Atom Bar + KTV

Chanced upon a newly opened bar and ktv when we left Cafe I’m Here, which was just beside it.

Atom Bar + KTV is located at 3F CTTM Square, 68 Timog Avenue corner Tomas Morato Avenue Quezon City.

We toured around the place when it was still closed and boy, the place was amazing! Totally different from your usual ktvs.

Starting with the main bar.

They even have special beer pong tables!

Photo from Atom Bar FB

I also love that they have a separate smoking area. This means that smoking is not allowed in the bar.

They also have VIP rooms with different themes!

Inside these VIP rooms, you could either have a movie night and watch your favorite movies / series with your family or friends or belt your go to songs!

Let me show you around!

VIP 1 is the Pink Gold Room

The girls will feel special and dainty and of course, pretty in this room!

Photo from Atom Bar FB

VIP 2 is the Camping Room

I love this room! Already thinking of bringing my team here!

There are tents installed, fairy lights and artificial grass for that camping feel. Bean bags look so comfy, just the right mood to chill and enjoy the night!

Photo from Atom Bar FB

VIP 3 is the 360 Room

Looks futuristic and feels futuristic.

Photo from Atom Bar FB

VIP 4 is the Barbie Room

Larger room complete with comfy couches with a Barbie collection in the middle of the room.

Photo from Atom Bar FB

VIP 5 is the Blue Pink Room

Another room for the larger group. That blue couch sure is inviting!

Photo from Atom Bar FB

VIP 6 & 7 are the Loft Rooms

Two more rooms for large groups of people, feels like you’re just crashing

into the unit of your friend! You can be emo and just look out the window and enjoy the city view!

Photo from Atom Bar FB

All rooms have 65 inches Flat Screens!

So if you’re already thinking of having a party here, especially that Christmas get together, check their packages ↓

Photo from Atom Bar FB
Photo from Atom Bar FB
Photo from Atom Bar FB

Can’t wait to experience Atom Bar + KTV!

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Family Mode: Home Made with Love

I am so lucky to have a friend who bakes… from SCRATCH!!!


I have tried her Oatmeal Cookies / Chocolate Chip Cookies and it’s so so good.  I look forward to these cookies whenever she has a get together at her house.  She always has a stash and I love them!

I am pretty sure her Tablea Chocolate Crinkles would be as good too! 


I took one bite.  Heaven!  It has these little bits and it’s crunchy. 

I can’t wait to try the hot cocoa mix as well.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’ve had enough chocolates for today.

I live for chocolate and that’s why this is one of the best gifts ever! Hahaha…

I love that even if they are supposed to be sweet, it’s not.  And that it’s free from all preservatives because I know she doesn’t use them.  She only uses the BEST ingredients there are.

Thanks Mommy Jen!  This really deserves a blog post. Hahaha…

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Family Mode: Awesomeville in Gateway Mall

There is a new place in town.  It looks really nice in the picture.  Will definitely visit this place with my kids.


Awesomeville is located at the 4th floor of Gateway Mall in Araneta Center.  Very competitive rates at only Php 200 for an hour of ultimate fun!  If that’s not enough, you could choose to stay for longer hours and pay only Php 400.  That’s like getting the 3rd hour free.


What’s nice is their 1 guardian per child policy.  You can enjoy playing with your younger kids inside without having to pay for anything.

See you there!


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Family Mode: Moon Cake Dice Game (How to Play)

I have a previous post on our Prizes for our annual Mooncake Dice Game.  And I am sure some of you might want to know how to play this game.

This game has been here for ages and we have been playing it for some time now.  It is fun and easy.  You only need 6 pcs of dice, a bowl, prizes and lots of luck!  It is, after all, a game of chance!

How to play?

1) Prepare the prizes.  Allocate a budget per level of prizes.  For our family, we collect a certain amount per player and get the budget of the prizes from that money.

2) Arrange the players to whom starts rolling first.  You can do this by drawing lots.

