A few months back, we discovered a food haven in an area called Kapitolyo in Pasig.  We have tried Three Sisters and been there not once, not twice, but more than thrice already. 

To go to Three Sisters, you’ll have to pass through a lot of other restos.  Some are very well designed and really lit up, you can never miss it. Some have modern and extravagant interior, while some are cozy and simple.  Some have sprawling spaces while some are just hole in the walls.  There’s a lot of variety in Kapitolyo.  And we’re pretty sure, we will try them all.

And so we did, just last night.  We came from a spa and hubby was craving for hot soup.  So we decided to try BULLCHEF, it’s a quaint resto that specializes in Bulalo.


Bulalo (Beef Shank Soup) is a Pinoy favorite because of the soup’s rich taste.  This is different from other Nilaga (boiled) soups because aside from lean meat, it also has a big chunk of Beef Marrow to be served with the soup.  The rich and flavorful taste of the soup comes from the Marrow.

Hubby quickly decided what he wanted.  He ordered the BULLCHEF Special.  It’s a Classic Bulalo that has Beef Meat, Beef Bone Marrow and some veggies.  It also comes with a cup of rice.  They serve it without the soup, and while someone is pouring the soup, you’ll hear a whistle and everyone will shout “BULLCHEF!”  As you can see in the picture below, the soup is not that oily.  The “sebo” can’t be seen.  Though it’s kinda pricey for the P249 price with its size, what you are getting is real Bulalo with good quality meat. 


As for me, I wasn’t supposed to eat much since it’s late already.  But when I saw their menu, I browsed through it and found a lot of things I wanted to try.  I really love to eat, I wouldn’t miss trying at least one from their menu.  I decided on Sizzling TBone.


At Php 179, it is just right.  It was well done since I didn’t like seeing blood on my food, but it was still tender and juicy. It was sprinkled with garlic and served with a cup of rice and some mixed veggies.  The gravy is not salty.  I love my order! 

Another plus point is that their meals come with a free second serving of rice.  It’s normal for Pinoys to eat more than a cup of rice, especially if the “ulam” is yummy!

Service is also excellent.  The staff are very attentive.  And I think it’s because their Big Boss sets a good example for them.

I really recommend BULLCHEF.  I personally will definitely go back.  There’s a lot more to try in the menu!


So, what are you waiting for? Go na!

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