Voucher Review: Nuat Thai Anti-Stress Royal Massage + Foot Reflexology

This massage date with hubby was supposed to be last week, but since we didn’t make an appointment and reserve a slot, Nuat Thai 500 Shaw Branch can’t accommodate us anymore.  So, I set an appointment for today.

We got here at 3 pm. We were called in after 5 minutes or so.  I like that Nuat Thai wash a client’s feet before starting any massage.  It’s situated right after the reception area.  I feel very clean.

After washing, we were sitted in the foot reflexology area.  The chair is reclined and you put your feet up in a soft ottomon-like chair. 



I feel very comfortable as the masseuse does reflexology on my very tired feet.  Oh, it feels so good!

I am getting so sleepy… “Zzzz…. Zzzz… Zzzz…”

The whole reflexology part focuses on your feet up to your lower legs. I don’t know how you call what they did, they press the pressure points really hard so it releases tension.  A must try!

After around 20 minutes of reflexology, we were told to transfer to our respective rooms.  This is how it looks.



Like their Traditional Thai Massage, they do the massage on the floor.  So I asked Sophia if the Anti-Stress is just like the Thai Massage. I actually didn’t hear her answer as she whispered it.

Anyway, I have to tell you!!! This is one of the BEST massages I ever had!!! It’s a combination of Swedish (oil is used), Thai (stretching at the end) and the Pressure Point thingy.  The massage lasted an hour and a half.  It’s that long! 
Every now and then, I kept on thinking, we are almost done. And then Sophia will tell me to sit or to lie or change into a different position. 

What I liked about the massage was that it focused on the catch basin of our body stress, which is the shoulders, the back and the legs.  In the Philippines, we have this thing called “Lamig” which is caused by stress on the shoulders.  She really pressed and knuckled it all away!  My back’s a little sore now from all the rubbing and knuckling, but hey, I am still feeling good and I am pretty sure my body thinks so too!

I remember letting out Oohhsss and Aaaahhs as Sophia stretched my whole body and I hear my bones crackling!  That felt so great!

I’m definitely going back for another Anti-Stress Royal Body Massage!  Another good thing about this, we got this on a super deal from Ensogo!  Half the price at Php375, instead of Php550 for the Body Massage and another Php300 or so for the Foot Reflexology.

Isn’t it the best deal ever? So sulit! So worth it!!

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Bulaluhan sa Ramirez

When my husband and I were still dating, we frequently ate here at Bulaluhan sa Ramirez.  Sometimes just the 2 of us, sometimes with his basketball friends, sometimes with his siblings.  Their food is good and cheap!

It is located in the corner of Ramirez Street hence the name.  It’s a non airconditioned resto.  It was actually a carinderia which expanded into a real dine in resto.  It’s now renovated and I guess they are still on their way to improving the place.  Even if it has no aircon, people still flock to this place,  a great place to hang out and eat good food with friends without burning your wallet!


Anyway, just the other night, my hubby was craving for some really hot soup as he was not feeling so well.  He requested for Bulaluhan and so we met there.  True enough, their soup is boiling hot!  They have this one big caldero where they boil the soup continuously. 

Hubby ordered a Bulalo Espesyal.  Priced at Php 157.00.  It was so well worth it.


It’s pure bulalo meat.  The bone is huge.  One of the best bulalos I had ever.

I ordered my all time fave Inihaw Liempo which is priced at Php 62.00. 


Still tasted as good as I remembered it.  It’s juicy and with a sweet taste to it.

My sis in law ordered a Pork Sisig which is also one of their signature dishes.  It was priced at Php67.00.  Where else can you get that?


I don’t eat Pork Sisig as I don’t eat internal organs.  But they say it really is yummy. 

We ordered an additional dish, we chose Pork Steak which was priced at Php67.00 as well.


The beef is so soft it almost melts.  The only thing I hate is that they served it cold.

In addition to the 4 dishes, we ordered 5 plain rice and 3 softdrinks.  Rice at Php12.00 each and the drinks at Php 15.00 each.  Our total is only Php 458.00!  That sure is inexpensive!  We were so full and grateful for the dinner we just had.

