Cafe Publico

We usually watch movies at Promenade but we have taken this resto for granted! Cafe Publico is located at the right side of Promenade Theater Lobby (from the escalator).

If not for an Eatigo promo, we would have not tried this cafe/resto. There was a 40% discount because we booked through the Eatigo app.

Even if it’s just a small cafe, there are a lot of dishes to choose from!

Taking advantage of the promo, we ordered a lot! I love all the food we ordered!


Pizza Dough Chips

Chicken Noodle Soup

Spicy Tuna Panini

Chicken Pie Panini

Pulled Pork BBQ Mac & Cheese

Of course, the kids had their gelato fix after dinner.

In a cup, you get to taste 3 different flavors all at once! I love their Dark Belgian Chocolate. Just the way I like my chocolate, bittersweet!

In addition, seems like they serve good coffee as well! Neighboring tables all ordered coffee! And they have a stash of books and game boards too! Just get it from the counter or borrow one from the staff!

Sure going back for gelato and more one of these days!

The place is good for unwinding!

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Daphne’s Funny & Embarrasing Story at Kid’s Workshop!

All day long, me and my hubby had a jampacked schedule.  It started with the Parent’s Orientation at Daphne’s school.  Then, we went home for lunch.  After which, we went straight to the temple for my father’s 100 days.  Every time we leave the house, Daphne was left with a promise that we’ll take her out as soon as we finished our schedule!  So even if we got home 6pm already, we still brought her to Kid’s Workshop in Shoppesville, Greenhills!  A promise is a promise – according to daddy!

The voucher for Kid’s Workshop was bought beforehand.  Little did we know that we’ll be using it that night.  I called them up first to ask if we could use the voucher that same night, a reservation was not needed! Lucky Daphne! Since it was kinda late already, I also asked them what time they will close.  We got Daphne unlimited play pass, sayang naman if she can’t play to all heart’s content!  They answered they will close at 9pm!  Dennis and I thought that it’s just right, 2 hours is enough for Daphne.

When we got there, Daphne was so excited.  She waited all day for this!  I wore my socks, we got in, she played and ran around.  To her excitement, she forgot to tell me she needs to pee!  So there in the middle of the play area, she peed!  Hay… Dennis left us at the play area, I called him and told him what happened, and that he should get Daphne’s things at the car!

We waited at the lounge, I scolded Daphne but she just looked at me!  A little while later, she said she will pee!  I removed her wet pants and undies and carried her to the restroom!  She didn’t pee!  Nakakaloka talaga anak ko!  Good thing, hubby was already outside with her pants and undies!  Yaya didn’t put extra socks so we needed to buy a pair for Daphne to play again.

So everything’s okay now.  Dennis left again and roamed Shoppesville.  We took pictures, Daphne played, ran around and I can see that she’s really very happy!  Then she suddenly stopped and said, “OO” which means she needs to do number 2!  Oh no!

I took off her pants and undies again, and we ran to the rest room!  After, she told me, no “oo” omg! Since she didn’t want to do number 2 anymore, we went out of the restroom, wore her pants and undies, plus the socks and she played again.  Less than 5 minutes after, she told me again, “OO”  I knew that time that she’s really going to do number 2!  We ran again to the rest room, took off her pants and yey, success!

Nakakaloka talaga!  When Dennis and I were talking about it, we came to the conclusion that she was indeed VERY EXCITED!  So excited that she needed to do both number 1 and number 2 things!  Buti na lang, wala ng tao!  Kakahiya kaya!

Kids talaga!

Read about my review and pictures of Kid’s Workshop here!

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Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Kid’s Workshop

When: June 14, 2013

Where: 2nd Flr, Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center

What: Unlimited Play Pass

Price: Php 149.00 Valued at Php 385.00 / savings Php 236.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

Daphne enjoyed going to the Kid’s Workshop.  She got so excited she made a mess!  Read about it here!

She didn’t even want to go home!  The Ate there needed to turn off the lights, so that Daphne will see they are closing already!

I like the Kid’s Workshop!  It’s bigger than we expected.  It’s not like the other play areas we’ve been to!  Here, a kid can make her imagination go wild.  They can play make believe games with all the things they can do here, not just go jumping!

