Voucher Review – Ensogo – Nail Files

When:  April 13, 2013
Where: Nail Files Wilson Greenhills Branch
What:  90-minute ultimate Hand & Foot Package: Foot & Hand Spa + Foot & Hand Scrub + Foot & Hand Reflex + Callus Removal + Mani-Pedi with upgraded polish
Price:  Php 349.00 valued at Php 1,100.00 / savings Php 751.00
Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here
nail files
I bought this deal a long time ago, I was still pregnant then.  I needed to pamper my hands and feet, I thought!
The baby came and so much has happened, I wasn’t able to find time to use it.  Until the voucher was about to expire, I didn’t have a choice but to fit it in my schedule.  One Saturday night, my loving husband dropped me off at the Greenhills Wilson Branch.  Of course, I made a reservation already.  We all know that deals like these, a reservation is almost as important as the deal itself.
The branch was located at 2nd Floor, I got up the stairs, walked a few steps and a small door at the end of the hallway greets you.  When I went in, no one is inside yet.  This is how it looked like.  A cozy and dim place to relax and unwind.
nail files
I love their interior, the colors lavender and apple green help you achieve that calm state.  After I gave my voucher, I immediately settled in and took my spot for the night.  So many fluffy pillows to use! Used it to prop my head! Here’s my smiling face.
nail files 2
I waited a few minutes.  Then it was time to start the pampering!  They soaked my feet in the foot spa machine.
nail files 4
While it’s soaking, the Nail Files staff started with the Hand Scrub.  I wasn’t able to take a photo of it.  She scrubbed my hands till the half of my arms.  It was so-so.  Not really as good as it’s supposed to feel like.
After the Hand Scrub is the Hand Reflex, just like the Scrub it wasn’t something explosive.  She just massaged the hands.
About this time, there was a family who walked in and everyone chose a Foot Spa Package, except for the little girl about 6 or 7 year old who chose the Kiddie Manicure.  So cute because all four girls were with their dad.  Then, a voucher holder like me came in with her hubby.  The place was jampacked and what’s funny was there were only 3 staff to accommodate and do everyone’s nails! Imagine that!  It was a mess!
Fortunately, I was the first one to arrive, so I was the priority.  They do me first in every step of the way.
After soaking my feet, it was time for my feet to be scrubbed.  This one’s a little better than the Hand Scrub.  But I felt that the staff is hurrying because there were people waiting.  They covered my feet with a towel after.
nail files 5  
Same process with the Hand Scrub, after it was the Foot Reflex.  It was more like a Soft Massage.  
nail files 7
Time for the Mani and Pedi!  They stayed true to their package, it comes with upgraded polish.  You can choose from a variety of colors from different brands like LA Colors, The Face Shop and Orly.  You can also choose from different designs of  nail art.  
nails files1
I chose a pink hue from the Orly Brand.
nail files 6
I forgot to take a picture of my hands and feet after. But I took a photo now of my feet and the polish is still ok!
orly feet
As for my hand nail polish, I just removed it yesterday.  But I still love the after effect, no yellow nails even after 2 weeks, no cracked end and my nails still look good even without the polish!
clean nails
So there, still happy overall!  If you’ll ask me, I’ll definitely go back, but not for the spa package anymore, I’ll just go for their mani pedi combo! Rating’s 8 of 10! See you soon Nail Files!
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Voucher Review – Ensogo – Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

When: Order: June 20, 2012 // Delivery Date: August 3, 2012

Where: Delivered at my doorstep for delivery cost of Php 45.00

What:  Longchamp Le Pliage Long Handle Large Bag

Price: Php 2,699.00 valued at around Php 7,000.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo

My Longchamp Le Pliage finally arrived August 3, 2012 after more than a month and a half of waiting!

It was in a small package. Just the size of its paper bag folded in half.
My Longchamp Le Pliage Long Large Handle Bag!

I thought it would never be delivered. This purchase made me anxious. There were about 2 points to consider.  First, there was the authenticity of the bag.  So many high-quality fake bags are out in the market claiming to be original and authentic.  How would I know that Ensogo would not join forces with one?  I just trusted my gut instinct and continued hoping that it would turn out to be a good buy!  Well, it did and I am happy now that the bag I ordered is in my hands already!