For the full price of their dishes, here’s a picture I took of their Menu Board.


Definitely going back soon!

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Resto in Review: Pamana

After beaching the whole day at Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas, we had a stopover dinner at Pamana.  It has been featured in lifestyle sections of newspapers and I know that its interior will be vintage themed. But I was in awe, when I saw the Pamana building from the outside.


I loved how the building looked that night, the white paint complements the glass windows with the chandeliers hanging and with lights on.  It’s another story when I stepped inside.



The lobby had a mini shop, a lot of cute novelties such as the mini wooden guitar on the center table.  There are also some quirky items like the lying girl tape dispenser.  There were also tons of vintage plates and serving dishes all over.  They also sell food items like sampaloc just near the counter.


Some features from magazines are also blown up and posted on one side of the room.



Cute miniatures of old typewriters and sewing machines adorn the cashier’s countertop.  Little somethings that make a big difference.


Also on display is an award by Philippine Tatler for being one of the best restaurants for 2014.  Hmmm, we’ll take on that after dinner.


Past through the counter and you will see memorabilias and vintage items that adore the sitting area.  There’s that old camera hanging, so cool right?

Now, that’s only the ground floor.  Adorning the walls of the stairs is another set of old photos and memorabilias from before and after.



That colored piece of old wood made a nice accent on the door to the balcony.


On a corner, old family photos and vintage items from the past.


An old wooden rocking horse made a nice background on our table. 


Our table is also nice. A long white lacey runner in the middle, with different colored plates set.  The chairs are also magnificent.

Now, let’s get to the food. 


The menu stuck to its theme. It bears an old picture of the owner’s mother, Ms Liberty Ilagan on its front page. 







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During a recent trip to Sta Rosa in Laguna, instead of dining at our favorite Filipino-cuisine restaurant, Kanin Club, we tried out Zong.  It is not your usual Chinese restaurant because they serve the dishes with a twist.


We are a family who loves trying out new restos in and out of town.  It is usually a hit and miss kind of thing.  If it doesn’t satisfy our palates then it’s our first and last at that particular resto, but if it’s the other way around, then we come back to that resto, again and again, until we finally tried all their dishes!


The first group consists of the Yangchow Fried Rice, the Crispy Noodles with Seafood, the Seafood Soup and the Hotpot of Eggplant.  Though these dishes come out with passing grades, it wasn’t anything extraordinary.  Let me start with the Soup, they could have done with a little less salt and it would have tasted better.  The Crispy Noodles with Seafood wasn’t so bad. It has a lot of toppings, fillets of fish, some squids, some mushrooms, some veggies; but the taste was normal.  For the Hotpot of Eggplant, my hubby’s version was tastier.  Theirs was just eggplant mixed with minced pork.  The Fried Rice was ok. 


For the 2nd group, these were the dishes that deserved a mention!  The Boneless Milkfish which was Steamed in Soy & Garlic was something different. We usually encounter Boneless Milkfish fried so this dish was refreshing. The steamed vegetable roll was also something to love. The veggie was a little hard to chew, but I think it was really cooked that way so it would stay rolled. The Hot Prawn Salad also came out yummy. It didn’t taste like so mayonnaise-y. It was just right to my taste bud.


These 2 dishes make Zong’s a resto to come back to. Let me start with the Chicken in Salted Egg Yolk. This is one of Zong’s bestsellers and one of their signature dishes. It may look like an ordinary fried chicken fillet with Kropeck. But it’s not. The chicken was fried just right, crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside. What made it different was how they mixed salted egg yolk into its breading. It’s not too salty and it leaves something in your mouth. It has texture coming from the salted egg yolk. Their other signature dish is called Singapore Style Prawns. If it’s cooked Singaporean style, it must be very hot. It was but it doesn’t leave that burning sensation in your tongue. The tangy feeling in your mouth is just right. And of course, true for all seafood dishes, the seafood must be fresh. The prawns were really fresh and it wasn’t overcooked. The skin can be peeled off easily. You can enjoy the food without the hassle.

