Flavors of Taiwan

Another hidden restaurant in San Juan found. Flavors of Taiwan specializes in Taiwanese Cuisine.

First time to dine here and there were some hits and misses.

These are what we ordered that night.

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao’s becoming a staple because it’s one of our daughter’s favorites. Flavors of Taiwan’s version tastes okay. However, the cover breaks easily so the soup spills every too often.

Pork Dumpling

I like this better than the Xiao Long Bao. The meat filling is tastier. The serving size is just right.

Taiwan Sausage Fried Rice

Instead of the usual Yang Chow Fried Rice, order this. The Taiwan Sausages’ sweet salty taste pairs well with the rice.

Fried Kingfish with Mango Salad

Two thumbs up! The Fried Kingfish is so crunchy. The sweet mango sauce complements the fish.

Salt and Pepper Squid

Your usual salt and pepper squid. Lacks the crunchiness, but the squid is tender.

Three Cups Chicken

The chicken tastes fine on the outside, a little bland on the inside though.

There are a lot more items in the menu and we will definitely try them soon.

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[email protected]

Braved the rain to go to the newest place to hang out in San Juan.

[email protected] is located at 453 P. Guevarra Street San Juan, hence the name with the 453.

And unlike other food parks in the metro, this courtyard has parking spaces and the actual dining area is air conditioned.

Inside, a bright and airy space will greet you. 5 restaurants that serve 5 different cuisines surround the place.

Right smack in the middle is the bar. They serve everything from juices to shakes to beers! They also have ice cream for dessert and coffee to cap off your meal.

Since our kids love Japanese, we went straight to the Japanese resto. Ebi 10 is famous for its tempuras and crazy rolls. They were just named by Spot.ph as having the best ebi tempura in Metro Manila.

My minnies got hold of the menu and ordered their own ebi tempura. For the adults, we tried the Crispy Torched Salmon Skin Maki.

We ordered Gyoza as we usually do when going Japanese. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

For sure, kids loved the tempura. Gone in 50 seconds!ūüć§ūüć§ūüć§ūüć§

As for me, I love the Crispy Torched Salmon Skin Maki that we ordered, very very tasty and really crunchy!

Moving on to the next resto, Tra Vinh Express is the newest baby of Tra Vinh Philippines, an Australian born Vietnamese restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine that has already carved its way into the hearts of Manila’s foodies.

Not Vietnamese without the Dry Noodles and the Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls.

The dry noodles is good.

The fresh shrimp spring rolls could do better with a tastier peanut sauce.

Since it was a rainy and gloomy day, we decided to have some hot noodles. We ordered from The Silver Dragon which serves Chinese Cuisine.

The kids love the Wonton Dumplings that comes with the Noodle soup.

Kids also loved the Xiao Long Bao.

Hope they improve the Fresh Lumpia though.

There’s 2 more restaurants to try but we were so full already!

Pops ‘n Pebs serve Filipino dishes.

LIF, on the other hand, serves American Cuisine. If you are up for some burgers and fries, or maybe pasta and pizza, you should try this one out.

This slider looks good and this might be my order on my next visit!

To add, their restroom’s very very clean and smells good too!

They also have another washing area outside.

So there! Stop reading and see for yourself! DEFINITELY a must visit!

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TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie

Found ourselves in the quaint space that is TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie in the ground floor of the Promenade in Greenhills.

One of the Best Pork Buns can be found in TuanTuan Brasserie. In my opinion, it is better than Tim Ho Wan’s!

Very soft snow buns and it has that melt in your mouth feeling to it! ūüĎĆūüĎĆūüĎĆ

For the cheese lovers out there, this dish is definitely for you! This baked seafood rice is oozing with cheese! Another good thing with this dish is that it has a variety of seafood and not too many rice!

Pork Congee for the oldies!

Steamed Minced Pork Rice – a little dry for me. ūüĎé

DIY Noodles with Choice of Side Dish

Kids’ choice – Prawns and Wanton Dumpling in Fish Lip Soup

Side Dish 1 – Veggie Rolls – wrapper not crunchy but the meat / veggie is tasty

Side 2 – Chicken Wings – looks not appealing but it’s crunchy and tastes good.

Something to experience with the whole family. More of the menu to try.

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What’s for Lunch?

