R Cafe and Bar

In the midst of bustling Binondo, a hidden cafe has emerged! Located at the roofdeck of a newly constructed building along Quintin Paredes Street in Binondo Manila, this gem takes you away from the hustle and brings you to a serene place that is R Cafe and Bar.

R Cafe and Bar Logo

It’s the new place in town so we decided to hold our Christmas Party at R Cafe and Bar last December 20, 2019. They have a private function room good for 15 people. The room was spacious enough that we were able to play table games.

Shot during my ocular inspection

This was our group picture inside the function area during the Party.

Game Time!

One of the games we played, separation anxiety

They also have another area that can be booked for private parties.

The food was great. We ordered plated meals for everybody plus a few ala carte orders to share.

Potato Wedges – Dirty Fries – Regular Fries

Chicken Tenders





Beef Tapa

Their serving is just right for a plated meal. One person can get filled, especially when you order the meal with one of their coffee drinks.

R Cafe also boasts of a roofdeck open area overlooking the Manila skyline. It’s a nice view to look at regardless if it’s daytime or nighttime.

Here are some more shots. We really enjoyed taking pictures in the al fresco area. Hope there will be live bands performing next time.

I’ll be visiting R Cafe and Bar soon. I just hope they are more organized with their reservations now.

This is a really good place to hang out after a long day at work.

See you there! 😊

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The First Starbucks Store Ever!

Had the opportunity to visit the first Starbucks store ever! This is located in Pike Place in Seattle, USA!

Take a look at the marker!

I’m not that much of a Starbucks collector but I figured I was already there in Pike Place and there might not be another chance so off I go to line up!  We had to fall in line for an hour or so just to get in!

This branch is small compared to the Starbucks branches opening up all over the world.


Once you are inside, it’s like any other regular Starbucks store, the barista will simply take your order of drink and your choice of exclusive merchandise.  AND they have a LOT of merchandise!!!



The merchandise ranges from as low as $9.95 (Php 520.00) to as high as $99.95 (Php 5,200.00).





There were also some memorabilia inside the packed store!



It’s actually hard to get some good shots inside the store as the place is packed.  Once you are done with your purchase and have stepped out the door, there’s no going back.  Unless, you want to fall in line again!



Too much stocks of merchandise actually makes the store look cramped and unorganized.  You could see boxes everywhere!  But come to think of it, this is why the people actually go there!  Aside from getting a drink, it’s buying the souvenir merchandise that is more important!

Oh!  This ceramic Pike Place tumbler is what I got!

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Cafe Aquatica

Photo credits to Jan Sy

A trip to Manila would bring you to Divisoria – a shopping haven and Binondo – a food haven!

Divisoria is everything in terms of inexpensive and practical shopping but it’s so stressful and super traffic to go to, so I have an idea on what you can do after your shopping, or maybe even before!

Photo credits to Jan Sy

Head on to Cafe Aquatica! It is located just beside Binondo Church so it’s gonna be easy to find. Even in the midst of Chinatown, once you enter the coffee shop, you will be taken away to a different dimension.

Upon entering the cafe, you’ll immediately be relaxed with the soothing sound and the lighting. The main attraction in this concept cafe are its Patented Underwater Falls Aquariums!

There are 5 aquariums with different designs, but all with underwater falls.

Let me take you to my favorite aquarium and the most coveted spot inside the cafe.

It’s a volcano and instead of lava flowing, there are sand-like particles that are coming out. How it doesn’t float inside the aquarium filled with water remains a mystery. 😉

Here are the other 4 equally beautiful aquariums:

Just looking at the fishies swimming inside the aquariums makes you feel super relaxed already!

And what’s nice is that you could either drink, eat or both inside this cafe! They serve coffee and shakes! They also serve sandwiches, pasta and rice meals! Of course, they also have cakes for sweets lover like me!

First on my list is my favorite Almond Shake concocted by the owner, Kenbert Chua, himself.

Their Nacho Cups are also a favorite! Crunchy thin nachos in a cup filled with ground beef, cucumber and tomato bits.

Kids got their own Double Chocolate Shake, gladly split into 2 by Cafe Aquatica staff!

I also ordered chips for them.

They played their little jenga while sipping their shakes!

And I got to taste the new thing on the menu, Angus Beef Salpicao. I love that it’s super garlicky and that it’s sauteed on olive oil!

Cafe Aquatica’s concept started when its owner, Kenbert, together with his wife, turned a hobby into a full time business. You see, Kenbert is a Champion in Premium Dragon Bettas. He has won a lot of awards here and out of the country.

Photo credits to Kenbert Chua

Outside the cafe is their concept store. They sell these unique underwater falls aquarium and their premium dragon bettas with champion blood lines.

