Trip to Kwun Tong

My kids and I took the ferry to go to Kwun Tong.

It was a few minutes ride from the Sai Wan Ho Pier to the Kwun Tong Public Pier.

What to see in Kwun Tong?

⛴️Adidas / New Balance / Nike outlets.

⛴️Beauty shops

⛴️Buildings which house apparel shops, etc.

⛴️APM Mall which houses both international and local brands

Check out the Adventures of Daphne and Denise Vlog #19 for more of our trip to Kwun Tong.

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Hong Kong Food Trip 2017 Part 2

During our first 2 days here in Hong Kong, we managed to go to some of the best food places around the city, check Hong Kong Food Trip 2017, but the journey of finding the best places doesn’t end there.  So let’s get it on!

The Spaghetti House offered a Lobster and Scallops Pasta Meal at a discount.

The Lobster Bisque is good.  However, the angel hair pasta is a little bland.  

Sometimes, it’s nice to take a breather and enjoy the simpler food.

Macaroni Soup with Dumplings and Kong Chay Mi (Noodles) with Dumplings plus some rice toppings. Yummy dinner for the night.

Just before we go to an all day shopping spree at Sham Shui Po, had a heavy lunch at OMQ Dining Room.  It’s a themed resto inspired by the star of a Chinese Comic Strip, Lao Hu Tzi.

Lots of pictures for a nicely interiored resto.

After an hour or 2 of shopping, found ourselves again in front of food! 

This is a very known Noodle House in Sham Shui Po, so famous that it opened 3 branches beside each other, just to accommodate all their patrons.

The noodle actually has Pig Liver as its main topping.

Our merienda stuck to me until dinnertime so no more dinner and breakfast for me!

Lunch is a bit heavy.  One of the best Hainanese Chicken I have ever tasted!

In case you miss its many branches when in the city, you can have your last chance at the airport. Tsui Wah is the name.  They are famous for their milk tea as well.

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Where to go Sho(e)pping in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a paradise for shopping lovers like me and my husband.  But we don’t like over the top shopping.  We are bargain hunters. 

In this post, you will find out where the best spots are for shoe shopping. They are almost always on sale.  

1) Times Square in Causeway Bay.  The Bazaar is a secret shopping sale center.  It changes every week but we were in luck.  There is a Sportswear and  Casual Wear mega sale from February 9 until the 14th.  We went there on our first day, the first day of sale also.

Big brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse, Skechers, Toms plus some more display their stuff here.  It is a big treasure chest and if you know how to dig deep, you may be able to find your own treasure.

If there is no mega sale ongoing at the Bazaar, Times Square has a lot to offer still.  From signature brands Gucci and LV and Chanel from regular Nike shops, Marks and Spencer or Zara, they all have big boutiques here.

2) Sports Outlets at North Point

These are factory outlets so they are on sale 365 days of the year. Sometimes, they have promotions, like buy 2 pairs and you will get additional 20% discount.  That is on top of the slash from the original price!  Be sure to ask!

4 outlets in a stretch. Heaven right?

3) Sports Outlets at Paradise Mall in Heng Fa Chuen Station

Newly discovered and it didn’t fail us.

Every man for himself!  

Hope you enjoyed my post today.  Be sure to go to these places when you come to Hong Kong. 

I certainly did enjoy shopping for our whole family’s shoes in these places!  

Oh by the way, there was 1 Nike Shop that was having a Removal Sale and Hubby got this pair!

Nice huh!

Happy shopping!

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Hong Kong Food Trip 2017

Going to Hong Kong in February is recommended.  The weather is so nice.  It’s cold and windy, around 12 degrees Celsius.  Even around noontime, you will not feel the sun because it’s cloudy.

Nice to walk around and just feel the breeze in your face while you’re all warm and bundled up in your jackets.

Of course, travelling to Hong Kong in this weather will make you crave for Hong Kong food!

Started of with a late dinner at Wan Mah in Tung Chung.  Found out later that this resto has earned Michelin Star also.

This resto serves best tasting food that’s not too expensive.  They have meal bundles that allows you to choose your main dish, your side dish and your drink.  

Slept the night in.

In the morning, after doing our errands, just before meeting up with my sister in law, we dropped by KFC to have some light breakfast. 

KFC has the yummiest Egg Tart.  The KFC Egg Tart is a must eat every time I visit HK.  The Roast Chicken Burger is new so we tried it.  It is also good.  Real chicken meat, not patty.

Roamed the streets of Wan Chai until it’s time to have some lunch.  We managed to find a hidden gem inside the Bormington Market, Curry Wai Kee.

The place is bustling since it’s lunch time already.  Locals and foreigners alike are competing to get seated.  Since this place is known for its curry, we ordered Curry Mutton (Lamb), Curry Beef and Roast Duck.

The curries?  Tastes good.  I could eat with only the rice and the sauce.  The beef? Super tender.  I am not fond of eating lamb so I don’t have much comment.  My husband does however and it surpassed his taste bud as well.

If you are eating here, better not be uber sensitive as this is not an uber clean place to begin with.

Our feet wandered off to Causeway Bay for some more walking.  And coming to Causeway Bay means you have to go to Delicious Kitchen.  A must try also!

Known for serving one of the tastiest Pork Rib in town.  Doesn’t hurt that it comes with either a bowl of Veggie Fried Rice or Noodles.  I like the rice better though.

Have undergone a renovation too so it’s all cozy and modern now.

