HSBC Family Day!

It’s that time of the year once again for my sister’s company’s family day!  Kids enjoyed last year’s festivities, even Yaya did because Yeng had a concert.  So we are all excited now to see what’s in store for this year’s event!

The event this year will be held at Star City.  Yes!  You read it right!  The old school themed park where me and my siblings and cousins had so much memories.

Checking the website for new attractions, I saw their announcement!


Yippee!  I have always wanted to bring the kids here.  But the thought of a full packed Star City scares me!

The kids had so much fun at the Star City!  As for me and my hubby, we enjoyed the food that we ate and of course, seeing the kids enjoy!  It was a tiring day but, sure was fun fun fun!  Especially when you are spending it with people closest to your heart!


What greeted us when we got inside, a very cute and friendly, MR. SNOW MAN.


The kids are so fond of him, all thumbs up!


Star City categorized their rides into 5 categories namely: Attractions, Extreme Rides, Family Rides, Kiddie Rides, and Others (Older Kid, Teen and Adult Rides)  They have their own height limit for every ride and sometimes, it’s just confusing.  But I know it’s for the safety of the riders so we just followed and didn’t argue.


Out of 10 Attractions – the STAR DOME, the SCREAM AVENUE, the LAZER BLASTER, the TIME TUNNEL, the GABI NG LAGIM, the PIRATE ADVENTURE, the DUNGEON, I only get to see 3!


The Toy Chest featured Larger than Life Toy Pegs.  Pegs because you know who they are and what Cartoon Company owns them, but they look a little bit different!





Shout out to my sister for inviting us to their company’s event!  Wala naman syang choice eh!  We are the only family she has! 🙂



SNOW WORLD (which requires Additional Fee)

Picture taking is not allowed inside the SNOW WORLD.  Before you enter the attraction, you are given Plastic to store your gadgets so that they don’t get wet; and a Winter Jacket because it’s really freezing inside.

Once inside, you feel like you are transported into another world, hence the SNOW WORLD name.  But it’s more of an ICE WORLD for me because there are ICE all over.  Ice Sculptures line up most of the area, some with lights.  The main attraction inside is the Slide.  Yes, you can slide thru the ICE! Whee!  The Kuyas were kind enough to let me and my daughter sit on 1 boat-like rubber wheel to have 1 go at the slide.  I think Daphne was a little scared because we went so fast.  The slide was fun except that it was a bumpy ride!  You can feel the Ice in your behind!


Peter Pan is also a Walk Through Attraction.

Here is my sister posting for some pictures!

peter pan

peter pan 1

Extreme Rides

There were 5 Extreme Rides – the STAR FLYER, the VIKING, the STAR FRISBEE, the JUNGLE SPLASH and the SURF DANCE

Wasn’t able to try these rides as I was babysitting!

Family Rides

The 8 Family Rides were the HAPPY SWING, the DRAGON EXPRESS, the WACKY WORM, the TELECOMBAT, the GIANT STAR WHEEL, and the 3 we tried.


My family and my brother and girlfriend rode this ride altogether.  Your car was supposed to take you up in the air, ours did, funny thing was, my brother’s didn’t.  Then the little one commented, “Bigat kasi si Aku!” meaning, her uncle is heavy!


This is a train ride that goes inside a Magic Forest, you can see fairies and elves in the forest.  A unicorn  is also there to greet you.


Who wouldn’t miss this Grand Carousel?  Big one requested for us to go up the 2nd floor!  Wish granted!

Kiddie Rides

Except for the KIDDIE WHEEL, my daughter was able to try all the Kiddie Rides:


This is the Big One’s last ride in Star City!  She was like driving pretty realistic huh!


Little one can’t ride this yet but another nice Kuya let me take a picture of her with her sister aboard the Tea Cup.



Big one spent a few minutes here then went out to join her sister in the Little Tykes area.



The big one rode this twice I think.  You get to choose your own car, either a top down jeep or a covered one.  It goes up and down the rails but it’s for kids only, so it’s kinda slow.


This ride is a mini merry go around ride.



The kids actually spent more time here than any of the other rides!





Other Kid, Teen and Adult Rides

This composed of All Time Favorite Rides like the BLIZZARD, the BUMPER CAR SMASH, the BUMPER BOAT, the BUMPER CAR RAVE, the TORNADO and the JUMPING STAR.

Well, just like the other rides, any rides that are not for kids we didn’t even see.

Star City may be old, the rides may be old.  But kids and kids at heart (like me) will always remember the memories.  It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re with family, it will always be fun and memorable!

Till next year!

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family day!

pics from my daughter’s family day…

we enjoyed our children’s performance. we enjoyed the games. we enjoyed the food.


kids lined up before going to the other building where thr gym was located


our family pic inside the gym before the event started


we were surprised by the kids. they have 2 dance performances for the event. i love how daphne shaked her grooves. she’s a good dancer.


we won the 1st game! na tensed ako!


group shot with the guidance team


and of course, picture with the teachers of section na2!

tiring day but super fun!

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family day in my daughter’s school

Today, August 3, is the scheduled family day for the nursery department in our daughter’s school. Being 1st time school parents, we don’t know what happens on a family day.  I asked around, they say it will be a day of eating and playing.  Maybe the school’s way to bond with both the students and their respective parents.  A day of getting to know each other, perhaps!

We were asked to bring some food for sharing.  Again, we asked around. We don’t have any idea what kind of food to bring.  Someone told me not to bring a lot for there will be a ton of food brought by the other parents.  So just not to be empty handed, we bought some cupcakes, mamons and cookies.  It’s individually packed, it’s convenient and mess-free!

For sure today will be a lot of fun.  Can’t wait!

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