Kids Happy Time Playground

Report cards are out and the kids did well. They deserve a treat! What more can a kid ask for? Playtime! Afraid of the huge influx of people in the usual malls, hubby decided to find a place where there will likely be lesser kids.

He found Kids Happy Time Playground which is located in Venice Grand Canal Mall!

And the best thing about it? Metrodeal is selling a voucher for it! Upon checking the availability of slots for weekend playtime, we purchased coupons to use.

For Php 249 instead of Php 399 for 3 hours, a kid and an adult companion will be allowed to enter the play area.

The kids had a super fun time doing obstacle courses, sliding, racing and whatever they could think of!

Upon entering, you will be directed to your locker space and this is also where you will leave your shoes. Bring socks so you don’t have to buy from them anymore!

The whole area is Under The Sea Themed, with touches of Pirates of the Carribean.

There is a ball pit!

Some bridges!

For the littler ones.

A racetrack!

A Merry Go Around!

Ball Swings and a trampoline!

Mini Houses.

Building Blocks area.

Some slides and a ball pit!

They also have a Sand Pit but with plastic seeds instead of real sand.

Aside from the play area, a child can have different creative activities too! But with fees!

It’s nice for kids 8 yrs old below. The space is big enough. I like it because it’s not crowded. The place is padded too!

A fun way to let the kids be themselves, run around and be free!

Be sure to check Metrodeal first before heading there and to also call first to ask for Metrodeal Voucher schedule.

Our kids deserve to have fun and it shouldn’t be expensive! ūüĎĆ

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Voucher Review: Nuat Thai Anti-Stress Royal Massage + Foot Reflexology

This massage date with hubby was supposed to be last week, but since we didn’t make an appointment and reserve a slot, Nuat Thai 500 Shaw Branch can’t accommodate us anymore.¬† So, I set an appointment for today.

We got here at 3 pm. We were called in after 5 minutes or so.¬† I like that Nuat Thai wash a client’s feet before starting any massage.¬† It’s situated right after the reception area.¬† I feel very clean.

After washing, we were sitted in the foot reflexology area.  The chair is reclined and you put your feet up in a soft ottomon-like chair. 



I feel very comfortable as the masseuse does reflexology on my very tired feet.  Oh, it feels so good!

I am getting so sleepy… “Zzzz…. Zzzz… Zzzz…”

The whole reflexology part focuses on your feet up to your lower legs. I don’t know how you call what they did, they press the pressure points really hard so it releases tension.¬† A must try!

After around 20 minutes of reflexology, we were told to transfer to our respective rooms.  This is how it looks.



Like their Traditional Thai Massage, they do the massage on the floor.¬† So I asked Sophia if the Anti-Stress is just like the Thai Massage. I actually didn’t hear her answer as she whispered it.

Anyway, I have to tell you!!! This is one of the BEST massages I ever had!!! It’s a combination of Swedish (oil is used), Thai (stretching at the end) and the Pressure Point thingy.¬† The massage lasted an hour and a half.¬† It’s that long!¬†
Every now and then, I kept on thinking, we are almost done. And then Sophia will tell me to sit or to lie or change into a different position. 

What I liked about the massage was that it focused on the catch basin of our body stress, which is the shoulders, the back and the legs.¬† In the Philippines, we have this thing called “Lamig” which is caused by stress on the shoulders.¬† She really pressed and knuckled it all away!¬† My back’s a little sore now from all the rubbing and knuckling, but hey, I am still feeling good and I am pretty sure my body thinks so too!

I remember letting out Oohhsss and Aaaahhs as Sophia stretched my whole body and I hear my bones crackling!  That felt so great!

I’m definitely going back for another Anti-Stress Royal Body Massage!¬† Another good thing about this, we got this on a super deal from Ensogo!¬† Half the price at Php375, instead of Php550 for the Body Massage and another Php300 or so for the Foot Reflexology.

Isn’t it the best deal ever? So sulit! So worth it!!

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Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Kid’s Workshop

When: June 14, 2013

Where: 2nd Flr, Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center

What: Unlimited Play Pass

Price: Php 149.00 Valued at Php 385.00 / savings Php 236.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

Daphne enjoyed going to the Kid’s Workshop. ¬†She got so excited she made a mess! ¬†Read about it here!