Oh by the way! I tried a dessert, their Mango Sago Cream and I didn’t like it. It was part of their bestsellers, but I think they could improve it still. The mango shake was too slushy and over mixed with cream. I couldn’t taste the mango anymore as it’s all cream that I could taste.

As how I will rate Zong, around 9 out of 10. We were able to try differently-cooked dishes and it didn’t fail us. Our expectations were met. Service was good. And they got free nuts too!

Zong has 4 branches to date: Paseo de Sta Rosa in Laguna, Westgate in Alabang, The Fort in Taguig and Centris Walk in Quezon City.

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Kapitolyo Food Trip.  We tried a new resto for Sunday dinner.

We have eyed ThaiDara for a few times already but it was always full.  But tonight, we were a bit early for dinner so we finally were able to score a table for 3.  It was only me, hubby and my mom in law, who like us hubby & wife, loves to try new restos in town. 


Thaidara is a quaint little resto in Kapitolyo Pasig.  It can only seat about about 18 to 20 pax on the ground floor.  They do have a 2nd floor but I am not so sure if they use it anymore. 

Inside, on its wall, you can see a big sign which states that they are voted Top 3 as Best PadThai.  I haven’t tried the Top 1 and Top 2, but definitely, ThaiDara’s PadThai will surely be one of the bests I have tried.


They were already numerous reviews about ThaiDara and they were also featured a lot of times in Food Magazines.  These are framed and hanged on one side of their wall.  I asked the order taker what their best sellers were aside from PadThai.  She answered almost immediately, TomYum Soup, Bagoong Rice, 3some Fried Rice, Pomelo Salad and Panang Curry Beef. 

We would have tried everything she said, but we were just 3 people so we settled for the following:

PadThai Noodle


3some Fried Rice


TomYum Soup (Shrimp)


Crispy Tofu


and Pandan Chicken.


The TomYum soup definitely caught our attention.  It tasted just right.  Wasn’t too sour for your tummy to go berserk.  Shrimps were abundant! Mixed with some mushrooms too!

The Crispy Tofu was a different sight to behold.  It was indeed crispy on the outside but super soft tofu on the inside.  They made it looked like a mini hamburger with a pickle in the middle.

When my mom in law tasted the 3some Fried Rice, she was like, “wow sarap!”  Meaning, it was good.  Her palate wasn’t easy to please, so for her to exclaim such a praise like that!  It was definitely worth trying out asap!  I scooped a few spoonful of rice and put it on my plate.  I can’t wait!  When I tasted the rice, I also wasn’t able to contain myself, I also said, “wow, ang sarap nga!” (Wow, it’s really good!)   The rice alone can make the whole dinner complete.  Kahit wala nang ulam!  (Even without the viands!) 

And of course, there was the Pad Thai.  Saving the best for last?  Yes.

The Pad Thai was really yummy.  One of the bests I have tasted.  The noodle wasn’t too soft.  Since it was stir fried, I was already expecting it to be oily, but it was not.  It was mixed with all the right ingredients, shrimps, bean sprouts, peanuts, some meat and some more veggies. 

The only choice that didn’t make an impact was the Pandan Chicken, it was a little dry.  Not juicy anymore.

But overall, it was a nice experience.

Since we ordered 5 types of food, and the serving was good for 2 to 3 people, it was just right for our tummies.  No left overs.  And we were really full!  Our total bill was roughly Php 1000.00.  It was so worth it! 

I am pretty sure we will be going back to ThaiDara to try out more choices from the menu and I will definitely bring friends to have a taste of this yummy resto!  As a matter of fact, before I wrote this review, I have already invited my friends to go back and they said Yes!

What are you waiting for?  Drive to ThaiDara now!  You might be able to catch their young and good looking Thai Chef, ChefJames.  You can also follow him on Instagram, jimmychefjames and tag your photos during your trip to ThaiDara to his account so he will know that you were there.  He might give you some discounts or freebies the next time you drop by.  I already did and I hope to get a discount when I bring my friends over!