That was the fear I had when I placed my order.  Then here’s another, the first delivery period was June 18, 2012 to July 18, 2012. Here’s my proof:

I didn’t receive my order during that period of time.  Instead, when we called up Ensogo to ask about it, we were told that it was changed to another delivery period which was July 9, 2012 to August 9, 2012.

Then that was the time my fear about being scammed took over. My husband called up Ensogo for the 2nd time and he was told that our order wasn’t on the list yet. Well, that time, I just hoped that it would come or else, I would have paid almost Php3,000.00 for nothing.

All well that ends well. I got my bag and it’s authentic. Gone were the fears I harbored for the past month and a half.  Here are some of the details we should all watch out for when checking if a Le Pliage is authentic or not.  Sorry for the not-so-clear shots as I used only my Itouch.

Diamond like patterns on the front leather flap (as against to fish like patterns)
the handle is all leather (as against to having a plastic tube inside)
the pocket inside is sewn on the bag (as against to only the top portion sewn on the bag)
all the snap buttons has clear plastic discs on the back (as against to none)
the back of the flap has an indent of the jockey logo (as against to none)
the leather on the sides of the bag are rounded (as against to pointed)

Aside from these, you should also check what’s written on the back flap.  The first line should be LONGCHAMP.  Then the second line should beLE PLIAGE “SHOPPING” – MODELE DEPOSE.

Hope you learned something from this post.  I definitely learned a lot in this purchase.  Till my next review!



Authentic or not, that was the risk I had to take when I made this purchase.  Since there was no Longchamp flagship store here in the Philippines, the authenticity of the bag could not be proven.  However, I don’t want to have to go the long way and and make a complain (as I know wala rin mangyayari, I will just be wasting my time and effort).  It’s over and done with and I already learned my lesson, the hard way!

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Voucher Review – Ensogo – Secret Recipe

When: November 11, 2011
Where: Secret Recipe / Robinson’s Place Manila Branch
What: Any Ala Carte Menu Item (Food, Beverages & Cakes)
Price: Php 330.00 valued at Php 700.00 / savings: Php 370.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here

We used 5 vouchers so we got a free cake, a Choco Mud Cake which is so yummy! If not for this cake, this birthday dinner would have gone down the drain!

The following are the food we ordered, the first picture taken by us and the second picture is the photo on their menu. Be the judge if a) they were served the same portion, b) they looked as yummy and c) the food are worth their prices or not! My answer is 3 BIG NOs!

Hokkien Mee – Php 280.00

Grilled Black Pepper Chicken – Php 245.00

Chicken Cordon Bleu – Php 265.00

Irish Lamb Shank – Php 485.00

Mozzarella Baked Fish – Php 315.00

Pan Grilled Dory in Lobster Sauce – Php 345.00

The food tasted bland, where it was supposed to be really tasteful.  The portions were small. Only the plates were big.

On top of everything, the service was really bad!

Secret Recipe Robinson’s Place Manila had a team of unwell-trained staff! Because of this, the service of the whole restaurant suffered!

We used to eat at Secret Recipe before and had no problems whatsoever. Maybe the management needs to reshuffle their staff, so as to not lose clients.

I even heard the other table complaining because nobody is attending to their needs.

Unhappy vibes crawled in because we’re unhappy with their service, we didn’t even bother to sing “happy birthday” and blow the candle of the cake anymore.  It was just at home that we did, and thankfully, the cake tasted so yummy.

So for the cake and the cake slicer, it’s 5 out of 5 stars!

For the food, it’s 2.5 out of 5 stars!

For the service, it’s 1 out of 5 stars! for the effort



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Voucher Review: Ensogo – i-Lash Salon

When: July 2, 2011
Where: i-Lash Salon / The Vanity Room at Quezon City
What: Fine Service Lash Extensions
Price: Php 275.00 valued at Php 550.00 / savings: Php 275.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here

I bought this voucher because I heard from my sister in law that her officemates are fans of eyelash extensions! When I saw this deal on Ensogo, I immediately purchased for myself and for my sis in law!

