My Hospital Bag Essentials!

This is a late post.  Being a new mom again (for the 2nd time!) and adjusting for all the things that happened last 2012.

I gave birth December 09, 2012 via an Elective C-Section.  Here are my essentials for my Hospital Bag!

I actually brought with me in the hospital 1 set of clothes for the baby, but I had to bring it home with me because baby was left for a few days in the hospital due to jaundice. Pedia made sure that she’s 100% okay before permitted to go home.  I brought the same set of clothes again with me when it was time to take her home with us.   This set actually included the following:

1)  Long-sleeved onesie

2)  Leggings with footies instead of separate booties

3)  Mittens

4)  Receiving blanket

5)  Burp Cloth

I also had with me her baby book for the hand and foot prints, I brought it with me inside the delivery room and was handed back to my husband after.  Too bad I wasn’t able to bring my 1st daughter’s baby book when I gave birth to her.

The hospital provided everything she wore while at the nursery.  Her outfit at the hospital was a tie-side shirt and a diaper, then wrapped in hospital blanket.


For hubby (he was the one who took care of me all 4 days and 5 nights I was in the hospital), I brought the following:

1) change of clothes

2) towels

3) slippers – he actually wore these all the time we were there, his shoes were parked

4) jacket – it was really cold inside our room

5) pillows and blankets – too bad it didn’t make up for the hard bed (?) he slept in

6) toiletries – soap, shampoo, rolls of tissue, alcohol, hand wash, toothbrushes (my hubby and I have a toiletry bag for overnighters and swimming trips, so I got that and put it inside his bag)

7) chargers for our phones

He was able to use everything I prepared for him.


For myself, I kind of overpacked.  Here’s a list of what I brought, what I actually used, what I didn’t use, and why:

1) 4 super comfortable dusters ( dressing gowns ) – I brought 4, I used 1.  Not bad.  2 days I wore hospital gowns.  After I wore my maternity clothes.  Also, I only changed into my own clothes when my swero was removed.

2) a set of pajamas – not used – I wore my dusters.

3) sweater – very essential for me. It was cold in our room.  I wore it over my hospital gown.

4) 2 breast feeding covers – not used – bf room was private, and only me and another mom were usually there.

***During the 2nd day, I was told by our pedia that the hospital has a breastfeeding room inside the nursery and I could go every feeding time to nurse my baby.  This information should have been told 15 minutes after I gave birth (or at least when I woke up after my operation)  according to the posters inside the bf room.  If not for our pedia, I wouldn’t have had the chance to nurse my baby while at the hospital.  Metropolitan Medical Hospital should promote breastfeeding more.

5) lots of maternity undies and napkins – used these after my catheter was removed.

6) breast feeding or nursing bras – used these when I nursed my baby at the bf room inside the nursery.  Good thing I brought some.  My reason for bringing them was that they were more comfortable compared to regular bras.  Softer also.  I was really hurting from my engorged breasts first few days after I gave birth.

7) 2 pairs of socks – started wearing the socks the day after my operation.

8) my ever reliable binder (for cs this is really important) – that same day I was transferred from the recovery room to our private room, I immediately wore my binder.  It was very hard to move or even breathe without it.  Even if my body was still drugged, I’d rather not feel the pain so much so I wore it.  Nothing to lose.

9) change of clothes so I’d look presentable for visiting family and friends – there were a few friends and colleagues who came over and only on 1 night. Instead of visiting me, they were visiting my mom who passed away 2 days before I gave birth (sad story on another post)  i brought my maternity clothes with me as I know I wont be able to fit into my regular clothes YET!

10) going home outfit – These were from the same set of maternity clothes I brought with me.

11) slippers – used all through out my stay in the hospital

12) hand and face towels – used

13) headbands and ponies – used the ponies.  for someone who can’t take a bath and wash her hair, ponies are very important.

14) contact lens, case and solution – needed for I haven’t had my glasses fixed yet. (2 year old daughter broke my eyeglasses)

Not bad for me though, even if I overpacked, I was able to maximize the use of everything I brought with me.


Here is another list that is very important, the documents needed in the hospital:

1) my Maxicare card – HMO provided by my company, the admitting department gave a call to Maxicare and a coordinator will see us the next working day.

2) my Philhealth ID – not actually needed.  During checkout, what the hospital needed was the claim form from my company with corresponding signatures from authorized personnel to facilitate Philhealth deductions in the final bill.

3) Admission slip from my OB – I checked in Saturday night since my elective C-Section was scheduled 7 am the following morning.

4) birth certificates – my husband and mine – just in case but was not needed.

5) our marriage contract – just in case but was not needed.

6) photocopy of valid IDs – just in case, but was not needed.

7) philhealth form CF1 from my company – what I was talking about on number 2

8) philhealth contribution – you have to have at least 9 months contribution prior to your admission.  came from company also.

9) SSS Maternity benefit forms to be signed by my OB – to be submitted to our HR within 30 days aft giving birth – I forgot to have this signed so I asked my OB to sign it during my 1st checkup with her around 2 weeks after I was discharged.


There!  I hope whoever will be reading this learned at least a thing or 2.  Good luck on packing!





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