Namsanmai – Our Korea Airbnb Story

There are a lot of places for rent when you check Airbnb. It’s almost a matter of luck if you will get a good host and if the place you are booking will be just what the host says.

As for our Korea Trip this year, we had the best of both worlds as our host is very accommodating and helpful. He always answers my query. His place is just what he posted and everything worked out fine the whole time we were there.

Our group consisted of 12 people and the house fits us perfectly.

The house is located in Namsan and super close to Namsan Cable Car Station, more or less a 5 minute walk uphill.

On the other hand, to go to Myeongdong Shopping Area, you walk downhill for a few minutes and you will reach 2 of the exits of Myeongdong Station. When you go underground, there is an underground shopping area and when you cross it and go up the exit, you are already at Myeongdong Street. This is where the happening is at! More on Myeongdong in my next blog.

Back to the house, this is what I saw that caught my attention. This is the house’s floor plan.

So you see, there are 3 rooms. Room number 1 has 3 single beds that can sleep 3 people. Room number 2 has a double deck with pull out bed. So another 3 people could sleep. Room number 3 has 2 double queen beds which could sleep 4 people.

The house also has 3 toilet and baths. And heated water which definitely helped as the weather is so cold in the morning.

To give you a glimpse of the house, take a look.

The gate looked like it was taken straight from a Korean film.

Houses and condos in Korea have digital locks. You won’t be needing a key, the owner of the house (in this case our host) just gave us the password and that is what we used for the whole duration of the trip.

The kitchen / laundry area / dining area.

The living room has a comfortable couch. A big flat screen TV and WIFI!

Room number 1

Room number 2

Room number 3

The host also gave us supply of water and some chips. So nice right?

He also booked us our airport transfers to and fro the airport.

I loved our stay in his house and that I am recommending it to all my friends.

Oh, one important thing! The house is a tough walk uphill especially when you have shopped for a lot of things! So ready your legs! I do have a bright idea though, you could take the bus and alight at the bus station in Namsan Cable Car, which is on top. Then just walk downhill to your house.

Some more pictures of the house. ⬇⬇⬇

Pictures from Namsanmai’s Facebook Account

Also, the host was so nice to let us check in directly from the airport. We arrived in his house around 7am. Check in was supposedly 2pm.

The house has all the things you will need – from the toiletries to the towels to the glasses, cups and cooking pans – it is all there!

We were all really happy with our stay! 🙌👌👍👏

Go and check out Namsanmai at Airbnb!

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Food Trip: Kyochon

Here we go again for some Korean Food Trip!


Eating Kyochon for tonight’s dinner.  It’s Lee Min Ho you’ll see when you settle down in the table.  Such a refreshing face.


I love that Kyochon tells us consumers that they cook our meals with fresh ingredients, different from instant food that we are accustomed to.


For our appetizer, we called a Soonsal Wrap.  It’s basically chicken fried in a special batter then wrapped with some ham, cheese and other spices.  Warning for non spicy eaters, this is really hot!


Their Chicken Galbi Steak Set comes with Grilled Chicken, some salad and a bowl of rice with egg.  You can choose from Kimchi Rice, Garlic Rice or Steamed Rice.  The chicken was nothing special, just your regular grilled chicken.  It’s juicy though.  The salad is also so so.  I’m not a fan of Vinaigrette based salads.  The rice though, I am pretty sure that this is one of the best tasting garlic rice ever!  So good we ordered another bowl.


The main stars in Kyochon!  They actually serve their chicken in 3 flavors – Original, Honey and Red. 

We ordered Original Drumsticks by 4 pcs and Honey Wings by 5 pcs.  Based on our taste test, the Original is better.  The Honey is too sweet.  Both series are super crunchy, the meat is juicy and not dry. 

Kyochon is definitely worth another visit.  Far from its competitor with the same sounding name.  A little bit expensive but sure tastes better. 


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Myeongdong Tourist Information Center

While walking towards Myeongdong, the Keb Plaza’s Money Mural caught our attention.  Good thing, we stopped to take pictures as we discovered a gem just a little behind it.

The Myeongdong Tourist Information Center is part of Korea’s technique to help tourists get around the city.  You can actually see Tourist Information Centers, Booths and Persons everywhere you go.  It’s very convenient for us since we can ask them for directions if we get lost, they are Multi Lingual too!  The Tourist Personnel either speak English, Mandarin or Japanese!

Back to the MTIC, it looked like this from the outside.  It features a map of Korea which is actually a Postbox! A different post on that cute Postbox!



Inside the Center, tour guides who speak English, Japanese and Mandarin will greet you.  There were some computers with internet access which you could use.  The center also offers Free WIFI and unlike other Shops that close A/C during Cold Weather, the Center doesn’t close their A/C.  You can actually stay for a while in the benches inside.  Souvenirs and memorabilias are also available for purchase, this is important especially if you don’t have any more time to go to Insadong or the other markets.

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