A Date with the Hubby!

While its important to spend quality time with the children, it’s definitely as important to spend time with the husband!
One Saturday night, Hubby and I decided to have a date!  We were supposed to watch the Sarah G and JLC movie, It takes a Man and a Woman, at the Robinson’s Magnolia.  But tickets were already sold out for the schedule we want to watch.  We decided to just have dinner instead then went home afterwards.  We were able to watch the movie the next night though.  
We have heard about Yabu months back, but it was only now that we were able to try it out.  
We checked out their menu and here are what we chose for the night, the Menchi Katsu Set, the Seafood Katsu Set and the Tonkatsu Set. All sets are served with unlimited Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, cabbage with sesame dressing and a bowl of fruit.  Upon checking their official website, Yabu.ph, the Menchi Set is a delicious mix of minced premium beef and pork covered in crunchy panko filled with oozing creamy cheese.  Its definitely a must-try for cheese lovers like me!  We tried the Soft Shell Crab under the Seafood Katsu Set Category, it is composed of one luscious Japanese soft-shell crab, coated generously with fresh panko, fried to crispy perfection.  This one’s very yummy!  Imagine, you can eat the whole crab!  For the Tonkatsu set, we chose the Rosu Set, it’s a 3/4 inch-thick Rosu (porkloin), with a sliver of glistening fat trimming its edges and deep-fried in crisp golden panko.  This set is nothing out of the extraordinary.  But still yummy too!
For an average eater, eating at Yabu can be very overwhelming!  I love their concept of everything unlimited.  You can really eat to your satisfaction!  I also love that you make your own sauce.  Its like you play and pound the sesame for fun first before actually using it as sauce to eat your Katsu!
Really a place to check out.  Worth every peso you’ll spend!
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Expo Kid 2013

Nothing to do this weekend? Go to the Expo Kid!


The Expo Kid 2013 is the ultimate summer activity fair!  It’s happening on March 2, 2013, Saturday, at the 500 Shaw Events Pavillion.  It’s the home of Kids Klub which specializes in different extra curricular activities for kids of all ages!

Parents, together with their children, can choose from a variety of summer activities presented in the fair for a fun-filled and productive summer!  Kids of all ages will enjoy the interactive activity areas.  And of course, the mommies will love the shopping bazaar!

So what are you waiting for?  Pre-register now to get free entrance (Though entrance is only php20.00 and will benefit MomShare Outreach Projects!) and Expo Kid giveaway!  Email [email protected] to register, or call 5707827!

See you there!

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Overpumping, is there such a thing?

Lately, I have been pumping as often as I could. I will be going back to work in a few days and I want to stash as much breastmilk as I could so that my baby will have enough supply while I’m gone. Also, this is my way of establishing my supply, aside from direct feeding, I express milk when baby doesn’t want to nurse.

These last few days, I noticed that my supply really increased. There’s your proof, the principles of demand and supply really works! So for breastfeeding moms out there who needs to increase milk production, keep on pumping!

If this is the case, then I guess there is no such thing as over pumping! I once read from a forum that one mommy does “power pumping.” What she does is pump every 2 hours, so in a day where there are 24 hours, she pumps 12 times! She swears by this method.

I also think that overpumping is a myth because even if we do not pump, we usually nurse our babies on demand. So if a baby is an active nurser, then she will nurse all the time too!

Well there you have it, overpumping is non existent! So go ahead, pump and nurse all you want!

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Our tough little tiger Daphne has a soft heart!

My husband just told me a story just now.  You see, my daughter and my husband are in Hong Kong for a vacation.  They left me because I’m pregnant with our 2nd baby.

Anyway, there are times that Daphne, our tough little tiger, is so hard headed and she wants everything to go her way. It’s like her way or no way at all!

Just this morning, she and her daddy had an argument.  Her daddy was busy doing the laundry and she was just left playing by herself.  However, she got bored so she started doing things that annoyed her daddy.  She played with her bottles, dropped some milk on the floor… In short, she started making a mess!  Her daddy got angry and scolded her.  She cried and shouted and laid on the floor!  Her daddy just ignored her, because he knew that the more he soothes her, the more she will level up her tantrums!  She even asked help from her grandma, my mother in law!  Since my MIL knew that my husband is so angry already, she just ignored the little tiger and her tantrums!  After a while, she got tired and stopped.