Everyday, my dilemma would always be – What’s for lunch?¬† There may be a lot of restaurants around here but there are times that I think of something to eat and yet, I come up with nothing!

Thankfully though, I have my go-to lunch, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet from Ying Ying Tea House. 


Ying Ying is so near our office and only a phone call away.  I dial the number, order and ask our messenger to pick it up.  It is so convenient and practical.  I get a discount too!  Sweet right?

Ying Ying is a popular Chinese tea house in Binondo.  It has a very extensive menu.  From noodles to rice toppings to dimsum, they have it.  They also serve ala carte dishes.

Like their Facebook Page here —> Ying Ying Tea House

I found out that they are also part of the many many restaurants listed in PH Opensnap.com

For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store orGoogle Play.


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Charlie’s Beef Mami

Charlie’s Beef Mami

Charlie’s is located at Haig Street, San Juan.¬† It’s an old restaurant that specializes in Mami or Noodles.¬† Their best seller is their Beef Mami.¬†¬†One of the best I tried, if not the best! The saltiness of the soup is just right.¬† The serving of the noodles will really make you full.¬† The serving of the beef is also just right, plus it’s really tender.¬†¬†The price? It’s easy on the pocket!¬†So what are you waiting for?¬† Visit Charlie’s now! ūüôā

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Voucher Review – Cash Cash Pinoy – Gloria Maris

When: October 13, 2012
Where: Gloria Maris РPodium Branch
What: Set Menu B for 8 Persons
Price: Php 2295.00 valued at Php 4590.00 / savings: Php 2295.00

Groupon Site: Cash Cash Pinoy / Deal Here

There were actually 3 Set Menus to choose from, we chose Set Menu B.¬† The price is not that bad since it’s 50% off!¬† I’ve already made reservations for next Saturday at around 8pm.¬† We will be celebrating my mom’s birthday.

The Set Menu B consists of:

Eight treasures shrimp soup

Crispy Fried Asado roll

Seafood with Gold mushroom XO sauce

Steamed Lotus leaf glutinous rice with chicken

Fried spareribs with Shrimp sauce

Fujian fried noodles



Additional Dishes Ordered:

Sweet & Sour Pork


Chicken & Prawn Salad (should have been named Chicken Salad only, since there were only 2 prawns included in the dish!)

Update:¬† We were quite disappointed with the turn out of our dinner.¬† For the price, even if already at 50% off, we think it wasn’t worth it!¬† We could have gotten more of what we paid for in other Chinese restaurants.¬†¬†Maybe we were just expecting too much!¬† The taste of the dishes was just so-so.¬† It’s like we’ve eaten at a non-Chinese restaurant.¬† The serving wasn’t the normal size that would be enough for 8 persons.¬† So we decided to order 2 more dishes.¬†¬†That night, even a Saturday, there weren’t too many people dining at the Podium Branch, so you guessed it, service wasn’t that good either.¬† They served everything all at the same time.¬† In a hurry?¬† Isn’t lauriat supposed to be served one after the other?¬† Or at least, they let us savor the dish first before serving the next.¬†¬†Even the trademark Taho wasn’t good!¬†¬†Our neighborhood¬†Taho vendor serves taho better!

There were only 2 things I was happy about with this experience.¬† First was that they didn’t charge us for the cake we brought in.¬† Lastly, they didn’t ask us to leave when they closed.¬† (We were the last diners there!)

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this voucher a 4!¬† And I wouldn’t recommend¬†this branch to anyone.¬† I still prefer the original Gloria Maris in Greenhills, San Juan.

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The Shang Palace Experience at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

When: September 1, 2012

Where: Shang Palace at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

What:  Set Menu. Dinner 

Price: Php 8,500.00 per person

Shang Palace

In my previous post, I have mentioned that our company is hosting private dinners for valued clients. Like the one I had with Inagiku, here’s another experience I might remember for the rest of my life.¬† Just last night, I had a great dinner at the Shang Palace, a Chinese restaurant located at the 2nd floor of Makati Shangri-La Hotel.¬†

For this night though, since there were a few groups of clients and their families, we didn’t join them for dinner anymore.¬† Instead, together with my Branch Head and an Officer from the Head Office, we had our own private dinner just outside the VIP Rooms.

