Caerus Cafe and Bistro

Your beloved neighborhood coffee shop has just moved to a bigger and better place in the Scout Area in Quezon City!

It is now a full blown coffee shop and restaurant!

The interior is very homey and bright. Really good for those casual night outs with friends, a family day or even a date!

I super love this girl on piano. These are actually books! You have to see for yourself and be amazed!

Very extensive Drink List they have here! From coffee to juices to shakes to teas!

And yes, they now serve liquor to cater to friends who are not coffee lovers.

Our drinks for the night. House blend Iced Tea for me. Slow Brew Coffee for hubby. Iced Latte for a friend.

Their food is worth the trip as well. They have a fusion of cuisines available and the chef is still continuing to discover more dishes to offer.

Their Happy Sisig will really make your tastebuds happy.

*Jumbo sized Happy Sisig due to our party that night.

Their Sinigang na Liempo has the right sourness and spiciness.

Grilled Porkchops and Inasal na Chicken are both marinated with that yummy tanginess of barbeque sauce!

And of course, a coffee shop isn’t a coffee shop without the sweet desserts.

They have a lot to offer and I can’t choose so I tried 3 of them. It’s all good!

But wait, here’s the best part. The whole cafe looks so nice that almost every corner’s IG friendly. Just look at our amateur shots ↓↓↓

My team’s so happy and we’ll definitely be back!

Check out their FB page, Caerus Specialty Coffe and Bistro

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Food Trip: Caerus Coffee

It was Caerus Coffee’s 1st anniversary last July 19, 2015!  The coffee shop opened its doors and treated their clients to Free Coffee!  Isn’t that great?  No catch, just go there and enjoy whatever coffee you’d like to have.

It was a day of flowing coffee and of course, we loved it!  Owners were around to greet the clients, teach them a thing or 2 about latte art.  It is fun to see them in action!

This place is a cool place to hang out and chill, that’s courtesy of their very homey interior.


My hubby really loves their Affogato.  Sounds complicated, right?  It’s not!  It’s brewed coffee that’s topped with vanilla ice cream to give it a creamy twist. 


Another one to try off their menu is the Cold Brew, it’s basically brewed coffee served cold.  But, you could choose which Coffee Bean extract you want them to brew.  Interesting, huh?


My favorite, however, is not these strong brews.  Mine is Cappuccino, served with Latte Art. 


And of course, a coffee wouldn’t be complete without a sweet dessert.  My choice?  Ambrosia.  Really quirky how it is served in a glass jar with cover.  Topped with a bittersweet chunk of chocolate.


So if you guys want a break from your usual coffee shop, why not drop by Caerus Coffee located at D. Tuazon in Quezon City.  They offer an extensive menu for coffee lovers and non coffee lovers alike.

See you there!

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