We haven’t thought yet when to try it out when my MIL talked us into availing it ASAP since my daughter’s party is coming up. A day later! A Sunday. I panickedly called up branches nearest our location, one of which is the Greenhills Branch, only to be told that they are not included in the promo.  We have no choice but to go at the last minute in their Retiro Branch. Without reservations at all!

Good thing the branch was still open, and they accepted us. I think they were about to close already. We were the last 2 clients!

My sis in law went first, so I saw the whole procedure done. The specialist will ask you how long you want your lashes to be. They have 3 sizes. After choosing, you will be asked to lie down. Masking tape will be put under yourlower eyelids. The specialist had a box of lashes, black dye / ink working as the glue and a stick like tool for easy handling.

Eyes are closed while the procedure is being done. It doesn’t hurt at all. You can even sleep!

After glueing the lashes on, your face will face the electric fan! To dry out the glue I suppose!

The whole procedure was an hour, making you really sleepy. But you cannot sleep because you want to see the results already! Talk about being excited! Haha!

After the procedure, when you look in the mirror, you can really see the difference! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a before and after picture! I love the lashes till it fell one by one! It looked natural! I got so many compliments when I had the lashes on! I am thinking of having it done again! Soon I hope!

Now, let’s talk about the downside, you cannot wet the lashes as often as you would want to. The lifetime of the lashes depends on the glue.  If it gets wet often, tendency is it will be washed away! For example, if the right eye gets wet often than the left eye, the result will be, right eye has thinner or no lash extensions and left eye has thicker or more lash extensions!

Also, the lashes are a little stiff, when it touches your skin, it feels you really have something in your eyes.

Oh well, with beauty comes sacrifice!

5 out of 5 stars – for the reason that I got super duper many compliments!

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Voucher Review: Ensogo – ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers

When: July 2, 2011
Where: ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers at Quezon City
What: ChillSPAce Package inclusive of Manicure, Pedicure, Hand Spa & Foot Spa and 30-minute Hand & Foot Reflex Price: Php 360.00 valued at Php 900.00 / savings: Php 540.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here


 This is the ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers Logo! I love this version! Looks really cool!

It was a quaint little corner in a condo along E Rodriguez Ave in Quezon City.

It was a little bit hard to find because their signage wasn’t outside their building! Instead, it was in the building next to them. We were dropped by my husband in that next building, so me and my mother in law had to walk under the scorching sun to go to the “right” building where ChillSPAce is really located. And we had to ask the guards also where it was because on that “right” building was a driveway.  Yun pala, you have to walk a little bit more to see the cute spa!

When we got inside, we were greeted by the receptionist warmly.  However, since it was a Saturday, they can’t accommodate us yet! We waited for 2 hours to have our nails done! Take note! We had a reservation!!!

While waiting, we tried the coolers, Taro for me and Green Tea for my MIL! Yummyness!

 Since there wasn’t anything to do, I checked their Menu!

I love how there is the word CHILL in the names of the treatments!

Our package was a combination of their treatments.

After hours of waiting, we finally got our seats inside!

My MIL took the leftmost seat, and I took the seat next to her, which is the color RED! I love RED!

I love the interior of the ChillSPAce spa. The seats are comfortable. The wall mural adds oomph to the spa!

There are clean magazines to read while having your nails done too!

After being seated, our feet were immediately soaked in the footspa machine. Bubbles up and the foot scrub begins! My feet felt very very clean after! They looked so white! And you can see all the dead skin on the towel! Good bye dead skin cells!

While I am having my foot scrub, somebody else was also doing my hand. Talk about service! But the hand spa wasn’t as good as the foot spa! Maybe because our hands’ skin’s softer compared to our feet’s skin! After the hand and foot spa, manicure and pedicure began! I love the glittery blue color. It made my skin whiter! And the polish wasn’t like other polish that’s easy to break and chip off!

