Celebrity Lounge Family KTV and Restobar

Pink? Purple? Pink? Purple?

Love these 2 girly shades?  Have something to celebrate?  Then Celebrity Lounge is the place to be!

As you go up, you will be loving their wall to wall design by the stairs.

Then as you enter the lobby, you will be in awe again!  This is their waiting area!

I love the interior of this place.  Biased because of the colors!  Haha!

They have about 20 rooms.  Depending on the number of your group, you could choose which room suits you.

Their room rates are not that expensive.  They also have packages you can avail.

The littlest of their rooms, room for 6 pax.  

The next room is good for 8 pax.  Slightly bigger than the previous room.

Rooms getting bigger and bigger.

They can also connect 2 rooms to accommodate more people.

The J.Lo room can accommodate up to 40 pax.  A projector will replace your usual monitor.

The biggest room is the Beyonce Room.  It could accommodate up to 60 persons.  It also has a projector.  There’s a bigger space for dancing and there is a disco light to up the mood for performing!

Their food is tasty and not expensive.

Chicken Tenders
Beef Salpicao
Tokwa’t Baboy
Pork Liempo

The place is clean.  Even the Rest Rooms are well kept.  I love the designs of the doors.

The best thing about Celebrity Lounge? Their Staff and their Service! 

I want to thank the Kuyas and the Ates for a job well done.  Thank you for accommodating our requests.  Thank you for keeping those smiles all the time. Thank you for your continued look out through the window by the door to check if we need anything.  Thank you for touring me to check the other rooms.  Very much appreciated.

Till next time!

Contact Celebrity Lounge at 6327522 or like them on their Facebook Page, CelebrityLoungePH.

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Food Trip: Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

New place to hang out.  Still in Kapitolyo.  I love this area.  A hub of old and new places for foodies like me.

Brad and Pit’s is my kind of place.  A little bit rustic, the walls full of chalkboard with sayings and what nots. This is a place for a good chill out time with family and friends alike.  I love the homey feel.  In fact, it really is a home turned into a dining place.  

One of the rooms features Coke Collectibles, an old typewriter and a vintage music player.

Started on appetizers.  True to its name, Mount Nachos is high up there.  Twisted the nachos with their rib sauce instead of the usual salsa.  The nachos were thin and super crunchy.  Even our kids can’t get enough of it.  

Kid friendly menu consists of Fish and Chips. This is also good for Fried Food Lovers.  Will surely get full with the big slice of fish fillet and a handful of fries.

We ordered Fettuccine Alfredo for the kids also.  Serving is not that huge. Maybe you could skip this. 

The mashed potato is good.  Not made of pre mix, plus the rib sauce adds a little bit of spice to it.

Of course, this is a Ribshack so we ordered 2 kinds of their Rib Mountain. You have a choice whether you like a few ribs only or as many as you could devour. 

The first one in the picture is the Dry Rub Rib Mountain, tender ribs encrusted with a special concoction of spices.

The other one is the Original Rib Mountain, tender ribs with original bbq sauce.
Both Rib Mountain comes with sides of corn and coleslaw.

If you want to see more of their menu, check this out.  There’s so much to try in their menu.  Plus the dessert list is something to look forward to.  

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack is located at 35 East Capitol Dr, Kapitolyo Pasig City.  They are on Soft Opening.  They are open Mondays to Sundays, from 12nn to 11pm. 

They also have another branch at Marikina.

Visit their Facebook Page, Brad & Pit’s Ribshack.

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