Now fast forward in the afternoon, Daphne was busy watching something on her IPad.  Suddenly, my husband noticed that tears were falling down her cheeks.  My husband thought she wasn’t feeling well.  He asked her if her tummy was aching, she said no.  When he asked why she was crying, she hid her face with her hand and kept on saying that it was nothing.  She even got mad at her daddy for continuously asking her why she was crying.

daphne hiding

A few minutes later, she was still on her IPad, and though there were no tears already, she was still teary eyed.  This time, her daddy got very curious already.  He silently sat beside her and watched with her.  Daphne was watching a clip about Mickey and Pluto.  And this is how the story went.

Mickey Mouse was fixing his Christmas Tree.  Pluto knocked it down.  So Mickey got mad and scolded Pluto.  Pluto quietly went to a corner, he thought Mickey doesn’t want him anymore, so he left the house.  Come Christmas Eve, Mickey was looking all over the house for Pluto, when he realized that he wasn’t home, he searched the whole town until he found him.

Daphne, at her age, was able to relate to this story. The scenario was very much like the scenario this morning with her daddy.  That is why she was crying when she was watching this clip.  She placed herself in Pluto’s shoes.  She thought Daddy is mad at him and doesn’t want her anymore.

My husband got teary eyed also while watching the clip.  He realized that Daphne, even with her toughness, she’s still got a soft spot in her tiny little heart.  Maybe she just can’t express herself that much, but we know what she is feeling.  Oh how we love our little tiger!

 Just something to pinch our hearts. Good Night!

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The Shang Palace Experience at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

When: September 1, 2012

Where: Shang Palace at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

What:  Set Menu. Dinner 

Price: Php 8,500.00 per person

Shang Palace

In my previous post, I have mentioned that our company is hosting private dinners for valued clients. Like the one I had with Inagiku, here’s another experience I might remember for the rest of my life.  Just last night, I had a great dinner at the Shang Palace, a Chinese restaurant located at the 2nd floor of Makati Shangri-La Hotel. 

For this night though, since there were a few groups of clients and their families, we didn’t join them for dinner anymore.  Instead, together with my Branch Head and an Officer from the Head Office, we had our own private dinner just outside the VIP Rooms.

 Here’s how the Shang Palace VIP Room looked like.

Shang Palace VIP Room

And here’s how their table setting looked like. Gold Plated plate. Wine Glasses and complete cutlery.

Same drink list from the previous dinner at Inagiku.  But since this is a different resto, there’s a different Menu.

Shang Palace Dinner Menu

For a closer look at the Menu

 First of the list was the appetizer, Chilled Sliced Lobster with Fresh Fruits Salad and Fried Taro Puff.  One will just have to read the name of what’s to be served, and you’ll be drooling already.  There were a few slices of lobster on top of the fruit salad.  On the side was the fried taro puff.  The taro puff was crisp on the outside and so soft on the inside.  The fruits and the slices of lobster matched perfectly. Can you spell yumminess?  And it’s just the appetizer / salad!

Chilled Sliced Lobster with Fresh Fruits Salad and Fried Taro Puff

When eating at a Chinese restaurant or a Chinese event at that, the soup will never be missed out.  It’s like part of the whole lauriat meal.  This soup is a mixture of different types of mushrooms, dried scallops (both of which are staple of chinese cuisines), some asparagus and of course, fish lip.  Oops, before you react, it isn’t literally the lip of the fish.  It’s a part of the fish where all the vitamins are located.  So when you eat that part, you’re getting all the nutrition from the fish.

