R Cafe and Bar

In the midst of bustling Binondo, a hidden cafe has emerged! Located at the roofdeck of a newly constructed building along Quintin Paredes Street in Binondo Manila, this gem takes you away from the hustle and brings you to a serene place that is R Cafe and Bar.

R Cafe and Bar Logo

It’s the new place in town so we decided to hold our Christmas Party at R Cafe and Bar last December 20, 2019. They have a private function room good for 15 people. The room was spacious enough that we were able to play table games.

Shot during my ocular inspection

This was our group picture inside the function area during the Party.

Game Time!

One of the games we played, separation anxiety

They also have another area that can be booked for private parties.

The food was great. We ordered plated meals for everybody plus a few ala carte orders to share.

Potato Wedges – Dirty Fries – Regular Fries

Chicken Tenders





Beef Tapa

Their serving is just right for a plated meal. One person can get filled, especially when you order the meal with one of their coffee drinks.

R Cafe also boasts of a roofdeck open area overlooking the Manila skyline. It’s a nice view to look at regardless if it’s daytime or nighttime.

Here are some more shots. We really enjoyed taking pictures in the al fresco area. Hope there will be live bands performing next time.

I’ll be visiting R Cafe and Bar soon. I just hope they are more organized with their reservations now.

This is a really good place to hang out after a long day at work.

See you there! 😊

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Public Service: BIR Promo

If you are a shopper who loves shopping at 168, Divisoria Mall, 999, 1188, Lucky Chinatown or Dragon 8, then this is the Promo for you!!!


We all know that these shops don’t issue Official Receipts and BIR is having a hard time asking them to pay taxes.

So BIR Manila thought of a way that will force these shops to issue receipts.  They launched the “Balik Eskwela BIR Pakwela Premyo sa Resibo Raffle Promo.”  Promo is already up and running and will last till June 30, 2016. 

To join the promo, your receipt which will from the above mentioned shops will serve as your entry.  At the back of the receipt, you write your name, your address, your contact number, the name of the Shopping Mall and the stall number or unit / shop of the merchant.  No minimum purchase required.  There is also no limit on how many entries you would like to send. 

It’s so easy to join, just drop your entries (receipts) in the drop boxes near the entrances of the shopping mall.  You will be notified once your entry is drawn.

There will be 10 winners of Php5,000 each for the 4 weekly draws happening on June 6, 13, 20 and 27.

The Grand Draw on July 7, 2016 is something to look forward to of course!
1st Prize Php50,000.00
2nd Prize Php30,000.00
3rd Prize Php20,000.00

Not bad if you really need to shop for your children’s school things right?

So go and help your country by forcing these merchants to issue receipts, in that way, they will be forced to pay their taxes too!

Happy Shopping!

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What’s for Lunch?

Everyday, my dilemma would always be – What’s for lunch?  There may be a lot of restaurants around here but there are times that I think of something to eat and yet, I come up with nothing!

Thankfully though, I have my go-to lunch, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet from Ying Ying Tea House. 


Ying Ying is so near our office and only a phone call away.  I dial the number, order and ask our messenger to pick it up.  It is so convenient and practical.  I get a discount too!  Sweet right?

Ying Ying is a popular Chinese tea house in Binondo.  It has a very extensive menu.  From noodles to rice toppings to dimsum, they have it.  They also serve ala carte dishes.

Like their Facebook Page here —> Ying Ying Tea House

I found out that they are also part of the many many restaurants listed in PH Opensnap.com

For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store orGoogle Play.


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Passport Renewal 2015 – Actual Appointment

We have set up an appointment a few weeks back, now it’s time for the actual renewal of Passport.

1) Check your documents.

Few days before the actual appointment arrives, check your documents. The Application Form must be printed on a LONG BOND PAPER. Photocopies of your old passport’s first and last page must be on a whole sheet of paper each.

2) Actual Appointment Date.


A) Go to your selected satellite office at least an hour before your chosen time.  They allow you to line up 30 minutes prior to your time.  As for me and my daughter, we enjoyed lining up because we had ordered some take out from McDo. 


B) Our appointment’s 2pm we got settled in the Processing Waiting Area at 2:10pm. 


There’s a room full of aspiring passport holders.  The line is long because at first, there were only 3 windows open.  Maybe they had their lunch, who knows? 

At the back of the room, there’s a copier and notarial section. 


This is actually a good idea, since you don’t have to go all the way out to the mall when you only need a page to photocopy.  But to lessen the hassle, one must really prepare the documents needed prior to appointment.

We are almost there!!!  At around 2:50pm, the previously 3 windows open became 5 windows which really sped up the line.  And also, a window for “renewals only” opened. 


We got called second in the “renewals only” window.  Just our luck!  It’s super fast.  She checked our docs and asked me to have my application form photocopied, it will be used as an attachment to my daughter’s application form. 

