When Disaster Strikes

This is how it looked like in our room tonight!


Kids’ toys, books, crayons, and what nots all over our bedroom floor!  It took me a few hours before I finally sorted everything in their own places! 

And now my back is aching like crazy.  When it touched the bed, I couldn’t move anymore.  This is what I get from spending a whole day with my 2 kids!  Oh well, I’d rather feel like this than not spend quality time with them.

By the way, look at how happy they were with all their things strewn all over!


Good night everyone!

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family day!

pics from my daughter’s family day…

we enjoyed our children’s performance. we enjoyed the games. we enjoyed the food.


kids lined up before going to the other building where thr gym was located


our family pic inside the gym before the event started


we were surprised by the kids. they have 2 dance performances for the event. i love how daphne shaked her grooves. she’s a good dancer.


we won the 1st game! na tensed ako!


group shot with the guidance team


and of course, picture with the teachers of section na2!

tiring day but super fun!

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Daphne’s Funny & Embarrasing Story at Kid’s Workshop!

All day long, me and my hubby had a jampacked schedule.  It started with the Parent’s Orientation at Daphne’s school.  Then, we went home for lunch.  After which, we went straight to the temple for my father’s 100 days.  Every time we leave the house, Daphne was left with a promise that we’ll take her out as soon as we finished our schedule!  So even if we got home 6pm already, we still brought her to Kid’s Workshop in Shoppesville, Greenhills!  A promise is a promise – according to daddy!

The voucher for Kid’s Workshop was bought beforehand.  Little did we know that we’ll be using it that night.  I called them up first to ask if we could use the voucher that same night, a reservation was not needed! Lucky Daphne! Since it was kinda late already, I also asked them what time they will close.  We got Daphne unlimited play pass, sayang naman if she can’t play to all heart’s content!  They answered they will close at 9pm!  Dennis and I thought that it’s just right, 2 hours is enough for Daphne.

When we got there, Daphne was so excited.  She waited all day for this!  I wore my socks, we got in, she played and ran around.  To her excitement, she forgot to tell me she needs to pee!  So there in the middle of the play area, she peed!  Hay… Dennis left us at the play area, I called him and told him what happened, and that he should get Daphne’s things at the car!

We waited at the lounge, I scolded Daphne but she just looked at me!  A little while later, she said she will pee!  I removed her wet pants and undies and carried her to the restroom!  She didn’t pee!  Nakakaloka talaga anak ko!  Good thing, hubby was already outside with her pants and undies!  Yaya didn’t put extra socks so we needed to buy a pair for Daphne to play again.

So everything’s okay now.  Dennis left again and roamed Shoppesville.  We took pictures, Daphne played, ran around and I can see that she’s really very happy!  Then she suddenly stopped and said, “OO” which means she needs to do number 2!  Oh no!

I took off her pants and undies again, and we ran to the rest room!  After, she told me, no “oo” omg! Since she didn’t want to do number 2 anymore, we went out of the restroom, wore her pants and undies, plus the socks and she played again.  Less than 5 minutes after, she told me again, “OO”  I knew that time that she’s really going to do number 2!  We ran again to the rest room, took off her pants and yey, success!

Nakakaloka talaga!  When Dennis and I were talking about it, we came to the conclusion that she was indeed VERY EXCITED!  So excited that she needed to do both number 1 and number 2 things!  Buti na lang, wala ng tao!  Kakahiya kaya!

Kids talaga!

Read about my review and pictures of Kid’s Workshop here!

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Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Kid’s Workshop

When: June 14, 2013

Where: 2nd Flr, Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center

What: Unlimited Play Pass

Price: Php 149.00 Valued at Php 385.00 / savings Php 236.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

Daphne enjoyed going to the Kid’s Workshop.  She got so excited she made a mess!  Read about it here!

She didn’t even want to go home!  The Ate there needed to turn off the lights, so that Daphne will see they are closing already!

I like the Kid’s Workshop!  It’s bigger than we expected.  It’s not like the other play areas we’ve been to!  Here, a kid can make her imagination go wild.  They can play make believe games with all the things they can do here, not just go jumping!

There are cars (Little Tikes brand) that they can ride and they even have a gasoline station where you can gas up!  photo 1(2)

There’s a kitchen corner   complete with a refrigerator and a cooking station.  It also has plates and other utensils.  The refrigerator has plastic fruits and vegetables.

photo 5(2)

photo 3

photo 4(3)

There’s a ironing board also equipped with an iron, hangers and clothes.  A child can iron her own clothes!