She didn’t even want to go home! ¬†The Ate there needed to turn off the lights, so that Daphne will see they are closing already!

I like the Kid’s Workshop! ¬†It’s bigger than we expected. ¬†It’s not like the other play areas we’ve been to! ¬†Here, a kid can make her imagination go wild. ¬†They can play make believe games with all the things they can do here, not just go jumping!

There are cars (Little Tikes brand) that they can ride and they even have a gasoline station where you can gas up!  photo 1(2)

There’s a kitchen corner ¬† complete with a refrigerator and a cooking station. ¬†It also has plates and other utensils. ¬†The refrigerator has plastic fruits and vegetables.

photo 5(2)

photo 3

photo 4(3)

There’s a ironing board also equipped with an iron, hangers and clothes. ¬†A child can iron her own clothes!

They have an area for art activities too! ¬†It’s too bad there were no more teachers when we were there. ¬†Because it was raining, the teachers went home early. ¬†Could have done a lot of painting! ¬†And I also think that they have sing and dance activities too, like Gymboree Style – Parachute, if there were teachers and some more kids around. ¬†There’s only 1 kid that time, and she’s about 1 year and a half. ¬†Not a suitable playmate for Daphne. ¬†Oh, there are also wooden rocking horses they can climb on!

photo 3(2)

There’s an area too with the usual pool with balls! ¬†Beside this, there’s a little house and a tunnel with soft material! ¬†In this area, there were bookshelves with books and some puzzles!

photo 4

photo 5

On the 2nd floor, there are computer gaming stations.  Beside the gaming station is the reading area!  A lot of books fill the book shelves!  A little further down the aisle, you will see a mini room with 2 lego tables.  On the shelf near it are 2 big boxes of blocks.

photo 4(1)

photo 1

photo 3

For the hyper kids who want some physical activity, there are 2 slides and a hanging bridge! ¬†There is also a barrass where you can go monkeying around! ¬†They also have an anchor wheel you can spin if you think you’re a pirate! (just like what Daphne did) ¬†There’s also a mini rock climbing ramp and a rope ladder!

photo 2(2)

photo 2(1)

photo 5

photo 5(1)

photo 2

photo 1

Overall, I would rate Kid’s Workshop 8 out of 10! ¬†The area is really conducive for children’s physical and mental activity. ¬†However, the 2 points will go to lack of safety foams for the areas with wood material. ¬†Like under the hanging bridge and the rock climbing ramp. ¬†They should put safety foams so that kids can’t bump their heads there. ¬†At the very least, when they do bump their heads, it’s soft and not as hard as a wood!

photo 1(1)

Happy baby and a happy mommy!

photo 3(1)

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Voucher Review – Groupon – Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag (The Bag that never Came)

When:  February 1, 2013

Where: Online Shop

What:  Tory Burch Ella Tote Bag

Price:  Php 5995.00 valued at Php 10,650.00 / savings Php 4,655.00

Groupon Site: Groupon Philippines / Deal Here


This is the story of the bag that never came!

Delivery was supposed to start February 15, and would end 10 working days after that.  Scheduled delivery ended, still NO BAG!

During those times, I had to attend to something more important.  I totally forgot about the bag until about a month later.  I was out of the country when I remembered so I asked my husband if the bag was delivered while I was away.  He answered no.  When I returned to the Philippines, I immediately called up the Groupon hotline to follow up the delivery of the bag.

I was able to talk to TJ and he wasn’t sure where my bag is, because according to their records, it has been dispatched to the courier already. ¬†I made a request to trace the whereabouts of the bag. ¬† After all, I have a right to demand about the bag since I already paid it in full the moment I made the purchase more than a month ago!

TJ was very accommodating, though he really should be to a complaining client like me, he promised to give me a call or an email when he gets an answer from their courier. ¬†A few days passed, no advise from him yet, so I resorted to email this time. ¬†Another CST, Denise, replied to my inquiry. ¬†She told me she will check. ¬†After this, I followed up (again) with TJ, and it turned out that the bag was out of stock already. ¬†I got angry because if I didn’t made a complain, they wouldn’t Inform me that the bag I already PAID for almost 2 months already won’t be delivered! If I totally forgot about my purchase, then my money will be theirs for the taking!