After the manicure and pedicure, the hand and foot reflex began. It felt so good! Because not only my hands were massaged, my whole arms were massaged too! I even felt sleepy for a while there! It was the same for the foot reflex! My muscles went a little tingly from the pressure! In a good way!

My experience with ChillSPAce Nails Spa & Coolers was memorable and amazing!

If not for the super LONG waiting time, I would have given it a perfect score! But it still gets 4.5 out of 5 stars!

I will definitely go back! See you then!

Photos from ChillSPAce Facebook Page.

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Voucher Review – Ensogo – David’s Salon

When: September 3, 2011
Where: David’s Salon / Wilson Street Branch
What: Hair Rebonding (Any Length) with Intense Ceramide Treatment and Foot Spa with Pedicure
Price: Php 2000 .00 valued at Php 7650.00 / savings: Php 5650.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here

I bought this voucher a few months back and it’s only today that I was able to avail it. I booked my appointment 2 weeks before! And because of the volume of people who bought the voucher – 700+ at that – the salon was fully booked already!

Anyway, I didn’t have a hard time booking my appointment as the receptionist was gracious enough to answer my questions about the voucher and the schedules that are both convenient for me and them.

I got there 30 minutes ahead of my scheduled time, so I could get a feel of the people in the salon, as I will be staying there for a good 4 to 5 hours! I waited a few minutes in the reception area, to be approached after by the Senior Stylist. He touched my then very wet, out of the shower hair, and said that I should also get my hair colored! He also offered to cut my hair but I said no because I am growing my hair long. We bargained for the price of the cellophane service and he gave it to me at Php 1100.00 instead of Php 1500.00.  I told myself, not bad at all!

Since my hair was wet and all, they didn’t shampoo my hair anymore. They applied the Loreal Matrix in my hair and left it for 20 minutes. After waiting, they combed the hair straight down, while I was busy having my foot scrub and pedicure.  By the way, I also availed of a manicure for Php 120.00. Time to prettify! Hehe…

After combing my hair straight, they left it again for a few minutes. They rinsed it thoroughly after. My only complaint was their rinsing chair wasn’t comfortable. I even got a stiff neck until a few days after. I kept on nudging my neck because it’s hurting already.  I got the sympathy from the junior stylist who was rinsing my hair, who said that the salon should change that chair already since it was not comfortable for clients like me!

Back to my story, after that painful rinse, they blow dried my hair.  This time, I can see the difference from my before and after hair!   Hmm, getting excited! Then here comes the tough and hot part! Time to iron my hair and straight it out!  This step took more than an hour to finish, but I first thought that it took so fast compared to others. Well, as explained by the stylist, it’s because my hair wasn’t curly or wavy at all, it doesn’t even need to be rebonded! Haha! Who is she to judge what I want to do with my hair! My hair flies away in all directions before I had it rebonded! Giving me that “mahangin sa labas” look!

They applied cellophane directly after ironing my hair, supposed to leave it for 30 minutes, but then the senior hair stylist panicked when he saw that the color is fast reflecting on my hair already after 15 minutes! He brushed and brushed my hair with his gloved hands.  Left it again for a few minutes then here comes the dreaded part, rinsing again!

This time rinsing took longer than the first rinse, because I had color in my hair! While shampooing, the junior stylist kept on saying that the hair looks good on me! i thought, kissing ass = big tip! 😛

They blowed dry my hair and voila, my hair’s straight as the daang matuwid!

I love my hair! Worth all 5 hours of my time without my baby Daphne!



serious look eh! haha!

4 out of 5 stars for my rebond

2 out of 5 stars for my mani pedi / foot spa


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Addicted to Groupon Sites

I am kinda addicted to Groupon Sites lately! So, for those who wants to get big discounts like me, feel free to browse through my list!

These are the sites that I visit everyday. I love checking on new deals, and even if I don’t need anything at all, I buy from them when something catches my fancy! Talk about being shopaholic online!

Ensogo Let’s Save Together 

MetroDeal Live your City for Less  

CashCashPinoy We Got a Deal



Have fun browsing through these websites! Enjoy shopping! 🙂

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