They have an area for art activities too!  It’s too bad there were no more teachers when we were there.  Because it was raining, the teachers went home early.  Could have done a lot of painting!  And I also think that they have sing and dance activities too, like Gymboree Style – Parachute, if there were teachers and some more kids around.  There’s only 1 kid that time, and she’s about 1 year and a half.  Not a suitable playmate for Daphne.  Oh, there are also wooden rocking horses they can climb on!

photo 3(2)

There’s an area too with the usual pool with balls!  Beside this, there’s a little house and a tunnel with soft material!  In this area, there were bookshelves with books and some puzzles!

photo 4

photo 5

On the 2nd floor, there are computer gaming stations.  Beside the gaming station is the reading area!  A lot of books fill the book shelves!  A little further down the aisle, you will see a mini room with 2 lego tables.  On the shelf near it are 2 big boxes of blocks.

photo 4(1)

photo 1

photo 3

For the hyper kids who want some physical activity, there are 2 slides and a hanging bridge!  There is also a barrass where you can go monkeying around!  They also have an anchor wheel you can spin if you think you’re a pirate! (just like what Daphne did)  There’s also a mini rock climbing ramp and a rope ladder!

photo 2(2)

photo 2(1)

photo 5

photo 5(1)

photo 2

photo 1

Overall, I would rate Kid’s Workshop 8 out of 10!  The area is really conducive for children’s physical and mental activity.  However, the 2 points will go to lack of safety foams for the areas with wood material.  Like under the hanging bridge and the rock climbing ramp.  They should put safety foams so that kids can’t bump their heads there.  At the very least, when they do bump their heads, it’s soft and not as hard as a wood!

photo 1(1)

Happy baby and a happy mommy!

photo 3(1)

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Our tough little tiger Daphne has a soft heart!

My husband just told me a story just now.  You see, my daughter and my husband are in Hong Kong for a vacation.  They left me because I’m pregnant with our 2nd baby.

Anyway, there are times that Daphne, our tough little tiger, is so hard headed and she wants everything to go her way. It’s like her way or no way at all!

Just this morning, she and her daddy had an argument.  Her daddy was busy doing the laundry and she was just left playing by herself.  However, she got bored so she started doing things that annoyed her daddy.  She played with her bottles, dropped some milk on the floor… In short, she started making a mess!  Her daddy got angry and scolded her.  She cried and shouted and laid on the floor!  Her daddy just ignored her, because he knew that the more he soothes her, the more she will level up her tantrums!  She even asked help from her grandma, my mother in law!  Since my MIL knew that my husband is so angry already, she just ignored the little tiger and her tantrums!  After a while, she got tired and stopped.

Now fast forward in the afternoon, Daphne was busy watching something on her IPad.  Suddenly, my husband noticed that tears were falling down her cheeks.  My husband thought she wasn’t feeling well.  He asked her if her tummy was aching, she said no.  When he asked why she was crying, she hid her face with her hand and kept on saying that it was nothing.  She even got mad at her daddy for continuously asking her why she was crying.

daphne hiding

A few minutes later, she was still on her IPad, and though there were no tears already, she was still teary eyed.  This time, her daddy got very curious already.  He silently sat beside her and watched with her.  Daphne was watching a clip about Mickey and Pluto.  And this is how the story went.

Mickey Mouse was fixing his Christmas Tree.  Pluto knocked it down.  So Mickey got mad and scolded Pluto.  Pluto quietly went to a corner, he thought Mickey doesn’t want him anymore, so he left the house.  Come Christmas Eve, Mickey was looking all over the house for Pluto, when he realized that he wasn’t home, he searched the whole town until he found him.

Daphne, at her age, was able to relate to this story. The scenario was very much like the scenario this morning with her daddy.  That is why she was crying when she was watching this clip.  She placed herself in Pluto’s shoes.  She thought Daddy is mad at him and doesn’t want her anymore.

My husband got teary eyed also while watching the clip.  He realized that Daphne, even with her toughness, she’s still got a soft spot in her tiny little heart.  Maybe she just can’t express herself that much, but we know what she is feeling.  Oh how we love our little tiger!

 Just something to pinch our hearts. Good Night!

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Voucher Review – Cash Cash Pinoy – Cyma

When: July 14, 2012

Where: Cyma Greek Taverna in Eastwood City

What:  Ala Carte Menu

Price: Php 1,000.00 valued at Php 2,000.00 / savings: Php 1,000.00 (We had 2 vouchers. Aside from the Php 2,000 we paid for the vouchers, we paid an additional Php1,000.00 because we ordered a lot of food! )

Groupon Site: Cash Cash Pinoy


For my daughter’s post 2nd birthday celebration, we went ahead to Cyma Greek Taverna at Eastwood City.  We called up to reserve our slot as we always do. That’s the first thing we do if we are to avail of a voucher!

We were a few minutes early and the place wasn’t packed yet, since we reserved an early dinner time slot.  The staff were all accommodating. They showed us our table and asked for the vouchers.  (One thing not to forget also! Bring the voucher!) We bought 2 vouchers. A voucher is good for 2 persons only. We were 4 plus my little princess.

We had a few pictures taken while waiting for our order. See how our little princess be all cute and ah, cuter!

cutie cute daphne

Then some more pictures…

daphne with mommy

After sometime, the food finally arrived. First was the Soupa (soup) Mommy ordered (which I am sorry I forgot what it’s called).  It was a French Onion Soup, the taste was just right.

