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Discovered some easy on the pocket decals at Kily!

Still in the process of decorating the kids’ room.  So I started with the spaces that can be done already.

I bought a Cutie Food Decal for only Php 35.00.

Decided to put this sticker on our fridge.  To keep an old fridge cutesy.

For the bathroom, I bought a sticker with a funny design.

For a just a few pesos, you will be able to decorate your space a little with these colorful stickers and at the same time, bond with your kiddos!

There are so many designs to choose from!  Get yours now!

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Family Mode: Moon Cake Dice Game (How to Play)

I have a previous post on our Prizes for our annual Mooncake Dice Game.  And I am sure some of you might want to know how to play this game.

This game has been here for ages and we have been playing it for some time now.  It is fun and easy.  You only need 6 pcs of dice, a bowl, prizes and lots of luck!  It is, after all, a game of chance!

How to play?

1) Prepare the prizes.  Allocate a budget per level of prizes.  For our family, we collect a certain amount per player and get the budget of the prizes from that money.

2) Arrange the players to whom starts rolling first.  You can do this by drawing lots.

3) Throw the dice and have fun!  Make sure you get the right combination of dice to take home the Grand Prize.

Check out the illustration below for the combinations:


This is an easy roll.  The 6th prize is the consolation prize.





The Prizes get more expensive and bigger as the levels rise.  So try to dice the harder combinations to get the higher prizes.

From 2nd Prize to 6th Prize, once you get the right combination, you can choose among the prizes per level what you want.  The game continues as long as there are prizes.


For the Grand Prize, any player who roll these combinations is already a winner, but a revocable one.  Revocable because another player might be able to steal it from him. 

For example, Player 1 rolled four FOURs and two FIVEs.  His combination should be listed as four FOURs and 10.  When Player 2 rolls four FOURs and two SIXES, his combination is higher than of Player 1.  So he will be the one to take the Grand Prize when the game ends.  Unless there’s someone who rolls the Ultimate Dice Roll.


This is irrevocable and whoever rolls this combination can take all the Prizes home.  Yes, as in EVERYTHING! ✩

Game is finished.

So there, start playing now!


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Sunday Funday with Little Friends!

It was an impromptu plan but it was definitely FUN! 

My friends Ann and Haidz, together with their daughters and yayas, met us (me, hubby, Daphne & Denise, yaya) at McDo Quezon Avenue for breakfast! 

Our kids almost belong to the same age group!  They enjoyed the Play Area with their yayas while we parents enjoyed our chicka time!  It was a good Sundate.  We were able to spend quality time with the kids as well as good time with friends.  Compared and shared notes on how we deal with the kids.

Daphne even had an overtime, she went with Auntie Ann to their house so she could continue playing with Ann’s daughter Helena!  I will just fetch her later.


Picture taken with my ever smiling Denise and Daddy!  Oh and 1 pic is with Hailey!  She wasn’t in the mood.


They go to the same school and they both don’t talk that much.  But here, they played like they were good friends already!  I hope this continues as they grow up.  By the way, Helena’s mom and I have been friends since high school!


My kids!  Aren’t they lovely?  (Without tantrums, they are the most lovable kids in the whole wide world! Haha!)  I love that they are learning what sisterhood means.  Thanks to Frozen!  I hope they continue to be like this.  They are sisters forever and they should take care and love each other whatever happens!

I wasn’t able to take much pictures as I was yapping away.  We are planning to take the kids on an outing soon, so I promise I will take more pictures.

See you next time girls!

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one fine day with the family!

It was a holiday and our eldest, Daphne wanted to go for a swim.  We gladly obliged since it will be good for the 2 kids.  Swimming is a form of exercise.  A few hours in the pool will really move every muscle in our body.  Aside from that, the kids can smell a breath of fresh air too! 

An impromptu getaway with the family spells b-o-n-d-i-n-g!

We started with a breakfast at Jollibee in SLEX.  While waiting for our food, took some pictures.




As usual, Daphne had pancakes.  Even Denise had some too!


After breakfast, we went straight to Treveia in Nuvali.  Treveia is an exclusive subdivision inside Nuvali.
Daphne immediately asked us if she could go swimming as soon as she saw the pool.  We changed into swimming attires and pumped her swimming vest.

Pictures of us in the pool to follow.  It’s in the other cam!

An hour or 2 in the pool made Daphne hungry and Denise tired.  Look!


It’s a joy seeing my 2 babies happy.  Happy babies, happy mommy & daddy, happy family!



So after swimming and packing up, we went to our favorite resto at Paseo, the Kanin Club.  Even if it’s past noon already, we still had to line up and wait for a table.

