalos I had ever.

I ordered my all time fave Inihaw Liempo which is priced at Php 62.00. 


Still tasted as good as I remembered it.  It’s juicy and with a sweet taste to it.

My sis in law ordered a Pork Sisig which is also one of their signature dishes.  It was priced at Php67.00.  Where else can you get that?


I don’t eat Pork Sisig as I don’t eat internal organs.  But they say it really is yummy. 

We ordered an additional dish, we chose Pork Steak which was priced at Php67.00 as well.


The beef is so soft it almost melts.  The only thing I hate is that they served it cold.

In addition to the 4 dishes, we ordered 5 plain rice and 3 softdrinks.  Rice at Php12.00 each and the drinks at Php 15.00 each.  Our total is only Php 458.00!  That sure is inexpensive!  We were so full and grateful for the dinner we just had.

For the full price of their dishes, here’s a picture I took of their Menu Board.


Definitely going back soon!

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Three Sisters

Crusing along Kapitolyo and we found this place!  Not bad at all!

Price is just right. Hefty serving.  Nice staff.  Cozy ambiance.  Good food!

What else can you look for?

Tonight, we had their crispylicious Crispy Pata and Vegetable Kare Kare.  Both dishes were sumptious! 


The size of the Crispy Pata is huge and it’s so affordable at Php 395.00.  It’s so crispy on the outside.  Can really hear the crunch!  The meat is tender and juicy.  And the sawsawan (sauce) just puts the icing on top of the cake, so to speak!

The other dish we ordered was the Vegetable Kare Kare!  The serving size is big as well, and it’s priced at only Php 135.00.  The bagoong (shrimp paste that comes with kare kare) is a bit salty but when you mix it with the peanut sauce of the kare kare and rice, it complements everything.  Also, instead of just veggies, they also put some ox tripe in it.

Their bestsellers are their BBQ, and we will taste that next time we go there.  That’s 3 dishes to put on the list, Chicken BBQ, Liempo and the Pork BBQ! Then there’s the pancit canton to try, the sinigang soup, and the list goes on.

So what are you waiting for, try this place out!  Check them out on Facebook! Find them in Tiendesitas also!

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