TJ knew that I was really in a bad mood!  He immediately offered me a refund, and that he will expedite its return to my mode of payment, which is credit card.  According to him, it usually takes 30 or more days for a refund to take effect, but in my case, I will only have to wait for a few days.

True to his words, it was refunded immediately to my credit card.  When I called up my credit card company a few days after, it was already effected.  I was able to heave a sigh of relief when I got a confirmation from my credit card company that I do have a refund coming in from Groupon.

Then that was when I got an email from Denise that my bag was out of stock already, so I just replied to her that it was already refunded.

At least, it was good to know that Groupon has a good after sales service.  Though, I also needed to push them to make them move, I still got my money back.

And come to think of it, I really don’t feel the bag anymore. ¬†Get what I mean? ¬†*wink*wink*

Ps. I was more excited about the other Bag I bought, the Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka. ¬†See my next post! ūüôā

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Voucher Review – Cash Cash Pinoy – Gloria Maris

When: October 13, 2012
Where: Gloria Maris РPodium Branch
What: Set Menu B for 8 Persons
Price: Php 2295.00 valued at Php 4590.00 / savings: Php 2295.00

Groupon Site: Cash Cash Pinoy / Deal Here

There were actually 3 Set Menus to choose from, we chose Set Menu B.¬† The price is not that bad since it’s 50% off!¬† I’ve already made reservations for next Saturday at around 8pm.¬† We will be celebrating my mom’s birthday.

The Set Menu B consists of:

Eight treasures shrimp soup

Crispy Fried Asado roll

Seafood with Gold mushroom XO sauce

Steamed Lotus leaf glutinous rice with chicken

Fried spareribs with Shrimp sauce

Fujian fried noodles



Additional Dishes Ordered:

Sweet & Sour Pork


Chicken & Prawn Salad (should have been named Chicken Salad only, since there were only 2 prawns included in the dish!)

Update:¬† We were quite disappointed with the turn out of our dinner.¬† For the price, even if already at 50% off, we think it wasn’t worth it!¬† We could have gotten more of what we paid for in other Chinese restaurants.¬†¬†Maybe we were just expecting too much!¬† The taste of the dishes was just so-so.¬† It’s like we’ve eaten at a non-Chinese restaurant.¬† The serving wasn’t the normal size that would be enough for 8 persons.¬† So we decided to order 2 more dishes.¬†¬†That night, even a Saturday, there weren’t too many people dining at the Podium Branch, so you guessed it, service wasn’t that good either.¬† They served everything all at the same time.¬† In a hurry?¬† Isn’t lauriat supposed to be served one after the other?¬† Or at least, they let us savor the dish first before serving the next.¬†¬†Even the trademark Taho wasn’t good!¬†¬†Our neighborhood¬†Taho vendor serves taho better!

There were only 2 things I was happy about with this experience.¬† First was that they didn’t charge us for the cake we brought in.¬† Lastly, they didn’t ask us to leave when they closed.¬† (We were the last diners there!)

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this voucher a 4!¬† And I wouldn’t recommend¬†this branch to anyone.¬† I still prefer the original Gloria Maris in Greenhills, San Juan.

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Voucher Review – Cash Cash Pinoy – Cyma

When: July 14, 2012

Where: Cyma Greek Taverna in Eastwood City

What:  Ala Carte Menu

Price: Php 1,000.00 valued at Php 2,000.00 / savings: Php 1,000.00 (We had 2 vouchers. Aside from the Php 2,000 we paid for the vouchers, we paid an additional Php1,000.00 because we ordered a lot of food! )

Groupon Site: Cash Cash Pinoy


For my¬†daughter’s post 2nd birthday celebration, we went ahead to Cyma Greek Taverna at Eastwood City.¬† We called up to reserve our slot as we always do. That’s the first thing we do if we are to avail of a voucher!

We were a few minutes early and the place wasn’t packed yet, since¬†we reserved an early dinner time slot.¬† The staff were all accommodating. They showed us our table and asked for the vouchers.¬† (One thing not to forget also! Bring the voucher!) We bought 2 vouchers. A voucher is good for 2 persons only. We were 4 plus my little princess.