If you want you to check what else they offer, here are some of the items on their menu (photos taken from the official Facebook and Instagram pages of Cafe Aquatica):

I’ll definitely be back one of these days! See you there!

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Office Thing: Wake Me Up!

I don’t usually drink coffee in the office.  But sometimes, it’s needed.

Like the other day, I was so sleepy and it was so cold in my area.  I needed a drink that could wake my senses and at the same time, ease the coldness.

I decided to try this and I fell in love.


It’s 3 in 1.  There are 3 things I love about it.

1) Chocolatteness – too much caffeine makes my head ache and thankfully, this drink does not.  Which means that maybe the chocolate flavoring balanced the caffeine? 

2) Milkyness & Frothyness – milky & frothy I love.  Drink’s not too sweet.  Smells so good also!

3)  Muraness – this will set you back Php 10.00 per pack!  So mura, so good!

Try it! 


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Food Trip: Caerus Coffee

It was Caerus Coffee’s 1st anniversary last July 19, 2015!  The coffee shop opened its doors and treated their clients to Free Coffee!  Isn’t that great?  No catch, just go there and enjoy whatever coffee you’d like to have.

It was a day of flowing coffee and of course, we loved it!  Owners were around to greet the clients, teach them a thing or 2 about latte art.  It is fun to see them in action!

This place is a cool place to hang out and chill, that’s courtesy of their very homey interior.


My hubby really loves their Affogato.  Sounds complicated, right?  It’s not!  It’s brewed coffee that’s topped with vanilla ice cream to give it a creamy twist. 


Another one to try off their menu is the Cold Brew, it’s basically brewed coffee served cold.  But, you could choose which Coffee Bean extract you want them to brew.  Interesting, huh?


My favorite, however, is not these strong brews.  Mine is Cappuccino, served with Latte Art. 


And of course, a coffee wouldn’t be complete without a sweet dessert.  My choice?  Ambrosia.  Really quirky how it is served in a glass jar with cover.  Topped with a bittersweet chunk of chocolate.


So if you guys want a break from your usual coffee shop, why not drop by Caerus Coffee located at D. Tuazon in Quezon City.  They offer an extensive menu for coffee lovers and non coffee lovers alike.

See you there!

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Food Trip: Craft Coffee Revolution

In 1 week, I was able to bring hubby and kids to Craft.

Unfortunately, Chocolate Lava isn’t available.  We settled for Chocolate Fudge.  It is good but nothing can beat the Lava!


It was already late so I didn’t want to repeat what happened to me last week.  I didn’t sleep until 4am in the morning.  So only hubby ordered a drink.

He tried their Piccolo Latte.  I took a sip and I know already that it’s a bit strong.  Oh by the way, you could check out their other coffees by looking at the super cool Drinks Menu found below.  It’s etched on a plank of wood.


It used to be me and hubby only during Saturday nights out with friends.  Now, 2 kids join us and it’s going to be this way until they grow up.


Disclaimer: I am just saying, not complaining.

Until then!

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Food Trip: Craft Coffee Revolution

After our Ramen dinner, we decided to go someplace else.  Our choice? Craft Coffee Revolution at New Manila.

It’s a quaint little coffee shop but it sure is big on the quality of its coffee and desserts.


Photo grabbed from Craft Coffee Revolution’s Facebook Page

I am not a coffee drinker, let’s get that straight.  I don’t drink coffee in the morning.  I am a milk person.  I only drink coffee when I am out with friends for chats.

I ordered Cafe Mocha because there’s not much caffeine.  Friend number 1 also did, she’s a bit like me when it comes to coffee.  Too much caffeine makes our head ache.  Friend number 2, a coffee lover, ordered Cappucino. 

For our sweet fix, there’s Chocolate Lava and Frozen Brazo, 2 of their bestsellers.  As much as we would like to try their Macademia Sansrival, our tummies can’t handle that anymore.  Save that for our next visit.

Here’s what our orders looked like.


My first sip, mmm…. my Cafe Mocha’s really frothy, not too sweet and definitely not bitter.  My cup of coffee. 🙂

Sure does compliment our dessert.  I have to give special mention to the Chocolate Lava!


Oozing with chocolate from the inside, crispy and crunchy crust to go with it, this is now my favorite dessert of all time!  I love it  so much that I had to order 1 for take out so I could let hubby taste my newfound treasure.

I will surely bring him here.  Even our kids will enjoy the pastries!  I have a mission too!  I have to take a picture of their menu, the words are etched into a piece of wood.

Craft Coffee Revolution already has 3 branches to date!  Please like their Facebook Page, Craft Coffee Revolution  HQ and follow them on Instagram, @craftcoffeerevolutionph.  I already did!

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