I remember this place back when Century City Mall was just newly opened.  Hubby and I spent an anniversary dinner here.

Now, with kids in tow, we decided to let them try some of Kimukatsu’s best sellers!

Kimukatsu doesn’t serve regular tonkatsu or pork cutlets.  Aside from selecting the highest quality pork, they take time to slice the pork thinly and layer it 25 times over before they cover it with fresh breadcrumbs and fry it slowly in low temperature.  This locks in the natural juice of the meat while having that crispy batter outside.

Kimukatsu is the only restaurant in the world that offers 25 layersof mille-feuille Katsu in multiple flavors.

For appetizers, we ordered Agedashi Tofu.

Agedashi Tofu – Php 180.00

Even my daughter loved this!  It’s very very soft and tastes so good.

For our main course, we ordered a Salmon Set, and 4 Kimukatsu (Plain, Cheese, Garlic & Creamy Spinach).

Cheese Kimukatsu – Php 380.00

Plain Kimukatsu – Php 330.00

My kids love these 2 Kimukatsu.

Creamy Spinach Kimukatsu – Php 430.00


This is my favorite of them all!  This is their plain kimukatsu but it’s topped with creamy white sauce consists of spinach, onions, mushrooms and bits of bacon!

Salmon Set – Php 430.00

Every Kimukatsu flavor has a place of their own.  Why not try them all!


And as icing on top of cake, service is very good in the branch that we went to – Century City Mall.  They are very attentive to our needs, especially when we are asking for another serving of cabbage or another serving of their Japanese rice!

Definitely going back sometime soon!

There are now 3 branches:

Level 5, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing
Telephone No: 727-0333

Level 3, Century City Mall
Telephone No: 812-0333

G/L, Building 7, Bonifacio High Street
Telephone No: 808-0333

You can also follow them on Social Media:





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Food Trip: Tenya

Went to Megamall last weekend and after a tiring stroll, time to get some food! Kids requested for some tempura so we decided to try Tenya!

Tenya is the most successful Tendon restaurant chain in Japan. Tenya’s here to provide us with affordable but high quality tempura. According to them, most of their ingredients and equipments came from Japan to ensure authenticity and the best tasting food they could offer us.

Each of us tried a different variant but it all came down to a common denominator – the Tempura!

Hubby tried the All Star Tendon!


Wifey tried the Jo Tendon!

Kids had the kids meal!

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Food Trip: Nadai Fujisoba

Went out with some friends last Friday night for chit chat.  Our choice?  Nadai Fujisoba at Lucky Chinatown Mall.  It is very convenient that we have this mall near our workplace.

Nadai Fujisoba is a little bit new and a little bit small for a resto.  It just took some space from the resto beside it.  I love its black and white with some splash of red logo design.


So here we are on the opposite side of the resto waiting for our food.  They have table set ups in front of the resto.  Just beside The Face Shop.


4 of us ordered this dish, the famous Katsudon!  It is really delicious.  The meat is so tender and the sauce is all over the rice down the bottom.  The egg is beaten and cooked just right.  All this for Pho 200.00.


We ordered a bowl of tempura for sharing.  1 piece each.  Enough to tingle our tastebuds.  Hahaha!  Crunchy on the ourside, not too floury.  Very soft on the inside.  I think this is around Php 150.00 – Php 200.00.


This ramen is Aka Fujisoba.  It is a spicy ramen with beef slices and some seaweeds.


If you are around the Binondo area, don’t hesitate to drop by Nadai Fujisoba for your quick and affordable Japanese fix!

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The Inagiku Experience at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

When: August 28, 2012

Where: Inagiku at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

What:  Private Teppanyaki Dinner. Set Menu 

Price: Php 8,500.00 per person

Our company is hosting private dinners for very valued clients and their families until next month.  I was lucky enough to have had the chance to dine with one of these very special clients and her family and at a very classy restaurant!

Inagiku is a very pricey Japanese restaurant located at the 2nd floor of Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

Have a look at my table setting.


Here’s the Drink Menu made specially for our clients.

I wasn’t able to try any of the specialty drinks since I’m preggy and I can’t drink any drinks with liquor in it.  I opted for the Pineapple Chilled Juice and it was nothing special.  Well, they said the white and red wine were great. So, it was just me who didn’t enjoy my drink.

Here’s our Set Menu for the night and it did look yummy the first time I read it.

Teppan Course Menu

Let’s start with our appetizer.  The meat under the green beans was smoked duck. Under that was like Egg Jelly with Tofu on it.  On the little saucer was Mushroom in a Jelly.  The fried fish with crab roe on top sits beside the beans.  I liked the smoked duck the best.  The others were just so-so for my taste.


Now, the Green Salad was just that, Green Salad. The whole bowl was full of chopped greens.  Though the crunchy stuff on top of it made the texture different and the dressing tasted yummy.

Green Salad

Before the main course was served, the Teppan Chef started his Teppan cooking.  By the way, this was how the room looked while it was still unused.

Teppan room

The Teppan Chef made some entertaining moves when he cooked the fried rice with beef. He shaped the fried rice into a heart, and he made the heart beat with his pan.  He also made some sounds using the seasonings. But that was it, after that he just kept on cooking the other food.  I had a chance to dine at a Teppan Resto before (but it’s closed already), and the Chef there was much entertaining.  Well anyway, the smell of the butter and the oil mixed with the fried rice made the whole room smells good.

Beef Fried Rice

After the Rice, we were served our Miso Soup. I just had a taste of it, the smell’s very strong.  I can’t take it.