Dried Scallops with Asparagus, Fish Lip and Mix Mushroom Soup

 Just the salad and the soup made me so full already. However, we’re not about to stop there.  This is, after all, a SET dinner.  So let’s continue.  Up next is one of the 3 main courses, Stew Pork Ribs in “Mosiak” Style.  I’m not so sure about this “Mosiak” Style, I tried to search it on the Internet, but I didn’t get any hits at all.  Maybe, this is the Chef’s own style of cooking.  Since the pork ribs was stewed, the meat was already very succulent.  It has this melt on your mouth feel.  The sauce was kinda sweet tasting (but not too sweet).  Maybe because almost half of the slab was mostly fats, the natural oil from the pork already mixed with the sauce.  The mixed pickeles on top of it also made this kinda sour-y taste to complement the sweet taste.

Stew Pork Ribs in “Mosiak” Style

 After the very meaty experience comes another main course, this time a healthier choice.  My favorite fish of all time, the Lapu Lapu.  Again, the Chef cooked the fish in another style, the “mui choy” cantonese style.  According to http://original-chinese-recipes.blogspot.com/2009/08/chinese-recipe-steamed-mui-choy-with.html, “Mui choy is preserved (pickled) chinese cabbage that has undergone a fermentation process. It is a traditional preparation method used to preserve food after the harvest for winter months and consumption at the later time. It is commonly used in braised dishes (such as pork belly) and other Chinese dishes.”  “There are two types of Mui Choy, one is salted while the other one is sweetened…”  I’m not so sure which of the 2 types the Chef used.  All I remember is that the fish tasted really good.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu Fillet with “Mui Choy” Cantonese Style

After the fish, I was so full already that I had to take the next course home.  The beef itself is a task to take, what more the sticky rice with some sausauges and mushrooms.  I will have to ask my husband about the feedback on the food.

Pan-Fried Beef Fillet Bed on Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage and Mushroom

Since I didn’t consume the last of the 3 main courses, I was able to breathe for a while and get ready for dessert.  There’s one problem though, the original dessert on the menu has some XO Liquor on it, take a look.  I asked my boss how it tasted.  It was yummy!  Hmm.. too bad…

I asked the server who was gracious enough, to serve me another bowl of dessert.  For a safe choice, I choose the Mango Sago.  Fortunately, it was yummy too!  The juice was made of Fresh Mango Shake and there were a lot of fresh fruits under the bowl, aside from the many many tapiocas floating!

Another night to remember, one to charge to experience. I thank my company for the opportunity.  Not only was I able to taste great food and experience great service, I was also able to chitchat with some of our most valued clients, and on a more personal note.

If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant, Shang Palace is definitely on top of my list!  Never mind the bill to come, it’s definitely worth it!

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Wean or Not?

My baby Daphne is now 1 year and 1 months. Should I start weaning her or not?

A lot has changed. My milk supply is starting to decrease. My breasts don’t get full if i don’t let it out for a whole day! Compared to feeling so full by lunchtime before! I only pump once a day in the office as opposed to thrice a day!

What didn’t change was Daphne’s love for my breasts! I feel she’s attached to them! She still nurses all night long. Her doctor even instructed me not to nurse her at night anymore! But I still do, because she’ll wake up if I don’t! Staying up in the middle of the night is harder than nursing her. I have already mastered the art of nursing while lying and sleeping!

Daphne’s even learned how to point at my breasts, pull up my shirt and babble the word “mam-mam” which means she loves to nurse now!

Breastfeeding Daphne is the only Thing that no one can take away from me! This is our time to bond! And the decision to wean her or not would definitely be a hard one to make.

I also want to give her the nutrients that she could get from me until it lasts. It’s better to have some than none at all!

It’s definitely a big sacrifice to breastfeed. Ever since I gave birth, I haven’t had the chance to sleep a straight 8-hour sleep! My body is aching from doing different positions while lying in bed so she could nurse in the middle of the night. Everyday, I have to carry this big black bag to office which consists of my Medela pump and bottles. I can’t stay out so late when I go out with my friends because Daphne couldn’t sleep when she’s not breastfed at night. I have to hurry home.

Even though there are times that I think about stopping, the best of me still choose to continue, so I guess it’s NOT for now!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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training my little girl’s yaya…

My daughter is now 3 months old and 9 days.  For those 3 months, we had no yaya to help take care of her.  When I was still on maternity leave, I was really hands on, my husband helped me with her. My mother in law and my husband’s younger brother also helped.  When I went back to work a few weeks back up until now, our routine is they (3) take turns taking care of her during daytime, and I go on duty at night until the next morning.  Yes, they have the luxury to stay at home with my little girl while I go to work.