¬†Here’s how the Shang Palace VIP Room looked like.

Shang Palace VIP Room

And here’s how their table setting looked like. Gold Plated plate. Wine Glasses and complete cutlery.

Same drink list from the previous dinner at Inagiku.¬† But since this¬†is a different resto, there’s a different Menu.

Shang Palace Dinner Menu

For a closer look at the Menu

¬†First of the list was the appetizer, Chilled Sliced Lobster with Fresh Fruits Salad and Fried Taro Puff.¬† One will just have to read the name of what’s to be served, and you’ll be drooling already.¬† There were a few slices of lobster on top of the fruit salad.¬† On the side was the fried taro puff.¬† The taro puff was crisp on the outside and so soft on the inside.¬† The fruits and the slices of lobster matched perfectly. Can you spell yumminess?¬† And it’s just the appetizer / salad!

Chilled Sliced Lobster with Fresh Fruits Salad and Fried Taro Puff

When eating at a Chinese restaurant or a Chinese event at that, the soup will never be missed out.¬† It’s like part of the whole lauriat meal.¬†¬†This soup is a mixture of different types of mushrooms, dried scallops (both of which are staple of chinese cuisines), some asparagus and of course, fish lip.¬† Oops, before you react, it isn’t literally the lip of the fish.¬† It’s a part of the fish where all the vitamins are located.¬† So when you eat that part, you’re getting all the nutrition from the fish.

Dried Scallops with Asparagus, Fish Lip and Mix Mushroom Soup

¬†Just the salad and the soup made me so full already. However, we’re not about to stop there.¬† This is, after all, a SET dinner.¬† So let’s continue.¬† Up next is one of the 3¬†main courses, Stew Pork Ribs in “Mosiak” Style.¬† I’m not so sure about this “Mosiak” Style, I tried to search it on the Internet, but I didn’t get any hits at all.¬† Maybe, this is the Chef’s own style of cooking.¬† Since the pork ribs was stewed, the meat was already very succulent.¬† It has this melt on your mouth feel.¬† The sauce was kinda sweet tasting (but not too sweet).¬† Maybe because almost half of the slab was mostly fats, the natural oil from the pork already mixed with the sauce.¬† The mixed pickeles on top of it also made this kinda sour-y taste to complement the sweet taste.

Stew Pork Ribs in “Mosiak” Style

¬†After the very meaty experience comes another main course, this time a healthier choice.¬† My favorite fish of all time, the Lapu Lapu.¬† Again, the Chef cooked the fish in another style, the “mui choy” cantonese style.¬† According to http://original-chinese-recipes.blogspot.com/2009/08/chinese-recipe-steamed-mui-choy-with.html, “Mui choy is preserved (pickled) chinese cabbage that has undergone a fermentation process. It is a traditional preparation method used to preserve food after the harvest for winter months and consumption at the later time. It is commonly used in braised dishes (such as pork belly) and other Chinese dishes.”¬†¬†“There are two types of Mui Choy, one is salted while the other one is sweetened…”¬† I’m not so sure which of the 2 types the Chef used.¬† All I remember is that the fish tasted really good.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillet with “Mui Choy” Cantonese Style

After the fish, I was so full already that I had to take the next course home.  The beef itself is a task to take, what more the sticky rice with some sausauges and mushrooms.  I will have to ask my husband about the feedback on the food.

Pan-Fried Beef Fillet Bed on Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage and Mushroom

Since I didn’t consume the last of the 3 main courses, I was able to breathe for a while and get ready for dessert.¬† There’s one problem though, the original dessert on the menu has some XO Liquor on it, take a look.¬† I asked my boss how it tasted.¬† It was yummy!¬† Hmm.. too bad…

I asked the server who was gracious enough, to serve me another bowl of dessert.  For a safe choice, I choose the Mango Sago.  Fortunately, it was yummy too!  The juice was made of Fresh Mango Shake and there were a lot of fresh fruits under the bowl, aside from the many many tapiocas floating!

Another night to remember, one to charge to experience. I thank my company for the opportunity.  Not only was I able to taste great food and experience great service, I was also able to chitchat with some of our most valued clients, and on a more personal note.

If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant, Shang Palace is definitely on top of my list!¬† Never mind the bill to come, it’s definitely worth it!

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