Miso Soup

Here comes one of the best parts! The Seafood Plate. Panfried Salmon, Tiger Prawn and Scallops.  The Teppan Chef  flamed the prawn and the salmon to have that smoky taste.  The Salmon’s very fresh, it doesn’t have that fishy taste.  The Scallops’ yummy also! The size is not so big, not so small.  Tender and juicy.  And last but not the least, the Tiger Prawn tasted so good.  It’s just too bad that it’s only 1 piece.  Bitin much!

Seafood Plate

Oh, I forgot to mention that they made this special seafood sauce also.



And now we’ve come to the Super Main Course.  The US Kobe Beef. I’m not much of a fan of beef, but I must say, this Kobe Beef really tasted differently.  We asked the Chef to cook it Medium Well, but we all thought he overcooked it.  Some bites were just right, some were chewy.  But since it’s US KOBE BEEF. We couldn’t complain more, right?


After that very satisfying beef meal, comes our dessert.  It was supposed to be a choice between Fruit in Season Jelly, Coffee Jelly and Ice Cream.  But the server forgot to ask our personal choices, he served the Fruit Jelly for all of us.  We complained that we wanted a different dessert.  So he willingly obliged and asked us our personal choices.  I wanted to try the Green Tea Ice Cream and the Coffee Jelly, but I can’t.  So for dessert, I had Fruit in Season Jelly and the Red Bean Ice Cream.

The Fruit in Season Jelly is nothing special.  The watermelon even had some seeds.  The jelly didn’t taste anything.

Fruit in Season Jelly

The Red Bean Ice Cream however tasted good.  The Ice Cream was Vanilla Flavored, mixed with some red beans., which you almost couldn’t taste already.

Red Bean Ice Cream

Overall, the Inagiku experience was good. The whole menu would make you really full, especially if you will consume the whole bowl of fried rice!  The Seafood Plate and the Beef would make up for the whole set.   The server and the Chef made sure that we got what we need.  The service was really great.  Come to think it, it should be as we are dining inside a very pricey Japanese restaurant in a 5star hotel.  If you’ll ask me though if I would be willing to pay Php 8,500.00 for that meal, I definitely would not think twice, I would not pay that much.  I just don’t think spending that much money for a meal is worth it.  But if you have the means and the moolah to do so, why not?

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Voucher Review – Cash Cash Pinoy – Sakae Sushi

When: July 24, 2011
Where: Sakae Sushi / Robinson’s Place Manila Branch
What: Delectable SUSHI-All-You-Can + Miso Soups + Bottomless Hot or Cold Green Tea

Price: Php 1549.00 valued at Php 2634.00 / savings: Php 1085.00

Groupon Site: Cash Cash Pinoy / Deal Here


We went to Robinson’s Place Manila because we had bought a voucher from Cash Cash Pinoy for Sushi-All-You-Can at Sakae Sushi! It was for a group of 6 people, but we were only 5 then. We had a reservation at 2:30pm and we were there early. We were waiting outside so I know when there’s a vacancy or not.  I saw a group left so I walked inside the restaurant even if it was a few minutes too early (no one was outside to assist us!), I directly went to the Cashier to say that we were the ones who made a reservation to avail of the voucher.  I was told that we could sit down and take the vacant place, we’ll just have to wait for them to buss it out.  While they were cleaning the table, 2 people walked in and they seated them at our table! I immediately complained to the Cashier, only to be told that that section was supposedly for walk ins and that section was closed for promo availments! What the Heck?!? All I can see seated there at that section was groups of 5 or 6!

 Anyway, I don’t want to ruin our mood, so I patiently waited for us to be seated. When we were finally seated, I can sense that there was some kind of animosity from the service crew.  They weren’t that accommodating. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for not paying in full!

We weren’t able to take pictures because my daughter was with us and she was having mild tantrums then.  The only picture I was able to take was my daughter enjoying her chopsticks and plate from Sakae Sushi!








Ain’t she a cute little one? 🙂

Back to my story, one thing that my taste buds won’t forget was their Cold Green Tea. It was yummy and it didn’t taste like tea at all! Good thing it was bottomless! My mother in law said that the Hot Green Tea was also good! As for their Sushis, we noticed that it goes out of the conveyor belt or the Sushi Train by batch. So you have to really be alert if you want to taste new kinds of sushi before it runs out. Also, for those not eating sushi-all-you-can, the sushi are differentiated by the color of the plates, like purple plates at Php39.00, yellow plates at Php59.00, green plates at Php 79.00 and red plates at a whopping Php99.00 per plate!

Since we knew that the red plates are the most expensive ones, we looked out for sushis on red plates! And these were also the sushis that are new to our sight, those that can’t be seen in ordinary Japanese Restos, especially, Japanese Fast Foods! I can’t remember all the sushis that we tasted, but definitely, some were good, some were so-so, some were really not yummy at all!

So here are the good ones, I remember eating a salad and it tasted good. Then, there were the simple sushis with crab roes on top of them, I loved those also! Their octopus’ sushi was also yummy. They have this fried salmon, yumminess! Of course, I wouldn’t forget to eat my fave of all, California Maki. But I must say, I’ve tasted better Makis before.

Oh by the way, I am not a fan of Japanese Food.  That is basically the reason why my review isn’t that detailed when it comes to the food that we ate!

To wrap this up, if not for the Cold Green Tea, I would have rated Sakae Sushi lesser. But since I love the drink, I am giving Sakae Sushi a passing grade, 3 out of 5 stars! But the service is still 1 out of 5 stars!

PS. You wouldn’t hear me discussing about raw foods because I am still breastfeeding and raw foods are no-nos!

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