3) Throw the dice and have fun!  Make sure you get the right combination of dice to take home the Grand Prize.

Check out the illustration below for the combinations:


This is an easy roll.  The 6th prize is the consolation prize.





The Prizes get more expensive and bigger as the levels rise.  So try to dice the harder combinations to get the higher prizes.

From 2nd Prize to 6th Prize, once you get the right combination, you can choose among the prizes per level what you want.  The game continues as long as there are prizes.


For the Grand Prize, any player who roll these combinations is already a winner, but a revocable one.  Revocable because another player might be able to steal it from him. 

For example, Player 1 rolled four FOURs and two FIVEs.  His combination should be listed as four FOURs and 10.  When Player 2 rolls four FOURs and two SIXES, his combination is higher than of Player 1.  So he will be the one to take the Grand Prize when the game ends.  Unless there’s someone who rolls the Ultimate Dice Roll.


This is irrevocable and whoever rolls this combination can take all the Prizes home.  Yes, as in EVERYTHING! ✩

Game is finished.

So there, start playing now!


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Family Mode: Moon Cake Dice Game (The Prizes)

This has been our family’s tradition for so many years already.  I remember Papa introducing the game to us before and our prizes will be Hopias!  1 whole set of Hopias from the littlest one to the biggest one which is the Grand Prize. 

I remember eating the mini hopias as the game goes. It leaves you so full after the game is finished.

This set of Hopias can be bought at the Eng Bee Tin until this day.  It composes of 63 pcs of varying sizes of Hopias which covers prizes for all the game levels.


But prizes have evolved, from hopia only to hopia with some cash, to all cash prizes, to hopia with some food items and snacks, back to cash prizes, then to food items and cash prizes, which is what we still do until today.  As we grow older and the family bigger, we make it a point to level up our prizes every year. 

We took advantage of S&R’s sale, almost all the prizes for the family’s annual dice game were bought there!

It’s gonna be fun for sure!

Here are our prizes for this year’s event.  The Grand Prize is of course, CASH!  The 1st prize to the consolation prizes are the following:






We might throw in some Cash here and there if budget permits.  But I really can’t wait for Sept 27!

Yey!  So excited!


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Kid in School: Results!

Results of the 1st Quarter Final Exams are finally out! Can’t help but be proud of my first born. 

All the stress and pressure-filled days are totally worth it.


It is so funny though that she got her only perfect score on her least favorite subject, Filipino. 

Even though I know she should have gotten all her mistakes correct, I will give the kid a break and just be proud and happy.  Her lowest grade, after all, is 95%!!!

Now, another waiting game till the Report Cards are out.


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Food Trip: Craft Coffee Revolution

In 1 week, I was able to bring hubby and kids to Craft.

Unfortunately, Chocolate Lava isn’t available.  We settled for Chocolate Fudge.  It is good but nothing can beat the Lava!


It was already late so I didn’t want to repeat what happened to me last week.  I didn’t sleep until 4am in the morning.  So only hubby ordered a drink.

He tried their Piccolo Latte.  I took a sip and I know already that it’s a bit strong.  Oh by the way, you could check out their other coffees by looking at the super cool Drinks Menu found below.  It’s etched on a plank of wood.


It used to be me and hubby only during Saturday nights out with friends.  Now, 2 kids join us and it’s going to be this way until they grow up.


Disclaimer: I am just saying, not complaining.

Until then!

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HSBC Family Day!

It’s that time of the year once again for my sister’s company’s family day!  Kids enjoyed last year’s festivities, even Yaya did because Yeng had a concert.  So we are all excited now to see what’s in store for this year’s event!

The event this year will be held at Star City.  Yes!  You read it right!  The old school themed park where me and my siblings and cousins had so much memories.

Checking the website for new attractions, I saw their announcement!


Yippee!  I have always wanted to bring the kids here.  But the thought of a full packed Star City scares me!