Here’s what I tagged ChefJames!


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Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Kid’s Workshop

When: June 14, 2013

Where: 2nd Flr, Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center

What: Unlimited Play Pass

Price: Php 149.00 Valued at Php 385.00 / savings Php 236.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

Daphne enjoyed going to the Kid’s Workshop.  She got so excited she made a mess!  Read about it here!

She didn’t even want to go home!  The Ate there needed to turn off the lights, so that Daphne will see they are closing already!

I like the Kid’s Workshop!  It’s bigger than we expected.  It’s not like the other play areas we’ve been to!  Here, a kid can make her imagination go wild.  They can play make believe games with all the things they can do here, not just go jumping!

There are cars (Little Tikes brand) that they can ride and they even have a gasoline station where you can gas up!  photo 1(2)

There’s a kitchen corner   complete with a refrigerator and a cooking station.  It also has plates and other utensils.  The refrigerator has plastic fruits and vegetables.

photo 5(2)

photo 3

photo 4(3)

There’s a ironing board also equipped with an iron, hangers and clothes.  A child can iron her own clothes!

They have an area for art activities too!  It’s too bad there were no more teachers when we were there.  Because it was raining, the teachers went home early.  Could have done a lot of painting!  And I also think that they have sing and dance activities too, like Gymboree Style – Parachute, if there were teachers and some more kids around.  There’s only 1 kid that time, and she’s about 1 year and a half.  Not a suitable playmate for Daphne.  Oh, there are also wooden rocking horses they can climb on!

photo 3(2)

There’s an area too with the usual pool with balls!  Beside this, there’s a little house and a tunnel with soft material!  In this area, there were bookshelves with books and some puzzles!

photo 4

photo 5

On the 2nd floor, there are computer gaming stations.  Beside the gaming station is the reading area!  A lot of books fill the book shelves!  A little further down the aisle, you will see a mini room with 2 lego tables.  On the shelf near it are 2 big boxes of blocks.

photo 4(1)

photo 1

photo 3

For the hyper kids who want some physical activity, there are 2 slides and a hanging bridge!  There is also a barrass where you can go monkeying around!  They also have an anchor wheel you can spin if you think you’re a pirate! (just like what Daphne did)  There’s also a mini rock climbing ramp and a rope ladder!

photo 2(2)

photo 2(1)

photo 5

photo 5(1)

photo 2

photo 1

Overall, I would rate Kid’s Workshop 8 out of 10!  The area is really conducive for children’s physical and mental activity.  However, the 2 points will go to lack of safety foams for the areas with wood material.  Like under the hanging bridge and the rock climbing ramp.  They should put safety foams so that kids can’t bump their heads there.  At the very least, when they do bump their heads, it’s soft and not as hard as a wood!

photo 1(1)

Happy baby and a happy mommy!

photo 3(1)

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Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Mary Pauline Salon

When:  February 1, 2013

Where:  Mary Pauline Salon in Kalentong, Mandaluyong City

What:  Full Hair Color with Treatment, Trim, Wash and Blowdry

Price:  Php 549.00 valued at Php 3,500.00 / savings Php 2,951.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

mary pauline salon

I had 3 hours worth of salon pampering! I love my new hair, my new hair color – my new look!  This deal is so worth it!

I chose this salon because it’s just a 5 to 10 minute drive from our house.  Being a mom to a 1 and a half month old baby, I couldn’t go somewhere far.  I took the risk of not knowing if the hairstylist was good enough.  All I wanted was to have my hair cut in a new style and have it colored.

I knew that the salon’s newly opened.  We always pass by it when we’re on our way home from Greenhills.  When I called yesterday to make my appointment, the one who answered my call made it easy.  I called up earlier today to change my schedule into a later hour, afraid that I might be scratched off my appointment.  Again, the one who answered didn’t make it hard for me.

I was really excited when I left the house.  I have with my Itouch a picture of the hairstyle I want.  I have in my mind the hair color I want.  When I got to the salon, I was greeted with smiles. The owner was on her way out, but she also gave a sweet smile.  

