Mendokoro Ramenba

On one of our rare date nights, we decided to head to Salcedo Village in Makati City to try this famous Ramen resto. We thought there will be a shorter line since it’s the middle of the week and it’s already late (8:30pm), only to be shocked, sleepy and hungry for 2 hours while waiting for our turn to eat at Mendokoro Ramenba.

So yes, we waited for almost 2 hours. When I paid, the Cashier told me it’s gonna take about an hour or so, we proceeded. Little did I know that it’s (again) gonna be 2 hours!!!

We are Guest Number 373!

When I was ordering, I got to order their one of their Secret Menus – Super Chashu – which they serve only in a limited number of bowls a day.

Happiness except we started waiting after ordering. Yes, you pay then you wait. If you decide in the middle that you don’t want to wait anymore, then there goes your ramen!

Check out their System ↓↓↓

Finally, after about 2 hours of waiting, we were seated! On one of the end of the U Shaped Counter. It’s an open kitchen set up, you get to see everything.

It takes so long because they only start preparing your order once you are seated. So aside from the long waiting time to be seated, you still have to wait again to be served your food.

Back to our order, I slightly regretted ordering the Super Chashu from the Secret Menu because it’s the same as the Shoyu from the Regular Menu except that it has bigger meat. It also has the same milky soup base.

Super Chashu at Php 540.00

Shoyu at Php410.00

Gyoza 5 pcs at Php 200.00

So, next question will be, was it worth it? Yes!

I love the texture of the noodles. The meat is super tender, melts in your mouth kind of thing. If only, they told me the ramen didn’t come with Tamago, I could have ordered prior. 😂😂😂

This was my bowl of ramen after. I was really super hungry so please excuse me.

But if I’ll be asked to wait for another 2 hours to have another bowl, definitely not. I will go back if we had some kind of agenda around the area, then probably pay and get a number first then just come back.

Thank you for reading my Mendokoro Ramenba experience. How was yours?

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Travel: Sky View Lounge in NAIA 3

Travelling with our 2 daughters on this trip, we decided to go to the airport early so we won’t be rushing and stressing.  After checking in our luggages and passing through the Immigration, we proceeded to the Sky View Lounge. 


It’s located on the 4th level and there are a lot of signs that will point you to its location. 

How to get in?  We used American Express Platinum Cards to get in.  1 card allows the cardholder to bring a guest with him.  Since we were 4, we presented 2 cards.  It doesn’t matter if you are the Principal or not.  All you need is to show your card on the front desk and register.

Aside from the BDO Amex Cards, they also accept Security Bank’s World or Platinum Cards, Citibank Premiermiles Platinum, Diner’s Club and Priority Pass.

Why stay in a lounge?


Cool and comfortable environment while waiting for your flight.


Free WIFI to connect.


Catch up on some reading.


Thirsty?  Not a problem when you’re inside the lounge.  They have a variety of drinks to offer – juice, soda, beer, coffee and liquor.


They have bread and spreads like jam, butter and cheese.  They also have different sandwiches. 


For today, they served Chicken Congee, Vegetable Pasta, Fish Nuggets and Steamed Rice.

Also very important to me in a lounge is a clean rest room.


They also have a Prayer Room if you need time to contemplate.


And there’s more!  You could bump into a handsome celebrity.


All these amenities plus nice and accommodating staff would really make your stay a comfortable one.  Especially if you are waiting for a flight, or your flight is delayed, instead of being stressed and angry, just stay here in the Sky View Lounge.

So there, if you have the above mentioned credit cards, try the Sky View Lounge on your next trip!

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