The kids had so much fun at the Star City!  As for me and my hubby, we enjoyed the food that we ate and of course, seeing the kids enjoy!  It was a tiring day but, sure was fun fun fun!  Especially when you are spending it with people closest to your heart!


What greeted us when we got inside, a very cute and friendly, MR. SNOW MAN.


The kids are so fond of him, all thumbs up!


Star City categorized their rides into 5 categories namely: Attractions, Extreme Rides, Family Rides, Kiddie Rides, and Others (Older Kid, Teen and Adult Rides)  They have their own height limit for every ride and sometimes, it’s just confusing.  But I know it’s for the safety of the riders so we just followed and didn’t argue.


Out of 10 Attractions – the STAR DOME, the SCREAM AVENUE, the LAZER BLASTER, the TIME TUNNEL, the GABI NG LAGIM, the PIRATE ADVENTURE, the DUNGEON, I only get to see 3!


The Toy Chest featured Larger than Life Toy Pegs.  Pegs because you know who they are and what Cartoon Company owns them, but they look a little bit different!





Shout out to my sister for inviting us to their company’s event!  Wala naman syang choice eh!  We are the only family she has! 🙂



SNOW WORLD (which requires Additional Fee)

Picture taking is not allowed inside the SNOW WORLD.  Before you enter the attraction, you are given Plastic to store your gadgets so that they don’t get wet; and a Winter Jacket because it’s really freezing inside.

Once inside, you feel like you are transported into another world, hence the SNOW WORLD name.  But it’s more of an ICE WORLD for me because there are ICE all over.  Ice Sculptures line up most of the area, some with lights.  The main attraction inside is the Slide.  Yes, you can slide thru the ICE! Whee!  The Kuyas were kind enough to let me and my daughter sit on 1 boat-like rubber wheel to have 1 go at the slide.  I think Daphne was a little scared because we went so fast.  The slide was fun except that it was a bumpy ride!  You can feel the Ice in your behind!


Peter Pan is also a Walk Through Attraction.

Here is my sister posting for some pictures!

peter pan

peter pan 1

Extreme Rides

There were 5 Extreme Rides – the STAR FLYER, the VIKING, the STAR FRISBEE, the JUNGLE SPLASH and the SURF DANCE

Wasn’t able to try these rides as I was babysitting!

Family Rides

The 8 Family Rides were the HAPPY SWING, the DRAGON EXPRESS, the WACKY WORM, the TELECOMBAT, the GIANT STAR WHEEL, and the 3 we tried.


My family and my brother and girlfriend rode this ride altogether.  Your car was supposed to take you up in the air, ours did, funny thing was, my brother’s didn’t.  Then the little one commented, “Bigat kasi si Aku!” meaning, her uncle is heavy!


This is a train ride that goes inside a Magic Forest, you can see fairies and elves in the forest.  A unicorn  is also there to greet you.


Who wouldn’t miss this Grand Carousel?  Big one requested for us to go up the 2nd floor!  Wish granted!

Kiddie Rides

Except for the KIDDIE WHEEL, my daughter was able to try all the Kiddie Rides:


This is the Big One’s last ride in Star City!  She was like driving pretty realistic huh!


Little one can’t ride this yet but another nice Kuya let me take a picture of her with her sister aboard the Tea Cup.



Big one spent a few minutes here then went out to join her sister in the Little Tykes area.



The big one rode this twice I think.  You get to choose your own car, either a top down jeep or a covered one.  It goes up and down the rails but it’s for kids only, so it’s kinda slow.


This ride is a mini merry go around ride.



The kids actually spent more time here than any of the other rides!





Other Kid, Teen and Adult Rides

This composed of All Time Favorite Rides like the BLIZZARD, the BUMPER CAR SMASH, the BUMPER BOAT, the BUMPER CAR RAVE, the TORNADO and the JUMPING STAR.

Well, just like the other rides, any rides that are not for kids we didn’t even see.

Star City may be old, the rides may be old.  But kids and kids at heart (like me) will always remember the memories.  It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re with family, it will always be fun and memorable!

Till next year!

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