Staying at home!

It’s a Saturday! But instead of going out, it’s better to just stay at home these days. Especially if you don’t have anything to do outside. It’s scorching hot these past few days and temperature’s ranging from 32 to 35•

I am lucky because I work in a bank and I’m tucked away from the heat! 5 days a week I don’t experience the hotness of summer! I’m inside a controlled environment where temperature ranges from 18 to 24•  Almost everyday, a client complains of the heat!  And I only experience it 2x a week.

And for those 2 days, there is air conditioning! Thank God for the inventor of air-con!

Its really a good idea to just stay at home! Bond with family, play with the kids! Order pizza if you want to! Be lazy and be a couch potato! Play candy crush and upgrade your level! All in the comforts of your own home!

The only downside is your high electric bill! But hey, you’ll spend more when you’re outside.

Stay at home when you don’t have a definite plan. But when you do, like going to the beach, go ahead and bask in the sun. Just drink lots of fluids so you don’t get dehydrated! 🙂

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