Taoyuan International Airport Lounges

It’s been a while since I came to visit Taiwan, about 5 years! And boy, has it changed!

When we arrived, we were in a hurry as it’s the wee hours of the morning. However, on our departure, we were able to roam around and discover the FREE lounges all over the airport!

Going to our boarding gate, I was amazed by these different themed lounges that lined up the whole C gates.

Starting off with Gate C1. Taiwan Music Waiting Lounge – Music themed lounge. The sofas have charging ports as well.

Gate C2 – Skyline Waiting Lounge – Travel themed lounge – with some bits of information about the origin of aviation.

Gate C3 is my favorite and was our boarding gate during our flight home from Taipei. Hello Kitty Lounge! All pretty in pink. There’s even a Sanrio store beside it. Also a mini playground for kids. The telephone booths outside the lounge works.

Another theme is the E-Library Waiting Lounge. It has reading nooks all over. This is the lounge for bookworms like me. 📕📖📔📚

These are just 4 of the lounges. They have a lot more but I just took pictures of these 4 as it was near my boarding gate.

Also along the C strip was a prayer room for 3 different religions. They have separate rooms. I didn’t peek inside as there might be someone praying.

If you are a flower lover, this area would suit you. Taiwan’s Phalaenopsis. Beautiful 🌼🌺🏵💮🌸 right?

There is also an area for techie people. You get to use the computers, connect to the internet or charge your gadgets!

Oh and they also have a Hello Kitty themed breastfeeding room for our mommy breast warriors.

Taoyuan International Airport really upped its airport game. Who wouldn’t want to chill in those lounges?

Go see for yourself and visit Taiwan, the Heart of Asia.

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Family Mode: Customizing our Princess Cake!

Since Red Ribbon doesn’t have Hello Kitty Themed Cakes, we just chose a suitable cake for our party.  We chose this Princess Fondant Cake for our Mini Princess.  The cake is pink and yellow, just like Hello Kitty’s colors. 

Credits to my creative husband who conceptualized what to do with the cake to make it Hello Kitty Themed.  He looked for our daughters’ Hello Kitty figures / toys and placed them on the cake. 

It just took 2 toys and some good placement on the cake, the guests and visitors raved how cute the cake was.


The HK below lights up while the HK on top doesn’t. 

It came out nicely right?

Practical mom and dad all the way! 🙂

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Family Mode: Souvenir for our Bunso’s Birthday!

3 weeks prior to our baby’s Jollibee Party, we were looking for something useful and practical but at the same time cute for souvenir at her party. Our theme is Hello Kitty, I was sure there would be a lot of stocks. So we browsed through store after store looking for THE ONE!

And we finally found what we wanted! We chose Hello Kitty for the girls and Minions for the boys. Actually the minions can also be for girls.

At first, we were thinking of customizing it per bottle but since we are out of time already, we decided against it. We thought of other ways how we can put label on it so it’ll look like a souvenir from a party.

Hubby came up with this.


We placed it on top of the tumbler’s box so it’s gonna be uniform. Looks nice when put together.


How to make your own label? Find a picture of your theme. Put some thank you and the name of the celebrant. Print it on sticker paper and there you have your own label. You can also make it fun by asking your celebrant kid to help you in sticking the labels on your tumblers.

For my case, I had 2 kids to help me.



Hope you learned something today!

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