There are cars (Little Tikes brand) that they can ride and they even have a gasoline station where you can gas up!  photo 1(2)

There’s a kitchen corner   complete with a refrigerator and a cooking station.  It also has plates and other utensils.  The refrigerator has plastic fruits and vegetables.

photo 5(2)

photo 3

photo 4(3)

There’s a ironing board also equipped with an iron, hangers and clothes.  A child can iron her own clothes!

They have an area for art activities too!  It’s too bad there were no more teachers when we were there.  Because it was raining, the teachers went home early.  Could have done a lot of painting!  And I also think that they have sing and dance activities too, like Gymboree Style – Parachute, if there were teachers and some more kids around.  There’s only 1 kid that time, and she’s about 1 year and a half.  Not a suitable playmate for Daphne.  Oh, there are also wooden rocking horses they can climb on!

photo 3(2)

There’s an area too with the usual pool with balls!  Beside this, there’s a little house and a tunnel with soft material!  In this area, there were bookshelves with books and some puzzles!

photo 4

photo 5

On the 2nd floor, there are computer gaming stations.  Beside the gaming station is the reading area!  A lot of books fill the book shelves!  A little further down the aisle, you will see a mini room with 2 lego tables.  On the shelf near it are 2 big boxes of blocks.

photo 4(1)

photo 1

photo 3

For the hyper kids who want some physical activity, there are 2 slides and a hanging bridge!  There is also a barrass where you can go monkeying around!  They also have an anchor wheel you can spin if you think you’re a pirate! (just like what Daphne did)  There’s also a mini rock climbing ramp and a rope ladder!

photo 2(2)

photo 2(1)

photo 5

photo 5(1)

photo 2

photo 1

Overall, I would rate Kid’s Workshop 8 out of 10!  The area is really conducive for children’s physical and mental activity.  However, the 2 points will go to lack of safety foams for the areas with wood material.  Like under the hanging bridge and the rock climbing ramp.  They should put safety foams so that kids can’t bump their heads there.  At the very least, when they do bump their heads, it’s soft and not as hard as a wood!

photo 1(1)

Happy baby and a happy mommy!

photo 3(1)

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BWL Salon

As my hair has its own life even if blow dried, I have been longing to have it straightened for a few months now.  I don’t have curly or kinky hair, it’s a little bit wavy and tends to get dry sometimes.  So when I heard that my cousin had her hair done, beautifully, at a promo price, I didn’t hesitate anymore!

I don’t usually spend so much on my hair.  I get Php50.00 haircuts at a salon in Kalentong, near the palengke (market).  I am not maarte in that part.  But even with the Php 50.00 budget, I still get lots of compliments for my hair cut!  Isn’t that the best deal?

I wanted a wash and wear hair, that’s the reason I had my hair cut short.  I am a breastfeeding mother and I don’t have all the time in the world.  In the morning, I pump before I leave for office.  I usually choose sleeping late than getting up early just to fix my hair.  But with my hair always flying away, I don’t have a choice but to make time for it.  Lately, since I still don’t have time, I bring my blower in the office and blow my hair there.  Still, it flies away.

So, hearing about BWL Salon is like a gift for my birthday.  My birthday is June 11.  I was scheduled for June 12, it’s Independence Day so there’s no work.  Fortunately, hubby didn’t have a schedule that day also.   I was free to go!

I got there around 11am.  Just in time for my appointment.  They asked me what I want to be done to my hair.  I was there for the IVL, it’s Ionic Volume Treatment, they told me it’s milder than Hair Rebond.  It doesn’t make your hair look like walis! They offered Hair Color at a promo price also.  Since it’s my birthday gift for myself, I decided to splurge a little.

It took 4.5 hours all in all to get everything done!  I brought a book (a gift for my birthday) because I know it’s gonna be a long process!  But I only read a few chapters because they played “I-Vice Ganda mo ako sa Araneta!”  It’s so funny but I can’t hear some line because they were blow drying my hair!  I am so happy with the results!  Even the color, I really like.