Finally, we were seated.  Time to eat!


Our order is just enough. A bowl of tinapa rice (not in picture), seafood kare kare, dinuguan and escabecheng bangus.  Plus 1 order of unli white rice.  We mixed it up with the tinapa rice, so it wouldn’t be too salty!

Another request of Daphne was to feed the koi fishes at the Solenad Park back at Nuvali.  We bought 1 loaf of bread at Robinson’s Supermarket in Solenad 2, and while there, we were tempted to buy Nestle Crunch Ice Cream.  Daphne enjoyed her few minutes ride using the Grocery Car-t!


While Denise got to taste her1st ice cream!


Went back to Solenad 1 to grant Daphne’s request.  She brought 5 slices of bread to feed the fishies.


So there! Family bonding need not be in a far place nor an expensive one. Another fun and memorable day to remember.

Hope you enjoyed!

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family day!

pics from my daughter’s family day…

we enjoyed our children’s performance. we enjoyed the games. we enjoyed the food.


kids lined up before going to the other building where thr gym was located


our family pic inside the gym before the event started


we were surprised by the kids. they have 2 dance performances for the event. i love how daphne shaked her grooves. she’s a good dancer.


we won the 1st game! na tensed ako!


group shot with the guidance team


and of course, picture with the teachers of section na2!

tiring day but super fun!

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Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Mom & Me Event

When: May 25, 2013

Where: Rockwell Tent

What: Mom & Me Event (All Inclusive 1 Day Pass)

Price: Php 350.00 Valued at Php 499.00 / savings Php 149.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

I wasn’t here on Mother’s Day because I was out of the country with my colleagues.  I thought it would be nice to go to an event where my daughter and I could bond.  My hubby bought us the tickets to the event.  We chose to go on a Saturday.

I liked the programme for Day 1 compared to Day 2.

mom & me day 1

mom & me day 2

Well, anyway, Daphne was really excited to spend the day with me.  When we get to Rockwell, we proceeded to the Tent and left Denise and Daddy with my in-laws inside the mall.

This is Daphne before the Entrance Arch.  Look how happy she is.

photo 1

 When we got inside, the first thing she saw was the Gymboree Play Area, so we proceeded there.  She played happily until her time was up.

photo 2

We had our picture taken at the Portrait Booth, I though we would be given a copy, but I was told that we could see it on the website.  Until now, I haven’t seen our picture.  I already forgot what website we should check.   Anyway, I loved the set up on the other side of the booth, so I went back and took some photos of Daphne.  Although she wouldn’t cooperate, I still took them.

photo 4

We went around and check out the booths, I really wasn’t into shopping that day.  The main reason I went was to have some bonding activity with Daphne.  So when she saw the Face Painting booth, she immediately told me she want one.  I never let them paint Daphne’s face, I usually have her hands or arms painted.  I don’t know if they even clean the brushes they use diba?  I wouldn’t want to take the chance.  The line is kinda long already, so we just waited and fall in line.

Then I saw the Rebisco booth and they have a new product.  It’s called the Bibibons.  To know more about this product, click here.  They are having a free taste so I got one and gave it to Daphne who is still falling in line patiently.  It tasted good, these are actually cereal crackers pala.  You can eat it as is or you can mix it with some hot water and it will melt easily and turns into a cereal.  Daphne liked it so I bought a pack for her.  Denise can also eat it too when she gets the go-signal from her pedia.

photo 2

It’s finally time for Daphne to get her hand painted.  I just told the Ate Painter to paint Mickey Mouse on her hand.  It turned out to be a Black Mickey!  It’s really funny!  Well, as long as she’s happy with it, then any kind of Mickey is fine with me!

photo 3

About this time, the main activity area was already starting with the programme.  I pushed Daphne to join the Taekwando Activity but she just stood there and watched the other kids.  When Regine Tolentino and her pretty kid dancers danced, Daphne didn’t want to participate also.  She just stood there and watched them.  Then she told me, “Mommy, let’s go find Daddy and Shobe na, and Ahma and Koko too! Shobe is hungry na!”  Shobe is her younger sister.  Ahma is my mother in law and Koko is my sister in law.  When she said that my baby number 2 is hungry already, I knew that she wanted out of the event already!  She’s already tired and she’s contented with the activities she’s done already.

Overall, I would rate the event as 6 out of 10.  I thought it was a big event since they are charging a person Php 499.00 for the entrance.  But it wasn’t that big of an event, even the booths aren’t as many as the previous events I attended.  For the Php 350.00 we paid, it was just okay.  I just hope that the organizers of such events will make what we pay worth it.  Value for money!

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