The Burgery

Sawa na ba kayo sa mga usual burger joints? Ipapakilala ko sa inyo ang isa sa mga kakaiba at napakasarap na burger na malapit lang at kayang abutin!

Halika na sa Circuit Makati at puntahan ang The Burgery!

The burgers here are to die for! There are a variety of burgers to order! You can have your burgers well done or tama lang sa medium rare! This will make the patty juicier!

Not only that, kahit mga potato wedges nila, babalik balikan nyo! Pwedeng Bacon and Cheese or Garlic Parmesan!

They also have some pasta.

And syempre, hindi mawawala ang rice! Ang sarap nung BBQ Bacon Rice! Bacon on top of Burger Patty on top of herbed rice pilaf! This is so yummy, even the kids liked it!

Kita tayo dun! Balik kami later! They have 50% off on burgers at about 5 to 6 pm! See you!

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Food Trip: Lay’s Stax

One of my weaknesses – CHIPS!

It’s usually Pringles when we talk about chips on a tub.  But you should try this also.  It’s the Lay’s Stax Cheddar Flavor!


Crunchy.  Not salty.  Cheesy

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Food Trip: Sausage McMuffin

A few days ago, I tried McDonald’s latest Breakfast offering, the McGriddles!  It is something different and a must try, but my heart still belongs to the Sausage McMuffin.


The Sausage McMuffin is a warm, buttered and toasted English Muffin that has sausage patty topped with melting cheese.  You can choose to have it with or without egg. In any way, it’s still good.


The Philippine version is good as it is, but the Hong Kong version is greater.  I just can’t pinpoint what exactly is different between the 2, but you must try if you go there.

There you go. Something to add to your breakfast menu.

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