Growing Up!

My 2 girls are growing up so fast! 

My 3 year old would be graduating already this March!  Uhm, from Nursery!  It’s now called Moving Up Day!  But still, it was just yesterday that she was inside my tummy!  I still remember how fragile she was when I first held her.  How everyone in the family (both sides) adored her.  She now knows a lot of things, she is starting to ask a lot of questions.  She is looking more like a girl now instead of looking like a baby!  She is so curious with everything she sees. 

Now came baby girl number 2!  She is 1year old now.  I can still feel the warmth from those little hands of hers when she was just a few months old.  How I loved to cuddle with her as much as I did with ny firstborn.  She is now very talkative, with words we don’t understand yet! She walks fast for her age, she even runs! She knows where her nose and tummy is, knows what her name is.  She also knows the family, she points to the person when you ask her where that person is.  She dances when she hears the Gwiyomi Song! 

Yes!  I could go on and on about what my 2 very bright girls can do.  I am a mom, you couldn’t fathom how I get so proud with my daughters’ achievements at their young age!

I just hope we get to spend more time with them as they grow up.  And that we will be able to teach them how to be the best person they could ever be.  Maybe better than us, their parents!

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