I am so grateful that I don’t need to worry about my baby even when me and my husband attend parties or have dinner with some friends. I am sure that my baby is in good hands.

Now, things have changed.  My husband who has little businesses on the side applied for a job at Resorts World Manila and he got in.  My brother in law will be going back to work also in a few months’ time.  My mother in law can’t carry my baby that long.  So, we decided to get a yaya for her. Of course, under our watchful eyes.  We won’t be leaving her alone with her yaya still, but we need extra hands who can take care of her.

Here starts my journey to train my baby’s yaya.  Since I go to work, my baby is fed expressed milk when I am not around.  I express milk at work during daytime for my baby’s supply the next day. I need to teach the yaya the basic rule of FIRST IN FIRST OUT.  Even before, I number the bottles and write the color of the bottles’ caps on a piece of paper posted in our ref inside the room. That’s what I taught her first.  Next one was how to reheat the bottles and how frequent she needs to feed my baby.

Since she told me she already had an experience with babies (she took care of her nephews when they were still babies), I just told her what to do if in case my baby cries.  Check her diaper first, my baby hates wet diapers! If not wet, check the time if it’s feeding time already.  If it’s still not time, she could try to talk to her since she loves talking.  If that doesn’t work, then she needs to carry her out of bed already! And the important part, does she really knows how to carry a baby properly. Well, I observed her, and she really knows how to. But before I let her carry or let alone touch my baby, I instructed her to wash her hands first with soap and water, then with alcohol. And I instructed her to always put a burp cloth on her shoulder before carrying my baby, so that my baby will be prevented from touching the yaya’s shirt.

Today’s only the first day, hopefully, it will turn out well. I took a leave from work so that I could train her. I let her do everything and just observe and support when needed.  Come weekend, I need to see if she could bathe my baby naman.

It’s going to be tough, but I know this is all going to be worth it.  Hands free from carrying my baby when she’s fussy! And I could just cuddle her when it’s nursing time at night. Hands free like now, so I could type and blog away! Oohh, I can’t wait for things to get better!

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Expressing milk at work!

Returning to work is one thing. But continuing breastfeeding and expressing milk for my baby are just as hard.

It has been 10 days since I returned to work. So that means I had expressed milk 50 times at an interval of 3 hours 5 times a day. My schedule is at 3 in the morning after feeding my baby. The next would be at 9 in the morning at the office. The 3rd session would be during lunch break. The 4th around 3 in the afternoon and the last would be after dinner. Pumping or expressing at home is easy! Doing it at work is a different thing.

Days before I went back to work, I already informed my manager that I would be taking time off during office hours to express milk for my beloved baby. She agreed, but her first question to me was, where would I do my thing?

I told her I would be doing it in the pantry, I would just cover up. I don’t want to do it inside the restroom because i don’t think it’s hygienic. She told me it’s up to me where I choose to do my thing.

First day of work – I came to the office with my pumping gear. A lampin, a shawl converted into a nursing cover, my Medela Swing pump, 4 bottles and a bag with insulator to keep my expressed milk cool during the travel going home.

Everyone was curious with what I was doing. When they catch me at the pantry during my sessions, they were the ones embarrassed! I wasn’t the least bit shy about what I was doing, I was even proud of myself! I am giving my baby the best!

In the 10 days, not one day passed without me saying something about the advantages of breastfeeding. It was like hitting a lot of birds with just a few stones.

First, I am able to feed my baby the most precious milk in the world. Second, I am able to spread the wonderful things about breastfeeding. Third, I hear a lot of good words from people around me – that my baby is lucky because I sacrifice some of my time just to pump. Lastly, I was able to return back to my pre-pregnancy figure. My boss even told me that I am thinner now than before.

So, I don’t see a reason why I should stop doing what I am doing now! Not even the lack of a breastfeeding room would hinder my goal. And that is to continue until my milk runs out!

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