Onitsuka Tiger Outlet

Onitsuka Tiger is a Japanese brand of sports footwear. It has come a long way since 1949. If you want to know more about this shoe brand, read the Tiger Tales.

This brand is named after its founder, Mr Kihachiro Onitsuka.

This footwear is very very comfortable for walking. In fact, I use mine for travelling. It has been years and I want to get another pair. And no, I won’t buy it in the malls where the shoes are so expensively priced. So where to buy Onitsuka Tiger shoes cheaply? Read on!

Maybe you have heard about Solenad 2, in Nuvali. Yes, the one located in Sta Rosa, Laguna. They have malls there and in one of those stores, there is Onitsuka Tiger!

In this store, you’ll find some greatly priced Tigers. Be sure to bring some luck with you because they might not have your chosen style in your size!

These are some of the styles available now in the store. Some has prices as low as Php 1980.00. Slip ons which are usually starts at Php 4000.00, are priced around Php 3150.00 only.

If the shoes on display are not in your size, you can check these boxes and boxes of shoes one by one! Or you could just ask help from the very accommodating staff.

You may start with the most popular style, Mexico 66, if you’re confused with what to get for your first Onitsuka.

Good Luck!

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Enchanted Kingdom

The thought of going to Enchanted Kingdom brings back childhood memories. The first time was with my family. I remember getting soaked in the water ride then getting dried under the heat of the sun while riding a swan. Pictures with my now gone dad wearing his trademark neon sando with a bulging tummy. Yeah, that’s a very vivid memory.

The last time I went to EK was during college with my blockmates, and that was about 16, 17 years ago!

And even if I’m already 37 this year, who said I couldn’t enjoy EK once more. I love thrilling rides and this is also a way to bond with my work family.

Upon entering EK, Mr Wizard is there to welcome us!

Some other theme park mascots were also in the area for photo op.

My baby in the branch is super happy, it’s her first time!

Passed by Boulderville which is kids’ area. Didn’t get to explore this area anymore.

We went straight to an extreme ride which is the EKstreme! It gets you to the top then drops you abruptly! Sure can feel that my heart was left up in the sky.

To stabilize our heart rate, we rode a mini roller coaster, Roller Skater. 😁

Up next, the famous Anchors Away. The ship sways back and forth!

One of the my most favorite rides here in EK, the Jungle Log Jam!

It has 2 slides which the log you are riding will slide to. The first slide is lower then the other one is higher and steeper!

Before we head on to lunch, half of the group decided to ride the Ultimate Roller Coaster, the Space Shuttle.

This roller coaster goes forward then backward. It has a few 360 degree loops which will make you feel like you are floating!

Excited while in line!

Thought the Air Race ride was nothing, we were wrong! The planes which turns 360 degrees made all of is dizzy after. Imagine your seat turning 360 vertically while the whole machine was turning 360 horizontally!

After this ride, we decided to take a break and have lunch and take a nap to recharge and make the dizziness go away.

Once we have recovered, we went to the 4D Theatre. They are showing Ice Age.

Our glasses are on!

After watching amd having some snacks, the long wait was about to begin at Rio Grande Rapids.

Feel real water rafting adventure here. You are sure to get wet!

We came prepared with our ponchos!

And after the ride, we were fprtunate enough to see a rainbow. 🌈🌈🌈

Decided to have fun with these not so scary kuyas. 😁

The day turned into night. Lights already on for the rides.

Wanted to dry off ourselves after the Rapids, so we need the Flying Fiesta! This ride swings you around and it feels go good.

Didn’t ride the Wheel of Fate anymore. It would have given us an amazing view.

The Disk O Magic spins you left and right. Be sure to hold on tight!

The last on our EK trip is the Agila. This 3D ride will tour you around the beautiful places in the Philippines as if you’re riding and flying on an Agila.

Before heading home, we had a few photos inside EK to commemorate our trip.

Our final photo outside EK. So much happiness when you are with happy and fun people!

