All 4 U Unlimited Grill & Shabu Shabu

Celebrated my loved ones’ birthdays at All 4 U Unlimited Grill and Shabu Shabu and it’s so good! Everyone enjoyed!

They have a promo now at Php 599 per person. But if it’s your birthday, or you are a Senior, a PWD or a kid aged 8, you will only be charged Php 350.00! Ain’t that a good deal? Also, kids below 8 years are free!

They don’t have much choices for the meat unlike other Samgyupsal restaurants, but they do offer shrimps, lots of them!

And they have both shabu shabu for soup lovers and grill for bbq lovers.

Chose bulgogi flavored soup as our soup base. They also have organic shabu shabu or kimchi soup. This soup base has actual bulgogi beef marinated mixed in this bowl of veggies. It makes the soup very tasty.

They have these for your side dish. Your usual sesame oil, soy sauce and kimchi sauce. Of course, the actual kimchi won’t be missed, then they have corn and fruit cocktail.

They also offer Kimchi Ramen for each table. These ramen’s so good. The texture’s different from local instant ramens.

If you want some more, they have more! You just need to pay extra.

All 4 U also has unlimited Iced Tea and the usual cold water!

Their lettuce – big and really crunchy!

For first serving, they will give you a set of beef brisket, chicken, some fish cakes and shrimps

Staring off with this!

Our Kuya server also suggested this Bulgogi Beef. Not on the menu! But be clear to say Bulgogi Beef – Marinated Beef, they might think you are asking for the Bulgogi Soup!

This is to die for, so tasty and so yummy!

Here in All 4 U, you have a choice, eat as is, cooked from the pot or wrapped in lettuce from the grill.

And of course, the main event and star of the night, the different stages of our shrimps! Our family so loves them!

What’s great about All 4 U, even if we already ordered so much, they still gave our orders promptly and with a smile. Unlike some that will delay the orders coming out!

They even have a small birthday cake for my handsome hubby and they sang and played a happy birthday song too!

We also have free melona ice cream! So refreshing!

Hats off to all the Kuyas who served us! Thank you for your outstanding service!

Here’s our family so happy and contented with All 4 U SM Sta Mesa! Here at All 4 U, it’s really all for you! 😍

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Food Trip: Oh My Bap Burger

Impromptu movie date with hubby led us to an impromptu food trip at the Theatre Mall.  Many may not know that behind that huge facade of popular restaurants just outside Theater Mall, lies a food court filled with unique food ideas.

One of those is Oh My Bap Burger!  Check out their extensive menu and their very affordable prices.

When we saw this place, we got curious on what they are offering.  Korean Food in a Burger. Hmmm… 

I had Bulgogi Bap Burger (Php94.00) It is basically an order of beef bulgogi with rice.  But it’s not served ordinarily.  It will be served as a burger.

The rice they used is sticky rice, so that it will form as burger buns.  

The bulgogi was stuffed in between the rice burger buns.  I liked the taste of bulgogi, not too sweet and not too salty.  

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the other bap burger as it was already devoured. Hubby’s order is Kimchi Bulgogi Burger.  Their kimchi is not spicy according to him.  It looked almost the same, except for the reddish orangey kimchi mixed with the beef bulgogi.

It’s very simple how they do it but that will be our secret for now.  You go and find out for yourself.

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Food Trip: Makchang

It’s Saturday night!  Time to eat!!!

With the kids left at home, we are free to satisfy our taste buds and bellies!

We are here now in Makchang located in Adriatico Street, Malate!


Even at 9pm, the place is bustling!  We got there and we were welcomed by Makchang’s staff with delight in the sound of their voices.  All through out the evening, the staff were so hyper and so friendly even if they are exhausted.  I know they are, they look like it.  But they pretend they are not and still do their job pretty well.  Their service is fast and I really like it.  Kudos to all Makchang’s staff, your boss is lucky to have all of you!

Now moving on to how Makchang looks.


This is one corner inside.  In a matter of minutes, those seats are already filled.  The interior is simple and there’s no out of this world designs whatsoever.  Only out of this world food! 

On one of its walls, this huge menu is posted! 


We ordered 1 each of the Pork Variety. 


The first one to be grilled is the Pork Galbi. 


Of the 3, this is the best.  It has been marinated already.  The fat on the side of the meat adds to the taste. 

Looking good…


Love at first bite.  Juicy and tasty!


Up next on the grill was the Galmekisal.    Then the Samkyupsal.  Both are not marinated.  So the taste will really depend on how fresh the meat is.  Unfortunately, these 2 doesn’t fare much with the Pork Galbi.  We know what to order next time!  All Pork Galbi!



Though lacking in taste, the meat’s tender and not chewy.  You just have to use the side dishes so every bite will not taste bland.

And Makchang, by far, has the largest selection of side dishes.  All of these are unlimited! 


According to my sister in law who loves Kimchi, Makchang’s is good.


This is good also.  It’s like a Salad.


Oh and let’s not forget the sauces.  My every bite will not be complete without dipping into these sauces.  I love how it tastes salty and sweet at the same time.  Good match for the non-marinated meat.


Aside from the barbeque dishes, we ordered Korean congee also.  I forgot what it’s called.  This is something to try also.  Rice and veggies with Soup, to put it simpler.


Our Makchang experience made a mark in our tummies.  We had fun, our tummies had fun as well.  Definitely going back to try their beef barbeques! 

What are you waiting for?

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