After that, she cancelled our old passports.  But she didn’t perforate the pages with visas.  That’s not allowed according to the officer who assisted.

C) Cashier
The Officer who processed our application forms issued us receipts and instructed us to go to the Cashier.
For Regular Processing, the Passport costs Php 950.00. It will take 20 days.
For Rush Processing, the Passport costs Php 1200.00. It will only take 10 days. You can either choose to pick it up or pay a courier to deliver it to your doorstep.

Courier fee is Php 150 per passport. It will be delivered a day after the scheduled release date of your passport.

D) Encoding Center
Right after payment, you’ll be directed to another room.

Totally the opposite of the Processing Center, here, there were no long lines. And all the booths are manned.

We were immediately seated. In less than 10 minutes, our data has been encoded into their system and our passport pictures have been taken.

Total time of Passport Renewal: 1 hour and 5 minutes. From the time we were ushered in the Processing Area. Not bad for a government office. Truly is World Class as what they claim in their website.

Kudos to DFA NCR WEST for a job well done!

Now it’s time to wait for the release of our new passports!

Check out how to Set An Appointment here!

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Passport Renewal 2015 – Setting the Appointment

The last time I renewed my passport, it was with my first born, so we were given priority at DFA Aseana.  She was only a few months old then.

Now, she’s 5 years old and it’s time to have our passports renewed.  We have to go through regular processing.

Here is the step by step procedure on how to renew a passport and the documents needed.

Please take note that our passports are E-Passports already.

1) Go to www.passport.com.ph

Read through some of the reminders on the page. Doesn’t hurt to know some additional information.

2) When you are ready, click Set An Appointment.


When you are already on the Set An Appointment Page, you’ll be asked to choose where you want to renew your passport.


I chose the satellite office in SM Manila because it’s nearer to my place. It is also called DFA – NCR WEST, opens Mondays thru Saturdays, 10 am to 7pm.


If you are renewing with a family member like me, you must click on the Family Application Form to ensure same appointment date.


If you are renewing by yourself, you go straight to the Start Individual Appointment Process button.


You need to fill up the application form. It is best to have your old passport ready as you need to input the passport number and the date of issuance. When you are done with filling up all your basic information, you review the details then proceed with choosing your appointment date and time. But before you reach the appointment dates, you’ll go through a few pages of documentary requirements and list of acceptable ids depending on your situation.


Once you’ve gone through all the different requirements, this will pop up.
If you are ready, go and proceed on setting your appointment date!

Confirmation will be sent to your email address. Wait for the email and confirm your appointment. Once confirmed,
print the application form on a LONG BOND PAPER. Photocopy the first page of your old passport, the Data Page, and the last page, the one with the bar code.

Now, you are done with Part 1 of your Passport Renewal. Wait for your chosen appointment date to arrive.

Check out how the actual appointment goes here!

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Food Trip: Makchang

It’s Saturday night!  Time to eat!!!

With the kids left at home, we are free to satisfy our taste buds and bellies!

We are here now in Makchang located in Adriatico Street, Malate!


Even at 9pm, the place is bustling!  We got there and we were welcomed by Makchang’s staff with delight in the sound of their voices.  All through out the evening, the staff were so hyper and so friendly even if they are exhausted.  I know they are, they look like it.  But they pretend they are not and still do their job pretty well.  Their service is fast and I really like it.  Kudos to all Makchang’s staff, your boss is lucky to have all of you!

Now moving on to how Makchang looks.


This is one corner inside.  In a matter of minutes, those seats are already filled.  The interior is simple and there’s no out of this world designs whatsoever.  Only out of this world food! 

On one of its walls, this huge menu is posted! 


We ordered 1 each of the Pork Variety. 


The first one to be grilled is the Pork Galbi. 


Of the 3, this is the best.  It has been marinated already.  The fat on the side of the meat adds to the taste. 

Looking good…


Love at first bite.  Juicy and tasty!


Up next on the grill was the Galmekisal.    Then the Samkyupsal.  Both are not marinated.  So the taste will really depend on how fresh the meat is.  Unfortunately, these 2 doesn’t fare much with the Pork Galbi.  We know what to order next time!  All Pork Galbi!



Though lacking in taste, the meat’s tender and not chewy.  You just have to use the side dishes so every bite will not taste bland.

And Makchang, by far, has the largest selection of side dishes.  All of these are unlimited! 


According to my sister in law who loves Kimchi, Makchang’s is good.


This is good also.  It’s like a Salad.


Oh and let’s not forget the sauces.  My every bite will not be complete without dipping into these sauces.  I love how it tastes salty and sweet at the same time.  Good match for the non-marinated meat.


Aside from the barbeque dishes, we ordered Korean congee also.  I forgot what it’s called.  This is something to try also.  Rice and veggies with Soup, to put it simpler.


Our Makchang experience made a mark in our tummies.  We had fun, our tummies had fun as well.  Definitely going back to try their beef barbeques! 

What are you waiting for?

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