Finally! We are all graduates!

What do all parents dream of? Seeing all their children finish college and attending their graduation rites! Luckily, our parents fulfilled this dream. My siblings and I are all degree holders. And I guess, that’s one thing to be really proud of!

I was the first to graduate being the first-born.  I graduated 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Computer Applications at DLS – College of Saint Benilde.  My hard work paid off since I graduated Honorable Mention. 

My sister followed suit 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Export Management at the same school.  She was a full scholar and she even got a stipend every trimester.  She was .0 something away from being Cum Laude. I was so frustrated when I heard the news. Oh well! Still Honorable Mention.

Kathleen Tiu

My one and only brother and the last of us 3 siblings graduated just this March 2012.  He had a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Centro Escolar University.

Robert Yves Tiu Jr

Now that we are all graduates and working.  We can work our way towards a better career to help build our future. This way, we can help ourselves and our family altogether.

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