 I gave my voucher and showed my ID.  After that, I was asked by the senior stylist what color I prefer.  He suggested to mix 2 shades, and I loved how it turned out.  Not so loud blonde, but not so dull brown.  It’s just the right mix.

After choosing my hair color, I showed him the hairstyle I want.  He agreed and he asked one of the staff to shampoo my hair.  He cut my hair slowly and tediously, I’d think.  He made sure that the ends of my hair are cut evenly.  I liked his style actually.  We proceeded with hair color.  Applied the dye in 2 steps.  First, only the “body” of my hair was covered.  Second, he applied all over the hair till the “roots.”  Waited for around an hour for this to finish.  After this, my hair was rinsed, shampooed and applied treatment.  Came with head massage also.  Chit chatted for awhile with the one massaging my hair.  I got back to my seat and my hair was blow dried.  He made the final trimmings and voila! I love my new look!

my new look

I would definitely recommend this salon.  Not only do they have a  nice and clean salon, they also have friendly staff who provides good service.  It’s worth all the moolah you’ll spend. Stars for them? 5 of 5

PS. Had to pay additional Php 100.o0 for the hair cut, because what’s included in the deal was only a trim.  This was agreed upon before we started.  Php 549.00 + Php 100.00 = Php 649.00, the amount is still a steal. 



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Voucher Review – Ensogo – Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

When: Order: June 20, 2012 // Delivery Date: August 3, 2012

Where: Delivered at my doorstep for delivery cost of Php 45.00

What:  Longchamp Le Pliage Long Handle Large Bag

Price: Php 2,699.00 valued at around Php 7,000.00

Groupon Site: Ensogo

My Longchamp Le Pliage finally arrived August 3, 2012 after more than a month and a half of waiting!

It was in a small package. Just the size of its paper bag folded in half.
My Longchamp Le Pliage Long Large Handle Bag!

I thought it would never be delivered. This purchase made me anxious. There were about 2 points to consider.  First, there was the authenticity of the bag.  So many high-quality fake bags are out in the market claiming to be original and authentic.  How would I know that Ensogo would not join forces with one?  I just trusted my gut instinct and continued hoping that it would turn out to be a good buy!  Well, it did and I am happy now that the bag I ordered is in my hands already!

That was the fear I had when I placed my order.  Then here’s another, the first delivery period was June 18, 2012 to July 18, 2012. Here’s my proof:

I didn’t receive my order during that period of time.  Instead, when we called up Ensogo to ask about it, we were told that it was changed to another delivery period which was July 9, 2012 to August 9, 2012.

Then that was the time my fear about being scammed took over. My husband called up Ensogo for the 2nd time and he was told that our order wasn’t on the list yet. Well, that time, I just hoped that it would come or else, I would have paid almost Php3,000.00 for nothing.

All well that ends well. I got my bag and it’s authentic. Gone were the fears I harbored for the past month and a half.  Here are some of the details we should all watch out for when checking if a Le Pliage is authentic or not.  Sorry for the not-so-clear shots as I used only my Itouch.

Diamond like patterns on the front leather flap (as against to fish like patterns)
the handle is all leather (as against to having a plastic tube inside)
the pocket inside is sewn on the bag (as against to only the top portion sewn on the bag)
all the snap buttons has clear plastic discs on the back (as against to none)
the back of the flap has an indent of the jockey logo (as against to none)
the leather on the sides of the bag are rounded (as against to pointed)

Aside from these, you should also check what’s written on the back flap.  The first line should be LONGCHAMP.  Then the second line should beLE PLIAGE “SHOPPING” – MODELE DEPOSE.

Hope you learned something from this post.  I definitely learned a lot in this purchase.  Till my next review!



Authentic or not, that was the risk I had to take when I made this purchase.  Since there was no Longchamp flagship store here in the Philippines, the authenticity of the bag could not be proven.  However, I don’t want to have to go the long way and and make a complain (as I know wala rin mangyayari, I will just be wasting my time and effort).  It’s over and done with and I already learned my lesson, the hard way!

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