Treating Kawasaki Disease

Before we go on with the treatment, let us identify first what are the serious illnesses that can affect the heart when Kawasaki is diagnosed!

According to medicinenet, children with Kawasaki Disease can develop vasculitis, which is inflammation of the arteries of various parts of the body. Vasculitis can cause weakening of the blood vessels and can lead to aneurysms.

What is aneurysm?  According to MedlinePlus, an aneurysm is ballooning in the wall of the artery.  Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the other parts of the body.  If an aneurysm grows large, it can burst and cause dangerous bleeding or even death.

Special tests are needed to examine the heart because of the possible heart problems caused by KD, and these are:

Kawasaki Disease is treated by any of the following:

  • high doses of aspirin – to reduce inflammation and to mildly thin the blood to prevent blood clot
  • IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) – to decrease the chance of developing aneurysms in the coronary arteries
For joint pains, anti inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen or Naproxen can be given.
For patients that are not responding to Aspirin and IVIG, Plasma Exchange or plasmapheresis can be done.  This is a procedure whereby the patient’s plasma is removed from the blood and replaced with protein-containing fluids.  By taking out portions of the patient’s plasma, the procedure also removes antibodies and proteins that are felt to be part of the immune reaction that is causing the inflammation of the disease.  
However, Kawasaki disease that are not responding to the traditional aspirin and IVIG treatments can be deadly. To see a more detailed article, click here.
I hope everyone can learn a thing or 2 from my 3 part post on Kawasaki Disease. I thank God that Daphne don’t have this disease, and that I am informed and educated on this. I heard from some friends that they do know some children with KD, and it’s really hard for the children because they can’t play and grow up like normal children anymore because of the complications of the heart which was caused by KD.
As mommies, we need to be really cautious when our children get sick. It’s better to be extra careful than make our children suffer from the wrong decision of not seeing the doctor at an early stage. Prevention is the key. I believe so!

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