Next to come was the Orektika (appetizer), I ordered their Spinach and Artichoke Fondue, which turned out was a house specialty and really appetizing. Just like the soup, the saltiness was just right. You can actually taste the spinach. The melting cheese on top made it yummier! It was served with 3 slices of pita bread and 3 slices of toasted garlic bread, which actually made us full already!

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue

And here’s a picture of Daphne eating her pita bread.  She loved it.

Our family loves anything lamb. So we ordered 2 dishes of lamb meat. The first was a Souvlakia Souvlaki which was skewered lamb meat with vegetables.  More like the Kebabs of the Persians.  The skewered lamb meat was served with 3 full pita bread and garlic sauce. 

The other dish we ordered was another house specialty, it was the Paidakia. It was grilled lamb ribs served with potatoes.

Both lamb dishes were grilled to perfection I must say.  The true taste of the lamb came out very savoury.  I just squeezed some lemon juice over it and boom, yumminess! The lamb meat were also very tender.  

As much as I would like to try their Glyka (desserts), there’s no more room. That is why I would go back to Cyma again, maybe sooner than later, to try out the other specialty dishes and of course, their desserts. Rating? I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Cyma makes a very healty choice of a restaurant for me and my family! Good food, good service, good ambience – what else could we ask for?

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Voucher Review – MetroDeal – Fotosnaps.com

When:  February 8, 2012
Where: Fotosnaps.com 
What: Create Your Own Personalised 6×8 Hard Cover Photo Book with Free Shipping                                                                      

Price: Php 495.00 valued at Php 895.00 / savings: Php 400.00

Groupon Site: MetroDeal / Deal Here


At last, I was able to complete 1 album! With the help of my brother in law, Tristan and my husband, Dennis of course! The album consists of Daphne’s 1st out of the country travel! To Daddy and Mommy’s favorite destination, Hong Kong!

We subdivided the tasks – I chose the pictures to be included. Tristan did the layout for the album. Dennis did some layout also and finalized everything to be sent out to Fotosnaps.

Now, we patiently await the outcome! I can’t wait to see the actual album!

Will be back for some pictures! and hopefully the 2nd album!

Till then! 🙂


The album turned out so well that we bought and used Fotosnaps again. To date, we have 3 albums from them.

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1.4 and still breastfeeding!

” Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (November).  For this month, participants share their experiences on extended breastfeeding.  This includes tips to moms with young babies, as well as barriers and myths which discourage extended nursing.  Please scroll down to the end of this post and check out the other carnival participants.”

My daughter Daphne turned 1 year old last July.  The idea of weaning her didn’t even cross my mind.  Until last October when we thought we could, without even really thinking about it. We just went and tried to wean her because of some reasons, and it was a mess!

That first night I almost cried, I didn’t give my breasts to Daphne as I used to when she started asking for “Ma-Mam!’ She got angry and then she cried and cried. I can feel her disappointment and her desperation to nurse! Seeing my daughter that way, she left me no choice, but to give in. I told my husband, I am going to nurse her until she’s ready to wean by herself. Regardless of the reasons we may have.

These reasons, as I think about it now, don’t even have valid grounds for me to believe in it.  Let me tell you about it.

First reason that pushed me and my husband to start weaning was my mother in law’s advice.  She told us that it’s not good for our baby to nurse from me anymore because I have already gotten my period back. She said that not so good things from my body will be transferred to our baby. I tried to research this on the internet, but I have gotten no real answer about this. I don’t even know how my MIL knew about this and I am afraid I can’t question her. But I can still nurse my baby Daphne!

Another reason is the decrease in my not-so-plenty milk supply. My milk supply wasn’t really enough for my baby, so I was mixed feeding her with formula ever since she was born.  I sacrificed in shuttling my pumping gear back and forth the office everyday for a year so there’s no point in stopping now.  I sustained a year of 3 hour sleeps because she still nurses in the middle of the night.  I don’t see the point of not extending our nursing sessions when I don’t even pump anymore during the day and it’s just when I get home at night that I nurse her.

My hubby and I are trying to have another baby and someone told us that it’s easier when I don’t breastfeed anymore.  Because my menstruation and ovulatation will regulate.  Come to think of it, I have PCOS and my menstruation was never really regular. And still I had Daphne! So I thought, this one too has no basis at all! If God would bless us with another baby, a boy I hope, then it will happen.

The reasons I had I contradicted.  I fed myself more reasons to continue to nurse my daughter.  There’s no better feeling than having my child on my arms.  After a long day at work, that’s what I most look forward to.  Everyone else can play with her but our own secret nursing game is only ours.  No one can take that away from me and my baby.  That bond we have will always be special.  And there are special funny moments too! There are times that she just pulls up my shirt to ask for “ma-mam,” and she screams for it too! The joy it brings when I see my daughter gets contented while nursing, to the point of falling into slumber!

I know in a few months time, she’s going to have to wean by herself. Either because she’s ready to separate from me and my breasts or because she can’t get any milk from them anymore! Haha!

For now, I’ll enjoy our special BONDING moment until it lasts!

 Happy breastfeeding everyone! 🙂

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