Cafe Publico

We usually watch movies at Promenade but we have taken this resto for granted! Cafe Publico is located at the right side of Promenade Theater Lobby (from the escalator).

If not for an Eatigo promo, we would have not tried this cafe/resto. There was a 40% discount because we booked through the Eatigo app.

Even if it’s just a small cafe, there are a lot of dishes to choose from!

Taking advantage of the promo, we ordered a lot! I love all the food we ordered!


Pizza Dough Chips

Chicken Noodle Soup

Spicy Tuna Panini

Chicken Pie Panini

Pulled Pork BBQ Mac & Cheese

Of course, the kids had their gelato fix after dinner.

In a cup, you get to taste 3 different flavors all at once! I love their Dark Belgian Chocolate. Just the way I like my chocolate, bittersweet!

In addition, seems like they serve good coffee as well! Neighboring tables all ordered coffee! And they have a stash of books and game boards too! Just get it from the counter or borrow one from the staff!

Sure going back for gelato and more one of these days!

The place is good for unwinding!

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Food Trip: Yuan Congee & Dimsum Bar


Yuan Congee & Dimsum Bar is a newly opened resto in San Juan and they offered a Dimsum Buffet as part of its soft opening.

You still have a few days to try its Dimsum Buffet.  They have slashed the price down to Php 199.00 and the buffet is available everyday from 1pm to 9pm until this Friday, August 28.

Still haven’t tried this yet but with its price, it’s definitely worth a try.  Its price is just like ordering 2 or 3 orders of dimsum from a regular Chinese resto.

Decided to go?  Follow this direction.


Both photo came from their official Facebook page, Yuan Congee & Dimsum Bar


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Food Trip: Oyasumi Ramen

Impromptu dinner with the girls.  Oyasumi Ramen is not your ordinary ramen house. 

From the outside, it doesn’t even look like a restaurant. It looks like a bar. It has a dark vibe with it. If not for the mirrored name, you will miss this ramen place.


Once inside, the dark vibe continues.


There’s a bar where you can actually sit and watch the chefs in action as they prepare your orders.


The dining area is on the 2nd floor. I like how the unfinished walls give a great accent. Tables with led lights on it supplies brightness, may be too bright for me though.


Sorry for the unbussed tables.

The name you see outside looks like this from the inside.


Called for different ramens to complement our tastes.



I called for the Yokohama Iekei Ramen which is their bestseller. True enough, this ramen could give other ramen houses a run for their money. Rich and really milky, the broth has just the right saltiness. The Char-Siu is so succulent, it almost melts in your mouth.

On the side is an order of Gyoza. A little salty for my tastebuds, what I liked about it is the thinness of the Gyoza wrapper. Pan fried to add crispness to it.

Friend number 1 called for the Black Pepper Ramen which has the same base broth with the Iekei. It’s almost the same except that the ramen is sprinkled with bits and whole black pepper. Friend number 2 ordered Kara Misu Ramen. It is being served on 3 levels of spiciness. Friend number 2 chose Level 1.

All these other ramens are also served with 2 big slices of Torched Char-Siu Pork.

This new ramen place is worth a try. To all my friends who frequent San Juan, go get your ramens now.

Oh and by the way, on the 2nd floor, they have a projector which plays Japanese cartoons. You might be a fan.

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