Here are some photos of the salon!  I love the interior! It’s all white but they used colorful stickers!  I love how they used the leafy stickers and little flowery 2d stickers to add to that cozy feel!  I also love their chandelier!

photo 3

Oh!  Maybe you’re asking for the result of my IVL.  See the before and after!  You’ll be amazed!  The Before Photo was taken while Roma, my stylist, was already clipping and dividing my hair into sections.  Roma also gave me a free Bangs Haircut!

photo 1

Because of the IVL, my Php50.00 hair cut looked more elegant 

I also want to take note of Jeffrey (I hope I got it right!) I think he’s the Manager there.  He’s very attentive to clients, he’s charming and he’s very hands-on!  All I want in a salon!  I give this salon 10 out of 10!  Good service! Nice people!  I’ll be back, if not sooner, later!

BWL Salon Facebook Page here

Contact Numbers: 6643020 / 0998-4671215

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Voucher Review – Ensogo – Nail Files

When:  April 13, 2013
Where: Nail Files Wilson Greenhills Branch
What:  90-minute ultimate Hand & Foot Package: Foot & Hand Spa + Foot & Hand Scrub + Foot & Hand Reflex + Callus Removal + Mani-Pedi with upgraded polish
Price:  Php 349.00 valued at Php 1,100.00 / savings Php 751.00
Groupon Site: Ensogo / Deal Here
nail files
I bought this deal a long time ago, I was still pregnant then.  I needed to pamper my hands and feet, I thought!
The baby came and so much has happened, I wasn’t able to find time to use it.  Until the voucher was about to expire, I didn’t have a choice but to fit it in my schedule.  One Saturday night, my loving husband dropped me off at the Greenhills Wilson Branch.  Of course, I made a reservation already.  We all know that deals like these, a reservation is almost as important as the deal itself.
The branch was located at 2nd Floor, I got up the stairs, walked a few steps and a small door at the end of the hallway greets you.  When I went in, no one is inside yet.  This is how it looked like.  A cozy and dim place to relax and unwind.
nail files
I love their interior, the colors lavender and apple green help you achieve that calm state.  After I gave my voucher, I immediately settled in and took my spot for the night.  So many fluffy pillows to use! Used it to prop my head! Here’s my smiling face.
nail files 2
I waited a few minutes.  Then it was time to start the pampering!  They soaked my feet in the foot spa machine.
nail files 4
While it’s soaking, the Nail Files staff started with the Hand Scrub.  I wasn’t able to take a photo of it.  She scrubbed my hands till the half of my arms.  It was so-so.  Not really as good as it’s supposed to feel like.
After the Hand Scrub is the Hand Reflex, just like the Scrub it wasn’t something explosive.  She just massaged the hands.
About this time, there was a family who walked in and everyone chose a Foot Spa Package, except for the little girl about 6 or 7 year old who chose the Kiddie Manicure.  So cute because all four girls were with their dad.  Then, a voucher holder like me came in with her hubby.  The place was jampacked and what’s funny was there were only 3 staff to accommodate and do everyone’s nails! Imagine that!  It was a mess!
Fortunately, I was the first one to arrive, so I was the priority.  They do me first in every step of the way.
After soaking my feet, it was time for my feet to be scrubbed.  This one’s a little better than the Hand Scrub.  But I felt that the staff is hurrying because there were people waiting.  They covered my feet with a towel after.
nail files 5  
Same process with the Hand Scrub, after it was the Foot Reflex.  It was more like a Soft Massage.  
nail files 7
Time for the Mani and Pedi!  They stayed true to their package, it comes with upgraded polish.  You can choose from a variety of colors from different brands like LA Colors, The Face Shop and Orly.  You can also choose from different designs of  nail art.  
nails files1
I chose a pink hue from the Orly Brand.
nail files 6
I forgot to take a picture of my hands and feet after. But I took a photo now of my feet and the polish is still ok!
orly feet
As for my hand nail polish, I just removed it yesterday.  But I still love the after effect, no yellow nails even after 2 weeks, no cracked end and my nails still look good even without the polish!
clean nails
So there, still happy overall!  If you’ll ask me, I’ll definitely go back, but not for the spa package anymore, I’ll just go for their mani pedi combo! Rating’s 8 of 10! See you soon Nail Files!
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