Beauty: BeautyBrick Hair Art Studio

Growing my hair for quite some time now because I want to have it curled. Yes, you heard read it right.  After some dilly dallying, and some inspiration, I finally set that appointment.

Saturday at 3:50pm, we arrived just in time for our appointment of 4pm.  Upon entering the salon, we were greeted by everyone.


We were told to seat and wait.  The salon is buzzing.  I counted 6 heads on different stages of perming.  This salon is known for its no nonsense service and their oh so beautiful curls.  I was really definite on getting permed, while my mother in law, who is beginning to be my beauty bestie, opted to have her hair cut and colored.


After waiting for a few minutes, finally called for shampoo, then they applied some hair protectant creams.  Mr Shin styled my hair and texturized it.  I had healthy hair so I am free to choose the size of curls I want. 


I chose the medium curls so that my curls will last longer.  The curls will get bigger as time goes so my curls will just transform from medium curls to big curls until I have it cut.


They applied some medicines again, left for some minutes.  Shampooed.  Then they put some rollers and waited for Mr Shin to put the final rollers. 

After the rollers, I was now wired.  Heavier than it looks but it’s ok. 


Left me to finish a magazine of Cosmopolitan Philippines.

And then I was off to the finishing stage of my digiperm.


Oh my, it was love at first sight.  The sight of my first curls made me really so happy. 

What’s good about the salon, they teach you how to maintain your curls.  Twist and scrunch? Not all the time.  More like scrunch and scrunch.

I’ll post a maintenance guide on my next post which you can read here.

The salon is owned and ran by Mr Shin, a Korean who studied in Japan, hence the Nippongo Language.  He is a cool guy, literally!  He doesn’t get fazed by all these heads simultaneously getting beautified.  Oh and did I mention that he is the only stylist there?  He just has a special crew who takes his instructions by heart.  They are all knowledgeable and very very friendly.

He has an assistant who translates his instructions and communicates with the clients.  I think most of the staff there understands basic Japanese already. 

I thought Mr Shin is so serious but his fun side finally surfaced when we asked for a groufie with him.  And it’s because we were 2 of the last 3 clients left.


I loved how my curls turned out.  Soft and bouncy and manageable.

Mommy also loved her cut and the color.  She wanted a bouncy cut and Mr Shin delivered.   It’s very seldom that she gets satisfied with what a stylist does to her hair.

My beautiful curls, all for Php3,700.00 and my mom’s hair cut and color for Php3,000.00.  That is so affordable compared to some other salons that has “names” already and located at the malls.

Also, another thing. I love everyone here. Everyone is so attentive to clients’ needs, they make sure you keep your hands inside the gown and close your eyes when they apply some medicines, they help you with your things and they are so well coordinated. I could go on and on, super duper excellent service! Never have I experienced anything like this!

Be@tyBrick Hair Art Studio is located at Unit 103 Doña Consolacion Bldg., 122 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City.  You may contact them at 0917 520 0044.  They reply right away. 

Check them out at Facebook as well,
Beauty Brick Salon.

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Voucher Review – Metrodeal – Mary Pauline Salon

When:  February 1, 2013

Where:  Mary Pauline Salon in Kalentong, Mandaluyong City

What:  Full Hair Color with Treatment, Trim, Wash and Blowdry

Price:  Php 549.00 valued at Php 3,500.00 / savings Php 2,951.00

Groupon Site: Metrodeal / Deal Here

mary pauline salon

I had 3 hours worth of salon pampering! I love my new hair, my new hair color – my new look!  This deal is so worth it!

I chose this salon because it’s just a 5 to 10 minute drive from our house.  Being a mom to a 1 and a half month old baby, I couldn’t go somewhere far.  I took the risk of not knowing if the hairstylist was good enough.  All I wanted was to have my hair cut in a new style and have it colored.

I knew that the salon’s newly opened.  We always pass by it when we’re on our way home from Greenhills.  When I called yesterday to make my appointment, the one who answered my call made it easy.  I called up earlier today to change my schedule into a later hour, afraid that I might be scratched off my appointment.  Again, the one who answered didn’t make it hard for me.

I was really excited when I left the house.  I have with my Itouch a picture of the hairstyle I want.  I have in my mind the hair color I want.  When I got to the salon, I was greeted with smiles. The owner was on her way out, but she also gave a sweet smile.  

 I gave my voucher and showed my ID.  After that, I was asked by the senior stylist what color I prefer.  He suggested to mix 2 shades, and I loved how it turned out.  Not so loud blonde, but not so dull brown.  It’s just the right mix.

After choosing my hair color, I showed him the hairstyle I want.  He agreed and he asked one of the staff to shampoo my hair.  He cut my hair slowly and tediously, I’d think.  He made sure that the ends of my hair are cut evenly.  I liked his style actually.  We proceeded with hair color.  Applied the dye in 2 steps.  First, only the “body” of my hair was covered.  Second, he applied all over the hair till the “roots.”  Waited for around an hour for this to finish.  After this, my hair was rinsed, shampooed and applied treatment.  Came with head massage also.  Chit chatted for awhile with the one massaging my hair.  I got back to my seat and my hair was blow dried.  He made the final trimmings and voila! I love my new look!

my new look

I would definitely recommend this salon.  Not only do they have a  nice and clean salon, they also have friendly staff who provides good service.  It’s worth all the moolah you’ll spend. Stars for them? 5 of 5

PS. Had to pay additional Php 100.o0 for the hair cut, because what’s included in the deal was only a trim.  This was agreed upon before we started.  Php 549.00 + Php 100.00 = Php 649.00, the amount is still a steal. 



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