While on our way to North Point. Stopped on our tracks to purchase a Purple Yam Vanilla Ice Cream Cone at McDo!

Love trying out new stuff everytime I am here in HK.  Even if it’s too cold to eat an ice cream, still managed.  My SIL said that this is not offered everywhere so might as well try already.

We are now in North Point. It is like we had a city tour today. Food tour that is!
Last stop for tonight is dinner!  Met up with my brother in law and his girlfriend.  They brought us to a Michelin starred resto called Ancient Moon.

The dishes that won Michelin Stars are the Prawn Mee and the Chilli Pan Mee. (both in the center). 

What I loved most though is the Coconut Chicken.  The others are just too spicy for me.

So there, the end of our first day in Hong Kong!

See you in my next posts!  

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Family Mode: Visiting Tsim Sha Tsui Part 2

It was a very long day.  But kids weren’t tired yet so we decided to go the Avenue of the Stars which we discovered was already closed.  There was still a viewing area / deck near the Clock Tower though.

Kids enjoyed running around, taking pictures of the Victoria Harbour, and looking at the boats passing by.  Very picturesque sight to behold.




There was a slight drizzle so it was cold by the harbour.

We capped our Tsim Sha Tsui escapade by boarding a ferry to go home.  Too bad though that plastic curtains were drawn down because of the rain and big splashes from the waves.

Can’t take beautiful pictures of the now lighted buildings by the harbour.

Oh well, there will always be next time.

Until then!

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Food Trip: Sham Shui Po Eats

Whenever we go to Sham Shui Po, it’s almost our tradition to have lunch at Dragon Centre first before we proceed with our shopping. 

Dragon Centre is a 9 storey shopping arcade which features a roller coaster inside the mall.  Sadly, the roller coaster is there for display only.  It has been closed since mid 2000s.


First in our food consumption today was lunch at Cafe Med.  Located at the 6th floor of the 9 storey Dragon Centre, this restaurant serves Western Cuisine.

I like its interior very much.  So cozy and relaxing.



Hubby ordered a pasta dish while I went for a baked one.  The cost of each dish is a little over 50 HKD or Php 300.00.  About normal pricing for a restaurant in Hong Kong.  Quality of food is good as most of HK’s restaurants.  Taste could be a little better.  If you want something to make you full and satisfied, you could try Cafe MED.

Next in our food list is dessert of course.  A sweet and crunchy dessert is what I was craving for so we went for this.


I am not sure what its name really is.  But I think I remember it being called Emperor’s Candy.  Peanuts in a chewy and sweet shell wrapped in white crunchy strands.  Priced at HKD 20.00 or Php 120.00, quite expensive but it’s a must try.

After dessert, my hubby and I parted ways.  I went to shop clothes while he looked at some gadgets and accessories. Yes, Sham Shui Po has it all.  It even has toys and some kids’ clothes.

After an hour, we met again and my sweet hubby brought me my favorite  KFC Egg Tart.


Almost like our Lord Stow’s in Manila.  This is priced at 7 HKD or Php42.00.

Continued our shopping and while on our way to the bus stop, we found ourselves in 1 block with a burger shop.  There were only Chinese characters so I don’t know what it’s called.  It is in front of a football field.


But it’s definitely like finding treasure in a lost cave.  The place is not your usual restaurant.  It only has enough equipment to cook and prepare the burgers.  No fancy packaging, no fancy interior or exterior.


Hubby ordered the Black Pepper Beef Burger.  It’s good but not anything special.  I ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger and I must say, it’s delicious.  Instead of a patty, they used real grilled chicken meat which was juicy and tasty.  You add their special Thousand Island Dressing and you’re really in for a treat.

Better than my favorite Grilled Chicken burger from McDonald’s.  And it will only set you back HKD 16.00 or around Php100.00.

So there, hope your tummies growl more because of these yummy food!

By the way, you can go to Sham Shui Po by taking the MTR.  It’s on the Kowloon Side.  Tourists usually stay on Hong Kong Side.  So you can take the train to Central Station and transfer to the Red Line to make it to Sham Shui Po.  It’s about 7 stations from Central.

You can take any exit and still be around shopping and food area!  Nearest exit to go to the Dragon Centre is Exit C1.

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Family Mode: Madame Pearl’s BreathEasy Patch

It’s unfortunate that Baby Number 1 got sick on our first day of vacation.  Fortunately, I always bring their medicines when we travel.  But aside from the medicines, there are some other things which can help us.

And that’s what I like here in Hong Kong.  They have a wide selection of over the counter what nots which we could use to alleviate sickness.

D has clogged nose which is causing her fever.  So to help her breathe easily, we bought this Madame Pearl’s BreathEasy Patch which was referred by a friend.


It sells at 40HKD for 5 patches.  In Peso, it’s about 240 for a pack so roughly 50 Pesos for each patch.  Patch lasts for 8 hours.  The patch looks like a thin paper cloth.


Good thing about it is there’s no skin contact as you’ll only need to stick it on your cloth near the chest area.

According to the packaging, it’s all natural.  No camphor, salicylic acid and naphthalene added.  The natural essential oil  used are Eucalyptus, Thymus and Pinus.  These can help breathing easier through inhalation.

It is best applied when about to sleep. 

Smells so good because of the eucalyptus.  Everyone can benefit from the patch.

Will definitely buy some to bring home.

I just hope D gets better the soonest!


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