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Food: The Goodness of 100% Buffalo Milk

Photo from Buffy’s Milk FB account

We are always left with no room for dessert after we have a meal.  So we decided to have desserts first!
Braved the drive from Batangas to Sta Rosa just to have a taste.  We don’t regret skipping dinner over pastillas and ice cream!

Buffy’s is a quaint little store that sells Fresh Buffalo Milk, Pastillas de Leche and Ice Cream made from Buffalo Milk!  Their products are all natural.  No preservatives.

Buffalo Milk.  So many flavors to choose from!  Our daughter chose the Chocolate Milk (Php250.00).  Both our daughters give their thumbs up!

Buffy’s Pastillas de Leche also comes in different flavors.  We decided to get the original one.

Pastillas de Leche (Php158.00)

The Ice Cream comes in 5 flavors: Original, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mocha and Ube.  (Php158.00)

Creamy and milky, not too sweet.

My new favorite ice cream.  

Buffy’s Ube Flavored Ice Cream. 

Like them on Facebook, Buffy’s Milk.

Disclaimer:  I am not a super fun of either milk or ube, but Buffy’s made a big difference.  Definitely worth the trip!

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During a recent trip to Sta Rosa in Laguna, instead of dining at our favorite Filipino-cuisine restaurant, Kanin Club, we tried out Zong.  It is not your usual Chinese restaurant because they serve the dishes with a twist.


We are a family who loves trying out new restos in and out of town.  It is usually a hit and miss kind of thing.  If it doesn’t satisfy our palates then it’s our first and last at that particular resto, but if it’s the other way around, then we come back to that resto, again and again, until we finally tried all their dishes!


The first group consists of the Yangchow Fried Rice, the Crispy Noodles with Seafood, the Seafood Soup and the Hotpot of Eggplant.  Though these dishes come out with passing grades, it wasn’t anything extraordinary.  Let me start with the Soup, they could have done with a little less salt and it would have tasted better.  The Crispy Noodles with Seafood wasn’t so bad. It has a lot of toppings, fillets of fish, some squids, some mushrooms, some veggies; but the taste was normal.  For the Hotpot of Eggplant, my hubby’s version was tastier.  Theirs was just eggplant mixed with minced pork.  The Fried Rice was ok. 


For the 2nd group, these were the dishes that deserved a mention!  The Boneless Milkfish which was Steamed in Soy & Garlic was something different. We usually encounter Boneless Milkfish fried so this dish was refreshing. The steamed vegetable roll was also something to love. The veggie was a little hard to chew, but I think it was really cooked that way so it would stay rolled. The Hot Prawn Salad also came out yummy. It didn’t taste like so mayonnaise-y. It was just right to my taste bud.


These 2 dishes make Zong’s a resto to come back to. Let me start with the Chicken in Salted Egg Yolk. This is one of Zong’s bestsellers and one of their signature dishes. It may look like an ordinary fried chicken fillet with Kropeck. But it’s not. The chicken was fried just right, crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside. What made it different was how they mixed salted egg yolk into its breading. It’s not too salty and it leaves something in your mouth. It has texture coming from the salted egg yolk. Their other signature dish is called Singapore Style Prawns. If it’s cooked Singaporean style, it must be very hot. It was but it doesn’t leave that burning sensation in your tongue. The tangy feeling in your mouth is just right. And of course, true for all seafood dishes, the seafood must be fresh. The prawns were really fresh and it wasn’t overcooked. The skin can be peeled off easily. You can enjoy the food without the hassle.

Oh by the way! I tried a dessert, their Mango Sago Cream and I didn’t like it. It was part of their bestsellers, but I think they could improve it still. The mango shake was too slushy and over mixed with cream. I couldn’t taste the mango anymore as it’s all cream that I could taste.

As how I will rate Zong, around 9 out of 10. We were able to try differently-cooked dishes and it didn’t fail us. Our expectations were met. Service was good. And they got free nuts too!

Zong has 4 branches to date: Paseo de Sta Rosa in Laguna, Westgate in Alabang, The Fort in Taguig and Centris Walk in Quezon City.

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