Get some STARS!!!

School officially started yesterday and I am pretty sure this will be a good year for my daughter.

She got 3 stars on her first day and that gave me an idea.  I actually saw this before from another mommy and I thought, why not do it now while it’s only the start of the school year.

So I made this little charts and numbered them.  Then I asked my daughter what she wanted for a prize for every 10 stars she gets from her class.


For the 10th star, she wants to have a scoop of ice cream.  For the 20th star, a tumbler of popcorn!


For the 30th star, she’s getting Potato Corner French Fries.  For the 40th star, a Happy Lemon drink of her choice.


For the 50th star, J. Co Donuts. For the 60th star, she will get to play at Tom’s World.


For the 70th star, she’s going to Kidzoona at Galleria!

We haven’t actually finished it yet.  Of course, these are just small rewards for the stars she will be getting.  It inspires the kid and it makes her look forward to a little something every now and then.

When we were doing this, it was actually fun, because I can see her giddyness and excitement while she was thinking of the rewards she wanted.

Maybe you’d like to do it for your kids too! It’s so easy to make as well!

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Sunday Funday with Little Friends!

It was an impromptu plan but it was definitely FUN! 

My friends Ann and Haidz, together with their daughters and yayas, met us (me, hubby, Daphne & Denise, yaya) at McDo Quezon Avenue for breakfast! 

Our kids almost belong to the same age group!  They enjoyed the Play Area with their yayas while we parents enjoyed our chicka time!  It was a good Sundate.  We were able to spend quality time with the kids as well as good time with friends.  Compared and shared notes on how we deal with the kids.

Daphne even had an overtime, she went with Auntie Ann to their house so she could continue playing with Ann’s daughter Helena!  I will just fetch her later.


Picture taken with my ever smiling Denise and Daddy!  Oh and 1 pic is with Hailey!  She wasn’t in the mood.


They go to the same school and they both don’t talk that much.  But here, they played like they were good friends already!  I hope this continues as they grow up.  By the way, Helena’s mom and I have been friends since high school!


My kids!  Aren’t they lovely?  (Without tantrums, they are the most lovable kids in the whole wide world! Haha!)  I love that they are learning what sisterhood means.  Thanks to Frozen!  I hope they continue to be like this.  They are sisters forever and they should take care and love each other whatever happens!

I wasn’t able to take much pictures as I was yapping away.  We are planning to take the kids on an outing soon, so I promise I will take more pictures.

See you next time girls!

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Conflicting Feelings

I got  a call from the office.  I was asked if I can make it to an event the office will be holding in less than a month.  It turned out that I am going to be awarded for doing a good job.

This is great news right? I should be rejoicing.  But I can’t. 

I was in the hospital’s CT Scan Room when I got the call.  We were waiting for our bunso (youngest daughter) to sleep so we can do the procedure. 

Why she needs the procedure done?  She accidentally bumped her face on the door of the car yesterday.  We thought she was ok. She played and ran around with her sister for about 30mins.  She slept in the car and we thought she just got tired from all the playing.  But when we got home, we immediately checked the internet for possible repercussions.  She showed all the warning signs.  She vomited. She seemed really really tired.  She was so sleepy.  Everything was not ok.  She was not her usual self.

We decided to let her pedia know about the situation.  Dr Alex called us up and told us to monitor her all night.  Me and my husband didn’t get to sleep as we were afraid of what might happen.  We wanted to observe her condition and check on her every now and then.

Around 4am, she got up and she had fever. We tried giving her paracetamol but since she just nursed, she vomited  again.  After, she just nursed again and went back to sleep.  She was able to sleep soundly until the morning.

When she woke up, she was still sleepy and seemed very very tired.  These were still signs that she is not ok.

We went to see her pedia and upon checking her, we were advised that a CT Scan would be the best thing to do now.  So we really could see if something is wrong with her.

We stayed in the CT scan dept for 3 hours before she finally allowed us to do the procedure.

The 20second procedure made me really scared.  What ifs were flying all over my brain!  I still hoped and prayed that the result will be favorable to us.  And that they will see nothing.  And that she was just tired.


We are home now. Denise still has fever, groggy from the medicine they gave her.  But we are letting her rest now.  Hopefully, once the fever goes away, she’ll be back to her old kulit self again.   Thank God they found nothing!

We really want to thank everyone who were concerned and who prayed for Denise.  Also, to Dr Alex (my super favorite Doctor) for being the best Pedia ever! 

Now I can have my 1st meal of the day and think about what to wear at the awards ceremony!

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Japan Weather

It is one thing to travel with kids, then another to travel to a very cold place.  As I am writing this and an exactly one week before we fly off to Japan, I am hearing and seeing how cold it is there now.  Freezing cold.

Now, how are my kids going to cope with that kind of weather?  Though my kids are used to being in 18degrees weather, I am not sure if they can handle 10degrees.

My hubby and I are already checking where we could buy winter clothes for the kids.

Hopefully, we can buy some winter stuff in Surplus Shop located at SM Malls. Is the one in SM Megamall the biggest?

If not, we will need to shop for the kids’ clothes when we get to HK.

Any other suggestions where to buy?

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Japan Japan, will we survive?

In less than a week, we will be having our yearly family vacation!  This year it will be different though.  We will be travelling to Japan. 

We’ll be travelling with our 2 kids, one is 3.5 year old and the other will just be turning 11months.

I honestly think that this vacation would be a big challenge.  Both for me and my husband, and my in-laws as well!

Fortunately, my 2nd daughter is still breastfed.  This will be a great help.  Aside from having less bottles to bring around, clean and sterilise, I can feed her anytime and anywhere she wants.  That is, if Japan is breastfeeding friendly.  Any breastfeeding mommy who has survived travelling in Japan?  Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I should be reading up on this.  And then there’s another thing to check.  Is Japan stroller friendly?  At first, we thought of bringing 2 strollers, but in the end, we decided 1 is enough.  The big one can use it, the little one would just be worn!

Good thing I am a babywearing mommy too!  I will be bringing my extreme sling from Tiny Tots!  I just need to hone my skills in maximizing the other ways of using the sling apart from the way I have been accustomed to.

I am starting to make a checklist of things we need to bring, and I must say, it is A LOT!  Wait for my post about that!

This is the 1st time I would be travelling out of the country with 2 kids in tow!  I am sure this will be a really memorable one!

I will keep you posted on our trip!

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