Taiwan 2019 Itinerary Day 3

Taiwan 2019 Itinerary Day 1

Taiwan 2019 Itinerary Day 2

Almost the end of our Taiwan 2019 trip. But hey, there’s more. We managed to book a late flight (8:30pm) through Eva Air. So we still have the whole morning and afternoon to explore Taipei.

To manage our time, we fixed our luggages and checked out of the hotel. But the luggages are left with them so we could roam around frelly.

Still using our unli train rides pass, we went to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall to see its beauty.

Our red colored shirts for the day matched the memorial hall’s blue and white shade.

We explored the museum for a while.

Then on to our next stop, the Taipei 101 building and Din Tai Fung, home of the best xiao long baos!

Quick lunch at Din Tai Fung. We were just lucky that when we arrived, there’s not much people yet. We got a table in 5 minutes. So be sure to arrive before 11 am. After we ate, the waiting time is already an hour!

Pitstop at the Taipei 101 to freshen up. Then back to the race to go to Longshan Temple.

Still have a few moments to explore some more the Ximending area.

Get our Tiger Sugar fix.

Get our chicken fix.

By this time it’s already our call time to go to the airport. Stuck our last minute hauls into our luggages and waited for our ride to the airport.

Goodbye Taipei! Until our next adventure!

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Food Trip: Kyochon

Here we go again for some Korean Food Trip!


Eating Kyochon for tonight’s dinner.  It’s Lee Min Ho you’ll see when you settle down in the table.  Such a refreshing face.


I love that Kyochon tells us consumers that they cook our meals with fresh ingredients, different from instant food that we are accustomed to.


For our appetizer, we called a Soonsal Wrap.  It’s basically chicken fried in a special batter then wrapped with some ham, cheese and other spices.  Warning for non spicy eaters, this is really hot!


Their Chicken Galbi Steak Set comes with Grilled Chicken, some salad and a bowl of rice with egg.  You can choose from Kimchi Rice, Garlic Rice or Steamed Rice.  The chicken was nothing special, just your regular grilled chicken.  It’s juicy though.  The salad is also so so.  I’m not a fan of Vinaigrette based salads.  The rice though, I am pretty sure that this is one of the best tasting garlic rice ever!  So good we ordered another bowl.


The main stars in Kyochon!  They actually serve their chicken in 3 flavors – Original, Honey and Red. 

We ordered Original Drumsticks by 4 pcs and Honey Wings by 5 pcs.  Based on our taste test, the Original is better.  The Honey is too sweet.  Both series are super crunchy, the meat is juicy and not dry. 

Kyochon is definitely worth another visit.  Far from its competitor with the same sounding name.  A little bit expensive but sure tastes better. 


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