Shakey’s and its Citibank promos!

It is really irritating sometimes how these credit card companies keep on sending promo messages / texts almost everyday! But I found out recently that these texts are worth reading after all!

Just the other day, I received a text from Citibank. They have a promo at Shakey’s! For a minimum spend of Php500.00, you will get a free Large Thin Crust Scallop Primo Pizza, no questions asked!

Since it was a holiday yesterday, my family went to the nearest Shakey’s and had early dinner.

The manager was very accommodating and the servers were all friendly. They just needed to see the actual text and copy the promo code. You will have to let them delete the text because it is valid for 1 time only.

This promo is extended until December 3, 2017 so search through your sms now!

It’s the kids’ night so they have free reign on what to order.

Mozarella Sticks


Chicken and Mojos

Our Free Pizza – Scallop Primo

Hubby has a Supercard and it’s the last day of his birthday month so we also claimed his Free Birthday Pizza.


The last surprise? Our total bill also was discounted 10% because we have the Supercard! We only paid around Php650.00 for our meal. And of course, you will have to use your Citibank credit card for payment.

Really Super Worth it!

Shakey’s also has other group meal deals that are within the budget! Good for Christmas parties and get togethers!

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Voucher Review – MetroDeal – Fatboy’s Pizza

When:  September 24, 2011
Where: Fatboy’s Pizza 
What: 2 Delicious and Mouthwatering Supersize 14 Inch Pizzas Price: Php 295.00 valued at Php 590.00 / savings: Php 295.00

Groupon Site: MetroDeal / Deal Here

This is a long overdue review! Sorry for that!


Fatboy’s Pizza is thin-crusted, and it’s really fully loaded with different toppings! We began to love this pizza since we first took a bite because of its savoury flavor! It can even compete with this pizza brand which has nothing but bread on its pan!

With Fatboy’s, you will not be shortchanged! with toppings that is!

And it’s so easy to claim, we claimed ours at the Puregold Jr Branch in Bocobo Street. When you get there, all you have to do is show your voucher and order what flavor of pizza you want (that’s part of the deal) and wait until the pizza bakes! Hot and fast and easy! What more can you ask for?

Even without the deal, the price is really worth it! So what are you waiting for? Go buy now! 🙂

This deal gets a perfect score from me! 5 out of 5!

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Voucher Review: Crazy Deals – Sandy’s Pizza

When: August 21, 2011
Where: Sandy’s Pizza / San Juan Branch
What: 14″ Pizza and an order of fried chicken wings
Price: Php 370 .00 valued at Php 740.00 / savings: Php 370.00

Groupon Site: Crazy Deals / Deal Here



We called the shop to ask if we could avail the voucher, they said yes so we went to their shop in San Juan. It’s a small shop located along the street of Abad Santos with no parking! They also don’t have dine-in here. Oh! They do have a small table outside for 2-4 persons.

When my husband tried to order, they asked for the voucher since they have to verify it first. We waited for 5 minutes before they let us ordered. While ordering, my husband asked if we could have the 2 in 1 flavor. He chose the Meatzarella and Garlic Chorizo. While waiting, we were just standing outside the store, we discovered that there were a lot of flies flying around. I keep on stomping my feet.

We decided to just wait inside the car for we also have our 1 year old daughter with us then. It took about 20 to 30 minutes before we got our pizza! Since we were inside the car already and the pizza and chicken were all packed and ready to go, we weren’t able to check the content inside the box anymore!

When we got home, we found out that they made us a single flavored pizza, so goodbye to the Garlic Chorizo Flavor! We ate the pizza immediately while it’s hot and we were kind of disappointed. We are pizza eaters so we really would compare it with the others we’ve already tried.

The dough was not that soft, i really have to bite it hard to cut it off! He flavor was so-so! Nothing extra ordinary like what we read about in the reviews! I personally think S&R’s pizza tastes better!

The chicken wasn’t yummy as well. It was kinda dry and the wings are too little! Oh well, that’s me!

1 out of 5 stars for the pizza


1 out of 5 stars for the chicken




Thank you for reading! Till my next review!



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