We had a few pictures taken while waiting for our order. See how our little princess be all cute and ah, cuter!

cutie cute daphne

Then some more pictures…

daphne with mommy

After sometime, the food finally arrived. First was the¬†Soupa (soup) Mommy ordered (which I am sorry I forgot what it’s called).¬† It was a French Onion Soup, the taste was just right.

Next to come was the Orektika (appetizer), I ordered their Spinach and Artichoke Fondue, which turned out was a house specialty and really appetizing. Just like the soup, the saltiness was just right. You can actually taste the spinach. The melting cheese on top made it yummier! It was served with 3 slices of pita bread and 3 slices of toasted garlic bread, which actually made us full already!

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue

And here’s a picture of Daphne eating her pita bread.¬† She loved it.

Our family loves anything lamb. So we ordered 2 dishes of lamb meat. The first was a Souvlakia Souvlaki which was skewered lamb meat with vegetables.  More like the Kebabs of the Persians.  The skewered lamb meat was served with 3 full pita bread and garlic sauce. 

The other dish we ordered was another house specialty, it was the Paidakia. It was grilled lamb ribs served with potatoes.

Both lamb dishes were grilled to perfection I must say.  The true taste of the lamb came out very savoury.  I just squeezed some lemon juice over it and boom, yumminess! The lamb meat were also very tender.  

As much as I would like to try their Glyka (desserts), there’s no more room. That is why I would go back to Cyma again, maybe sooner than later, to try out the other specialty dishes and of course, their desserts. Rating? I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Cyma makes a very healty choice of a restaurant for me and my family! Good food, good service, good ambience – what else could we ask for?

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Voucher Review – Deal Grocer – Cafe Jeepney

When: March 3, 2012

Where: Cafe Jeepney in Hotel Intercontinental
What:  Buffet dinner with free iced teaPrice: Php 1999.00 valued at Php 4200.00 / savings: Php 2201.00

Groupon Site: Deal Grocer

Cafe Jeepney

For my mother in law’s birthday, we decided to try the buffet in Hotel Intercontinental’s Cafe Jeepney. ¬†

We called up the hotel for reservation to avoid any inconveniences and to make sure that we have a table. ¬†We went there early enough to choose our table. The staff were all pleasant enough, they even helped me with my baby Daphne. They even gave Daphne her own chair with table and her own bread! To Daphne’s delight! ūüôā

Daphne and her bread

We waited for a few minutes because the buffet isn’t open yet. ¬†Since the place isn’t packed yet, we decided to have some picture taking going on.

daphne wants to get inside the little jeepney

The place’s interior is very warm. Dim light and all. You will not be intimidated. It’s perfect for little family gatherings or for couples who wants to enjoy each other’s company.¬† Here are some pictures of the food display.

make your own noodles
sushi bar

And our favorite dessert of them all… the Chocolate Truffle¬†

Chocolate Truffle

Overall, dining at Cafe Jeepney gets 4 out of 5 stars.  Although the selection of food is not as many as those other hotels, the food is really sumptuous and uses real ingredients. You know that you are not being shortchanged.  Moreover, the staff were all pleasant, friendly and helpful.  If I have a chance to eat at Cafe Jeepney again, I will definitely come back!

¬†Here’s our family picture after our yummy dinner!

Family Picture




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Voucher Review – MetroDeal – Fatboy’s Pizza

When:  September 24, 2011
Where:¬†Fatboy’s Pizza¬†
What: 2 Delicious and Mouthwatering Supersize 14 Inch Pizzas Price: Php 295.00 valued at Php 590.00 / savings: Php 295.00

Groupon Site: MetroDeal / Deal Here

This is a long overdue review! Sorry for that!


Fatboy’s Pizza is thin-crusted, and it’s really fully loaded with different toppings! We began to love this pizza since we first took a bite because of its savoury flavor! It can even compete with this pizza brand which has nothing but bread on its pan!

With Fatboy’s, you will not be shortchanged! with toppings that is!

And it’s so easy to claim, we claimed ours at the Puregold Jr Branch in Bocobo Street. When you get there, all you have to do is show your voucher and order what flavor of pizza you want (that’s part of the deal) and wait until the pizza bakes! Hot and fast and easy! What more can you ask for?

Even without the deal, the price is really worth it! So what are you waiting for? Go buy now! ūüôā

This deal gets a perfect score from me! 5 out of 5!

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